Akatsuki win back to back BESL Pro Seasons

On the 15th of February, the four best Baltic state CS:GO teams met each other at the HyperTown Riga 2020 urban & esports festival in order to determine who’s going to take home the beautiful BESL Pro champions trophy and a check for €3,000


The final day of the €9,000 competition began at 11 AM on Saturday morning with an amazing LAN Finals opening ceremony fragmovie:



With all the viewers in the arena and at home now being hyped up for the awesome games to come, it was time for some Counter-Strike! The first ones taking the stage were the two-time BESL Pro champions 1337HUANIA who were about to be challenged by their countrymen alltheRAGE. And challenged they were as on both dust2 and mirage alltheRAGE came out swinging taking very respectable first-half leads of 10:5 and 9:6, respectively. However, things did not continue in the same manner after the side switch and both times 1337HUANIA, being the experienced veterans that they are, were able to bring back the game to overtime (15:15). In the end, though, 1337HUANIA’s efforts were not enough to net them a victory on any of the maps as in overtimes alltheRAGE were just unbeatable securing four rounds in a row and closing out both the maps with a scoreline of 19:15 in their favor thus booking themselves a spot in the grand final.


With the first semi-final being done and dusted, it was now time for the defending champions Akatsuki to go up against the only real team at the event in the form of Timechasers. Right out of the gates, Akatsuki proved why they are considered the favorites of this season as they were not showing any mercy by securing a very comfortable 11:4 first-half CT side on their opponent’s map pick of train. Upon the side switch, Timechasers tried their best to mount a comeback, but it was just not enough and Akatsuki closed out the map with a 16:10 scoreline. On the second map, mirage, the pounding continued as Akatsuki once again rolled over their opponents with a 11:4 scoreline in the first-half playing as Ts, while afterwards continuing their domination by securing five out of the first six rounds played in order to close out the map 16:5 and thus winning the series 2:0.


With both the semi-finals behind us, it was now time for the most important game of the season - the grand final. In the left corner, we had alltheRAGE - an underdog team that managed to defy the odds and surprise everyone by taking down 1337HUANIA -, while in the right corner we had the last season champions and overall favorites Akatsuki. The series began on inferno and right off the bat, Akatsuki wasted no time playing around as they continued in the same manner as before by securing another 11:4 first-half victory while playing as CTs. As teams switched sides, alltheRAGE began to fight back, but it was too little too late and ultimately, Akatsuki secured the five rounds needed closing out the map 16:8 in their favor. Hoping into the second map of nuke, alltheRAGE were not ready to give up and this time around their efforts were rewarded with a 8:7 first-half victory playing as CTs. Teams kept trading rounds back and forth after switching sides eventually coming to a 13:11 scoreline in the favor of alltheRAGE. At that point, it seemed like alltheRAGE will surely just close out the map then and there, and we’re going to head into the third map. But, Akatsuki thought otherwise! The defending champs made all the defensive adjustments necessary in order to take the following five rounds and close out the map with a 16:13 victory in their favor, thus becoming the first team in the Baltic state CS:GO history that wins back-to-back BESL Pro seasons!


In case you missed the games at BESL Pro Season 5 LAN Finals, be sure to check out the VOD down below:



BESL Pro Season 5 final standings:

  • 1. Akatsuki - €3,000

  • 2. alltheRAGE - €1,500

  • 3-4. Timechasers - €750

  • 3-4. 1337HUANIA - €750

  • 5-8. FiGURE05 - €400

  • 5-8. SACRAMENTO - €400

  • 5-8. deprEST - €400

  • 5-8. 1944 - €400

  • 9-11. Team Titan - €250

  • 9-11. WORTEX - €250

  • 9-11. EoN- €250

  • 12-14. LESGEDI - €150 (team relegated)

  • 12-14. coluant - €150 (team relegated)

  • 12-14. Viktor - €150 (team relegated)

  • 15-16. FRAGMINE - €100 (team relegated)

  • 15-16. Team Medieval - €100 (team relegated)  


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News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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