MightyWolves slot retained by kykaho and his new team

Last week on Monday we launched BESL Pro Season 3 with its main topic of interest being the new regular season format that’s going to change the whole competition upside down as it is quite the opposite of what we’ve done until now.


Shortly after that, we saw wolsung and OnlineBOTS being the first two teams that announced their rosters for the upcoming season, and now they are joined by the ex-MightyWolves player kykaho, who has retained the slot from the previous season with his new team - Esi Pirmais eSports.


Kykaho is no stranger to BESL Pro competitions as this is his third season in our league. In Season 1 he played with the guys from Team SPLY, while in Season 2 their team saw an overhaul as they changed both roster and the organisation, thus becoming MightyWolves.


This season, however, kykaho is on a new adventure as his new team consists of players that are BESL Pro competition rookies. An interesting fact to note here is that team Esi Pirmais eSports did try to qualify for Season 2 via the open qualifiers, but well short by losing to LOSSDAY in the first qualifier, while being taken down by CRYOGEN in the second one.


“Back in team MightyWolves I had high hopes of achieving something big as we did put in a lot of time and effort into our practice both in and outside the server. But, things don't always pan out as they should and after a while it became clear that various members of the team just can't play together anymore as the vision of how the game should be played differed quite drastically. For me, these are the aspects that are most important in a team. After that, there were bunch of disagreements within the team and in the end the team just fell apart completely.


As for my new team Esi Pirmais eSports - we are like a family. Everyone puts in 100% and everyone respects and supports each other within the team. Seeing how the younger guys work here makes me believe that this team has tons of potential!”

Esi Pirmais eSports captain kykaho about MightyWolves and his new team


kykaho and Esi Pirmais eSports bootcamping in GOEXANIMO eSports club (Riga)


The complete roster of Esi Pirmais eSports for Season 3 can be found below:


As previously mentioned, kykaho has played in two previous seasons of BESL Pro. In Season 1 his Team SPLY finished 9th out of the 10 teams attendings with win loss-record of 6-12 in 18 regular season games. In Season 2, however, kykaho did a bit better as his team MightyWolves finished 7th out of the 16 teams with a win-loss record of 8-7 in the 15 game regular season.


BESL Pro Season 3 is set to start on 1st of April with sixteen best Baltic state teams battling it out for the prize pool of €9,000. More details can be found in the BESL Pro Season 3 announcement.

Want to start your eSports career?

Don’t miss out on the chance to qualify for the BESL Pro Season 3 via the open qualifiers! Registration is already open with the first qualifier set to start on 24th of February 14:00 Baltic time. Details about the qualifiers can be found here.


News article by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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