First & only esports league
in the Baltics

First & only esports league in Baltics


Baltic esports league
season 1

BESL.PRO is the only gaming league in the Baltic region that runs throughout all year. It consists of 3 seasons each having their unique EXPO event that is held in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia seperately.

The league aims to provide the ultimate gaming experience to hardcore gamers and entertain those who play casually or follow eSports scene as a hobby. We also hope to educate non-gamers including parents and even older generations.

Each season lasts 4 months and in first season we will cover two most popular game titles – CounterStrike:GO and League of Legends.

The league is about to kick off
in February 26th 2018


Season1 finals,
cosplay, technology-
pure entertainment

During the EXPO we touch every single aspect of gaming culture, from pure entertainment to science and technology, from eSports tournaments to cosplay shows and soft sword fighting.

First EXPO starts selling tickets in February and will take its place in Kipsala exhibition center in Riga covering 9200 sqm.

Every season 4 teams from each discipline will qualify for LAN finals that will be held during the EXPO event.

Team registration

10 teams for each
discipline will be invited to
play in BESL PRO SEASOn1

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