A look at the finalist: 1337HUANIA

BESL Pro Season 2 finals are going to kick off on the 20th of October at Saku Suurhall arena in Tallinn, Estonia. The event is hosted as part of the HyperTown Tallinn Urban & eSports festival. Tickets can be found here!


The culmination of €9,000 CS:GO competition is going to feature the four best teams from the online stage. These teams are going to be placed in a single elimination bracket, with all the games being played as a best-of-three series.


The winner of the event is not only going to be crowned as the best team in Baltic states, taking home the beautiful BESL Pro Season 2 champions trophy, but will also receive the lion share of the prize pool in form of €2,200!


As we’re still waiting for the event itself to come along, let’s take a closer look at the teams that made it to the finals this time around and get to know them a little bit better!


Note: as of 5th of October, the team previously known as WASD Sports has parted ways with the organisation and has now joined XGR eSports for the time period of the current BESL Pro season. With that change, the former XGR eSports team is now known as XGR-X. Also - a few days later, a similar change happened to the other Estonian LAN finalist namely AUTOCLUTCH, who have now re-joined forces with their previous organisation WORTEX.


Continuing our ‘A look at the finalist’ series is 1337HUANIA - the best Lithuanian team that finished the season with a 13-2 win-loss record. The only two games they lost this season were to two other LAN finalist teams namely WASD Sports (1:16 nuke) and WORTEX (17:19 dust2).


Additionally, 1337HUANIA gave up another point to MightyWolves who managed to take them to an overtime game on dust2 (19:15) on week 5 of our competition.



To find out a little bit more about 1337HUANIA and their journey here, our head admin Gekons sat down to talk to their sniper Carcass!


Gekons: Congratulations on making it to the finals for the second time in a row as now you have a chance to defend your title being the BESL Pro Season 1 champions. With the title under your belt and the fact that one of your main star-players pounh was no longer with you guys, did you have any extra pressure to perform well this season? Or was it the usual ‘day at the office’ kind of thing?

Carcass: Thank you! I’m happy that we made it to the finals once again and won most of our games in a convincing fashion. Talking about pressure - we didn’t really feel it as we’re no longer a real team that practices and stuff. We just play together for fun trying our best. In comparison to the last season - we had huge pressure on us, because everyone was calling us one of the two best teams in Baltics together with WASD Sports. So when WASD Sports withdrew from the competition, we knew that we must win the whole league, otherwise we’re gonna get trash-talked. It’s completely different this time around for sure.


Gekons: I’m just trying to understand the weird state your squad is in right now, because you say that it’s not a team just because you don’t practice, but in the same time you guys are playing leagues, tournaments and qualifiers together. Is this like a temporary solution for everyone on 1337HUANIA until they (hopefully) get picked up by another team, like pounh was?

Carcass: You could say that, yes. We are just having fun while not putting too much time into it. Speaking about other leagues - we had an ESEA Advanced spot from the last season and losing it without a fight wouldn’t be fun. It’s just that we don't feel that this roster could work out if we dedicate time to practice with it. Maybe it would be enough to dominate Baltics, but that is not what some of us want.


Gekons: Talking about the roster you had here - you guys started off the season playing with lukjjE in your team, but after loss against XGR eSports you opted for a change by bringing in Boo. Why did this roster change happen and was it somehow related to the XGR eSports game or was it just a coincidence?

Carcass: It was not a coincidence, no. Some of our players just realized that they no longer want to play with lukjjE after that game, so we decided to change him. Picking up Boo was actually Butters idea, because they played together in a team before when I was away for GAMERZ reality show. So we just invited him to join us to play leagues and maybe some qualifiers and he accepted the invite instantly with no hesitation.


Gekons: Touching a bit more on that XGR eSports game - you faced them on week 3 and were completely demolished (1:16 nuke). Could you walk us through of what happened that game? Were you not ready to play nuke against them or were they just too good on it and you couldn’t find a solution in time?

Carcass: Well, what actually happened was that we had some arguments with lukjjE and after the first 3 rounds were played out, he just refused to call. I think it was a loss to a force buy that caused this. So, with that being said, I wouldn’t even say that we actually played that game. After the arguments arose we just wanted to forfeit the game and we didn’t even try to win it. I am not saying that we would have won the match if we would’ve tried, but the score would have been a lot closer for sure.


Gekons: Fast forward to week 8 where you guys played your last game of the regular season against WORTEX. The game on dust2 was a close one, and despite you guys coming back from a 3:12 deficit you still lost it in the end (17:19). Knowing that a regulation time victory here would book you the #1 spot in the final standings and the chance to choose your semi-final opponents, how hard was this loss?

Carcass: We weren’t too happy about our performance on CT side, but still, looking back at it, I think that we should have won the game 16:14 regardless of that. In the last round, though, at the score 15:14 in our favor, KrassNer made some insane scout shots on A site and won his team the round taking it to an overtime. After that we just couldn’t find the motivation to finish the match in a victorious fashion as it had no impact on our final standings.


Gekons: After finishing #2 in the regular season, the #1 team XGR eSports chose to play their semi-final game against WORTEX, while you were left to face off against wolsung. In your regular season game against them you managed to win 16:12 on nuke. What are your expectations for the game happening in Tallinn? Do you feel confident on taking it or are we gonna see a three-map-massacre with bunch of overtimes?

Carcass: All I personally hope for is just a good match with three maps and that’s it! As I said before, this time around we’re going to enjoy playing much more as we don’t have any pressure on us at all. We are a mix, same as wolsung. We do have bunch of great players, wolsung also have bunch of insane individuals like YEKINDAR and krii. I’m just looking forward to fight them on stage, that’s going to be fun.


Gekons: As mentioned above, the other semi-final is going to happen between XGR eSports and WORTEX. What are your thoughts on this match-up? Who do you think is going to win and who would you like to face if you win your semi-final game against wolsung?

Carcass: First of all - props to WORTEX for showing up and playing good against us on dust2. But, I still feel this series is going to go 2:0 in favor of XGR eSports. So the finals are going to be us against them or wolsung against them.


Gekons: Thanks for your time Robertas! Do you have any final words or shoutouts you want to give?

Carcass: Thank you for the whole regular season! Thanks to people who were supporting us and don’t forget to cheer for us in the LAN finals! Luv ya all <3


Stay tuned as even though the regular season has come to an end, our news section is still going to be filled with interesting content such as interviews with the teams that made it to the finals and the big LAN finals preview article to let you guys know what to expect from the matches happening at HyperTown Tallinn Urban & eSports festival!


News article by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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