FiGURE05 to playoffs; round 5 matches determined

The fourth week of BESL Pro Season 3 has concluded with the remaining twelve teams playing out their round 4 matches of the newly introduced Swiss group stage that is now coming closer and closer to its conclusion.


This week saw another set of teams being eliminated as they had earned only one victory in the four games they had played (1-3 win-loss record), while another set of teams joined the likes of 1337HUANIA and alltheRAGE in the playoffs by boasting a win-loss record of 3-1.


One of the teams that earned their rights to advance further into our competition was FIGURE05 who managed to take down Lamp with a clean 2-0 scoreline in our Match of the week series on Saturday.


Want to know how they did it? Keep reading!

Swiss round 4 recap

First of all - are you still wondering what is this Swiss format we keep talking about? Don’t worry, we got you covered! In case this is your first time hearing about Swiss format, feel free to check out our Season 3 announcement article’s FORMAT section as it breaks down this mysterious beast in the easiest way possible.


Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s jump right into it and check out this week’s results:


2-1 pool (winner advances to playoffs)

MAKONGA [2-0] ayned (16:6 mirage, 16:14 vertigo)

wolsung [2-0] LESGEDI (16:5 mirage, *1:0 vertigo)

*LESGEDI forfeited second map as their players were unable to finish the series


1-2 pool (loser is eliminated)

MALCO [0-2] Team Titan (10:16 nuke, 6:16 inferno)

SkinLordz [0-2] coluant (7:16 mirage, 10;16 vertigo)

REVERSECARD [0-2] WORTEX (2:16 inferno, 19:22 mirage)


Match of the Week (2-1 pool) - FiGURE05 [2-0] Lamp

FiGURE05: eimaNt, Delection, Kajic, wave, sKy

Lamp: shokz, bitchiR-, kalsa, zenki, Dex


Lithuanian squad kicked off their map pick of overpass with a T side pistol round victory and an early 2:0 lead. However, as soon as Lamp’s economy started to rise, so did their defence levels. FIGURE05 tried everything in their power to keep up the success, but in the end they had to settle for a first half deficit of 6:9. Now playing on the Counter-Terrorist side, FIGURE05 once again mustered a successful pistol round and an anti-eco victory to go along with it coming to a 8:9 scoreline. Lamp swallowed the early loss and answered back with three rounds in a row, thus gaining a four round lead (8:12). At that point it seemed like Estonians are going to run away with the map as the momentum was clearly in their favor. But, suddenly, out of nowhere, everything just started to click for eimaNt & the boys. FIGURE05 closed out the map with a practically unbreakable defence as they took 8 of the following 9 rounds to come back and win overpass with a 16:13 scoreline.


The second, and the final map of the series was Train picked by Lamp. A CT side start proved immensely fruitful for Lithuanian side as not only did they kick off the map with an early 5:0 lead, but they also managed to keep up the performance later on in the half coming into the halftime with a 12:3 lead. Upon the side switch, things kept going FIGURE05’s way as T side pistol round victory quickly turned into the four rounds needed to close out the map and the series with a dominant 16:3 scoreline.


As previously mentioned, the victory here has secured FIGURE05 a spot in the playoffs, while Lamp now boast a win-loss record of 2-2 and their future is yet to be decided in the following week.


Be sure to check out current league standings to see where all the teams have ended up after week 4 of our competition!

Swiss round 5 matches

With the fourth round of Swiss matches now being done and dusted, the final set of matches have now been determined and they are:


ayned vs coluant


Lamp vs Team Titan


Remember that a spot in the playoffs is at stake here as the winner of every single game series listed above will advance further, while losers are going to be eliminated.


As per usual - this is where You guys come into the picture! This season we’ve given you the chance to cast your vote, alongside with our casters and head admin, on which match (from the list above) you want to see being broadcast on our next stream on Saturday.


The poll can be found down below:

BESL Pro Season 3 is a 7 week battle between the sixteen best Baltic state CS:GO teams for their share of the €9,000 prize pool and the chance to acquire themselves one of the four spots at this season’s LAN finals held in Riga, Latvia at Kipsala exhibition center with the event itself taking place on 1st of June.


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News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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