1337HUANIA are your BESL Pro S3 champions

BESL Pro Season 3 has come to an end!


On the 1st of June, the culmination of the €9,000 competition saw the four best Baltic state teams making their way to Riga, Latvia in order to fight their final battles on the HyperTown RIX 2019 esports stage.


BESL Pro Season 3 Finals day began at 11:30 in the Saturday morning with the first semi-final between wolsung and WORTEX set to commence on the big stage. The home-crowd favorites, wolsung, kicked off the series in a positive manner as they snatched their opponent’s map pick of Inferno with a scoreline of 16:12. Going into the second map, Mirage, things seemed bleak for WORTEX as in order to stay in the series they would’ve to be the first team to defeat Latvians on Mirage - a map that they have been undefeated on throughout the time period of two seasons (8-0). But, as hopeless as it might’ve sounded, Estonians were not ready to go home and on the back of a strong T side, WORTEX evened out the series score to 1:1 as they took Mirage with a scoreline of 16:7. The final map of the series, Overpass, was wolsung all day every day. Thanks to players like Whiskas and krii going ham, Latvians closed out the series with a quick 16:4 victory, thus moving on to the grand finals.


Later on in the day, at around 16:00, we had the pleasure to witness an epic battle between two Lithuanian teams - 1337HUANIA and FiGURE05. Just like in the first semi-final, this series also saw teams stealing victories on each other’s map picks before coming down to the third, final map. Firstly, 1337HUANIA dominated their countrymen on Overpass, a map picked by FiGURE05, with a scoreline of 16:5. After such a dominant showing, it seemed like this series is going to end in a quick 2-0 in favor of 1337HUANIA. But, just like in the first semi-final, the unbelievable thing happened and on the back of pure aggression and confidence, FiGURE05 answered back with a 16:10 victory on 1337HUANIA’s map pick of Dust2. The final map of the series was Vertigo - a map that seemed like an enigma to everyone as no one had any idea how things are going to go down there and who’s going to come out on top. The game was immensely close and after thirty rounds played teams came down to a dead-even scoreline of 15:15. In the overtime, however, 1337HUANIA proved that they want the spot in the grand finals just a little bit more than their colleagues from FiGURE05 and by taking four rounds, they closed out the series with a 19:16 victory.


The grand final was set to start at 20:50 with the home-crowd favorites wolsung trying to win back-to-back titles, while their opponents, 1337HUANIA, were here to replicate the success they had in Riga last time. Once teams hopped into the server, Latvians were the ones who instantly took the momentum with raw’s 27 kills earning them a 16:10 victory on their map pick of Mirage. As the server changed to 1337HUANIA’s map pick of Nuke, lukjjE’s 27 frags helped his team do the exact same thing that Latvians did - score a victory on their map of choice with a scoreline of 16:10. The last, final map of BESL Pro Season 3 was Inferno and after a successful knife round, 1337HUANIA opted to start on the CT side. Round after round went in favor of Lithuanian squad as they had their eyes on the prize and while wolsung tried their best to find a hole in 1337HUANIA’s defenses, nothing was working for the Latvian squad. The first half ended with a 14:1 scoreline in favor of Lithuanians. Now playing on the Counter-Terrorist side, wolsung did their best to possibly kick-start a comeback with a pistol round victory, but, eventually, it was too little too late and after six rounds played, 1337HUANIA had found the two they needed in order to close out the series with a 16:5 victory, thus becoming the BESL Pro Season 3 champions!


In case you missed the epic BESL Pro Season 3 Finals games, be sure to check out the VOD down below:

Be sure to also check out the team intro videos we produced during the event by visiting our Videos section.


Below you can see the BESL Pro Season 3 final standings:

1. 1337HUANIA - €2,500

2. wolsung - €1,500

3-4. WORTEX - €1000

3-4. FiGURE05 - €1000

5-8. MAKONGA - €400

5-8. alltheRAGE - €400

5-8. ayned - €400

5-8. Lamp - €400

9-11. Team Titan - €250

9-11. LESGEDI - €250

9-11. coluant - €250

12-13. SkinLordz - €150 (team relegated)

12-13. MALCO - €150 (team relegated)

12-13. REVERSECARD - €150 (team relegated)

15-16. Esi Pirmais eSports - €100 (team relegated)

15-16. Timechasers - €100 (team relegated)

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