First playoff Match of the Week found

Yesterday we announced the highly anticipated playoff bracket and already today we’ve found our Match of the week!


On 1st of April, sixteen of the best Baltic state teams began their journey in the BESL Pro Season 3 competition. Week after week, teams were matched up against each other in order to find the eight best teams that would advance further into the next stage - the playoffs!


Now, after five weeks of swiss group stage play, the aforementioned eight teams have been found and only one best-of-three series stands between them and a trip to LAN finals in Riga.



The playoff bracket play has been divided into two weeks with the top half of the bracket scheduled for this week, while the bottom half is going to be played out the week after. With that being said, this week two game series are going to be played out and those are:


alltheRAGE vs WORTEX

wolsung vs MAKONGA

Match of the week (MOTW) vote:

CS:GO caster Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars: wolsung vs MAKONGA

CS:GO caster Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds: wolsung vs MAKONGA

CS:GO head admin Bruno “Gekons” Gailītis: wolsung vs MAKONGA


You, our followers:

As we combined the votes of our casters, head admin and you guys, there was a clear favorite that we all wanted to see. Without a further ado - this week’s Match of the Week, that is going to be featured on our stream this Saturday, 11th of May at 18:00 Baltic time, is:

wolsung vs MAKONGA


BESL Pro Season 3 is a 7 week battle between the sixteen best Baltic state CS:GO teams for their share of the €9,000 prize pool and the chance to acquire themselves one of the four spots at this season’s LAN finals held in Riga, Latvia at Kipsala exhibition center with the event itself taking place on 1st of June.


Want to attend the LAN finals? Grab yourself a ticket HERE!


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News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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