1337HUANIA, WASD Sports & wolsung establish further dominance on day 2 of week 5

The second game day of week 5 saw the favorites of our league establish themselves even better in the upper side of the standings as 1337HUANIA won their game against FiGURE05, WASD Sports outplayed their countrymen of AUTOCLUTCH, and hyskeee, with his this season’s team wolsung, beat his Season 1 teammates in form of SkinLordz!


Read more about these games down below!

FiGURE05 vs 1337HUANIA

Gametime: 11th of September, 19:00
Result: 5:16 on de_dust2

MVP: Butters - 27 kills, 7 deaths, 114 ADR

VOD: here!


As the first domestic duel of the night counted its last freeze-time seconds, 1337HUANIA guys had already set a plan in their minds! When the game went live they wasted no time whatsoever as they immediately began their T side with five straight up B rushes that FiGURE05 players just couldn’t stop (0:5). Things got so chaotic at times that during the 3rd round Carcass even got knifed as he was trying to defend the after-plant from potential flankers from B tunnels.


In the 6th round FiGURE05 finally responded as an aggressive B tunnels push from Kajic resulted in him killing the bomb carrier thus throwing off 1337HUANIA’s plans in the round (1:5). In the following round however, 1337HUANIA guys instantly slowed things down as they knew that they have the chance to reset their opponent’s economy. The round went into a 3v3 situation that eventually was won by Butters getting a 3k including a knife kill in the end (1:6).


As FiGURE05 had to go for an eco round, it was Carcass who once again got the short end of the stick as he was swarmed in his own spawn area by four CT players. (1:7). In the following round FiGURE05 once again managed to snatch the bomb away from 1337HUANIA guys as this time around jL- was the one doing the aggro play (2:7).


As the half progressed, 1337HUANIA guys kept forcing things towards either B or A long and for the most part they were successful, excluding the time that jL- went huge winning seemingly unwinnable 1v3 situation! The half ended with a comfortable 4:11 scoreline in favor of 1337HUANIA.


As team switched sides the it was once again 1337HUANIA who came out on top in the first three rounds (4:14) and despite them losing the first gun round (5:14), they quickly returned the favor by taking the last two rounds needed to finish off the game with a 5:16 victory in their favor!


“As mentioned before - domestic duels are always fun to watch, but this one was very one-sided! 1337HUANIA looked really confident from the beginning till the end. The five rounds that FiGURE05 got were purely off of individual plays that some played made, but as a team they just didn’t show up. Props to jL- for that insane deagle retake and Kajic for the few solid plays that he did, but that was pretty much it.


Currently 1337HUANIA look deadly, but will it be enough to secure the #1 spot in the regular season? Only time will tell...”

Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars



Gametime: 11th of September, 20:00
Result: 5:16 on de_overpass

MVP: bitchiR- - 25 kills, 8 deaths, 119 ADR

VOD: here!


The second domestic duel was a pretty identical to the first one as weirdly enough it ended with the same score! After WASD Sports won the knife round they decided to go with the CT side. The game started off with a strong B site hold from ViztA and bitchiR- securing the first pistol round (0:1).


WASD Sports kept rolling as they cleaned up on the anti-eco rounds (0:3), while also taking the first two gun rounds on the back of shokz taking the advantage of him not being checked and a clever late round flashbang towards monster tunnel lobby (0:5). At that point AUTOCLUTCH finally changed the pace of the game as they rushed towards B catching WASD Sports off guard and taking their first round (1:5).


In the following two rounds WASD Sports tried to force things back in their favor but AUTOCLUTCH players just came on top on all the duels thus securing a 3:5 scoreline. In somewhat classic WASD Sports fashion bitchiR- & co just kept on forcing things up until they finally clicked and they managed to take a mixed force buy round (3:6).


This once again restored the momentum in favor of WASD Sports as they prolonged their dominance on the back of Dodz showcasing his experience finding the perfect time when to flank while also being more than ready to dodge flashes and kill their opponents afterwards!


The first half ended in an overall dominant fashion from WASD Sports making it 3:12 in their favor while the second one was pretty much the same. Despite DoisTa’s heroic play to win AUTOCLUTCH the pistol round, WASD Sports still pulled ahead in the upcoming round making it a 5:16 victory!


After the game WASD Sports player ViztA gave us the following statement about the game and season thus far:

“The game against AUTOCLUTCH was a pretty smooth and easy one for us. They seemed a bit lost on their T side and we just took the advantage of it in a calm manner snowballing the game in our favor. After we lost the first two T side rounds we knew that we should not be giving them any room to get back into this game, so we just focused on our game as we finished it pretty quickly afterwards.


The season has also been a pretty smooth one for us, except of course the NotLikeThis game. But all in all like I said before - we just keep calm and play simple CS not overcomplicating things and it has been working out for us pretty nicely thus far!”


wolsung vs SkinLordz

Gametime: 11th of September, 21:00
Result: 16:5 on de_overpass

MVP: YEKINDAR - 24 kills, 15 deaths, 120 ADR

VOD: here!


The third and final domestic duel of the evening was, yes you guessed it - identical to the other two played as it once again ended with the same scoreline! After a event sequences like this it seems that we might as well be experiencing a glitch in the Matrix!


The game started off with SkinLordz taking the knife round and choosing to start on CT side. From the very start of the game wolsung just outsmarted their opponents as showcased by a very clever delayed mid peek in the first pistol round thus catching CT players off guard in middle, while actually going towards B with the bomb (1:0)!


Needless to say that with that the bulldozer that has been wolsung in BESL Pro once again started to force their way through everything that was in its way! Round after round wolsung just kept forcing the issue by either going for a straight up B contact play or switching things up by going middle. After seven rounds played wolsung were still uncontested (7:0).


In the eighth round SkinLordz finally answered back with a round (7:1), but the momentum was quickly shut down by YEKINDAR in the following round as he found three huge opening kills on B site (8:1). wolsung kept going as they finished up the half with a one-sided 13:2 scoreline in their favor.


After teams switched sides it looked like the heroic 3v1 pistol round clutch from prelideN might get SkinLordz back in the game as they also cleaned-up both the anti-eco rounds boosting their economy (13:5). But, as always, rifles were all that wolsung needed in order to finish this game off as they took the following three rounds to score another victory in BESL Pro Season 2!


Wolsung having huge experience on this map behind them, managed to show a thing or two about how a basic yet effective T side should be played against teams that make on the fly calls. From delayed pushes in the first round to early map control and executions towards the sites later on in the half! Wolsung quickly managed to grab control of the game and just never let it go. They even mixed in a few faster paced rounds later on in the half thus managing to secure a fast and painless victory over SkinLordz. Well almost painless, as I'm sure one or two players for the side of SkinLordz felt a small crack appearing in their egos!”

Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds


Additionally to the games mentioned above, there was also one more game that was not featured on our YouTube channel on Tuesday, and it was played off-stream:

  • SkinLordz.RED [16:4] Aston eSports (de_nuke)


BESL Pro CS:GO action on our YouTube channel continues tonight with a Estonian duel of XGR eSports and Team Redeye happening at 19:00, followed up by a game between MightyWolves vs 1337HUANIA, while the broadcast is going to be finished off with a Match of the Week game between Žalgiris and SkinLordz!

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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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