1337HUANIA win BESL Pro Season 1

WE HAVE A WINNER! Last weekend during the HyperTown Riga EXPO on the 26th of May we finally crowned our BESL Pro Season 1 champions! In a fierce battle between our four LAN finalist teams, the guys of 1337HUANIA where the ones who managed to come out on top in the end!


The Finals event started of at 10:45 in the Saturday morning as the first semi-final between 1337HUANIA and MALCO was scheduled to start. During this battle MALCO guys did not have the mental fortitude to repeat their regular season success against the Lithuanians and in the end they suffered a very close fashioned 2-0 defeat (16:19 Inferno, 11:16 Dust2).


Later on in the day, around 14:45 we had the pleasure to witness another great game between WORTEX and SkinLordz. Unlike the first semi-final, this duel ended in the same way as it did during the regular season - Latvians of SkinLordz blew WORTEX out of the competition with a convincing 2-0 (16:12 Overpass, 16:6 Mirage).


At 18:00 the most important brawl of the season took place - the Grand Final! Hometown heroes SkinLordz were set up to face against the ever present Lithuanian powerhouse of 1337HUANIA! Even though the battle ended in two maps in favor of 1337HUANIA guys (Dust2 & Overpass both 19:16), the Grand Final was something you wish you hadn’t missed as both of the maps were full of exciting comebacks displayed by Latvians of SkinLordz, followed up by Lithuanians making the final blow on both of the maps during the overtime!


Below you can find the LAN finals stream VOD:

Be sure to also check out the team intro and profile videos we produced during the event by visiting our ‘Videos’ section here.


BESL Pro Season 1 Finals standings:

1. 1337HUANIA - €2,000

2. SkinLordz - €1,200

3-4. WORTEX - €750

3-4. MALCO - €750

5. WASD Sports - €0 (prize money forfeited due to withdrawing from Finals event)

6. NotLikeThis - €450

7. XGR eSports - €400

8. Žalgiris - €350

9. Team SPLY - €300 (team relegated)

10. aesthetic - €300 (team relegated)


Stay tuned to not miss any further details about the BESL Pro Season 2 like the qualifier dates and format, regular season start, season 2 prize pool and more!


News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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