AUTOCLUTCH upset 1337HUANIA and deny #1 spot; ayned get a freebie

The war is over! All the regular season games of BESL Pro Season 2 have now been played out and while the season has ended for 12 of the 16 teams, the remaining 4 are yet to finish off their season with participating in the finals held on 20th of October at Saku Suurhall arena during the HyperTown Tallinn Urban & eSports festival! Check out the final standings here!


The last regular season day saw AUTOCLUTCH managing to upset 1337HUANIA in a close overtime game thus denying them the #1 spot and the pleasure of choosing their semi-final opponents in the finals. The second game of the evening between eustonia and ayned did not happen as eustonia were forced to forfeit it due to one of their players not showing up.


Gametime: 3rd of October, 20:00
Result: 19:17 on de_dust2

MVP: Sickta - 34 kills, 27 deaths, 104 ADR

VOD: here!


The game on dust2 started with a bit of unexpected turn of events. Estonians of AUTOCLUTCH, who were seemingly the underdogs of this game, came out guns blazin! Starting from the pistol round A long rush to secure their Terrorist side pistol to making it to a quick 3:0 lead on the back of Sickta cleaning up eco frags.


A quad kill from Butters and defusal of the bomb in flames from Aikas brought 1337HUANIA their first (3:1), but did not stop AUTOCLUTCH whatsoever. Estonians kept rolling in the same manner racking up round after round, while all the viewers were left wondering how is this even possible?


Estonians won nine of the remaining eleven rounds, and as teams were switching sides at the 12:3 scoreline, it already looked to be over for 1337HUANIA. Things didn't look better for Lithuanians in the second pistol round as their B site split was quickly shut down by zteeek and PhilEba (13:3).


But 1337HUANIA guys were not ready to give up as they knew what’s at stake in this game! In the following round their pistol/scour force buy was enough to win back a round (13:4) and with that, they propelled their economy tremendously. Lithuanians took eight more rounds (13:12) until AUTOCLUTCH finally mustered a response on the back of them having three scoped sniper rifles (14:12).


Lithuanians knew that they need something that will change that tides of the game so they went for a A long bait tactic, that saw Boo faking A long while the other guys took A short. The idea and it’s execution paid dividends as the lurker Boo got a quad kill. On the back of this round 1337HUANIA got back into the game taking two more rounds opposed to AUTOCLUTCH’s one to take things into overtime (15:15).


Estonians kicked off overtime with two rounds taken on the CT side (17:16), and while 1337HUANIA did make things interesting when they won the first round after the side switch (17:17), AUTOCLUTCH took two in a row (19:17) with PhilEba finishing things off with a knife kill.


“To be frank, I actually did not expect things to go this way at all! I knew how much 1337HUANIA guys wanted to get that #1 spot that would let them choose their semi-final opponents, but that clearly did not show in the server. Huge props to AUTOCLUTCH guys for managing a victory like this as it definitely shows both me and everyone else that they can hang with the top teams of this league if they put their best efforts in it. Can’t wait for the LAN finals! #hype”

Bruno “Gekons” Gailītis


With regular season now being done and dusted, the four teams that have qualified for the finals at HyperTown Tallinn are the following:

  1. *WASD Sports (14-1 W-R record, 40 points)

  2. 1337HUANIA (13-2 W-R record, 39 points)

  3. wolsung  (13-2 W-R record, 38 points)

  4. AUTOCLUTCH (11-4 W-R record; 32 points)

*has the option to choose their LAN Finals semi-final opponent from the teams that finished the Regular season in 3rd-4th place


Stay tuned as even though the regular season has come to an end, our news section is still going to be filled with interesting content such as interviews with the teams that made it to the finals and the big LAN finals preview article to let you guys know what to expect from the matches happening at HyperTown Tallinn Urban & eSports festival!


News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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