NotLikeThis beat XGR eSports while MightyWolves redeem themselves against eustonia

The second half of the second BESL Pro season is already underway as the first games of week 5 (of 8) saw Lithuanians of NotLikeThis snatching their fourth victory this season by beating XGR eSports, while MightyWolves redeemed themselves after a tough week 4 as they managed to overcome team eustonia!


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NotLikeThis vs XGR eSports

Gametime: 10th of September, 20:00
Result: 16:5 on de_mirage

MVP: kAliNkA - 20 kills, 13 deaths, 97 ADR

VOD: here!


The first game on Monday evening started off with NotLikeThis taking the knife round and choosing to start on the CT side. The chosen soonly proved to be a wise one as Lithuanian side took the pistol round and the following anti-eco round as well starting the game off in a positive manner (2:0). XGR eSports then bounced back with two rounds of their own (2:2).


On the 5th round a courageous play from kAliNkA secured NotLikeThis a victory in a pistol force round as he snatched himself an AK to later on find three more kills while not even having an armor (3:2)! Heroics from Lithuanians continued as in the very next round Haflex’s great positioning proved to be the detriment of XGR eSports as he found the right time to pounce in order to find four kills (4:2)!


Estonians understood that something has to change as they decided to switch up the pace. In the 8th round they exploded on A site catching Lithuanians off guard thus taking a round of their own (5:3). However, when they tried to go for this kind of a play one more time couple of rounds later, Lithuanians were ready to punish them big time (7:4)!


The game progressed in a similar manner as teams traded rounds as kAliNkA was still being a menace while zenki stood up to the task when his team needed to find some opening kills in the last round to finish off the first half 10:5!


Upon the side switch NotLikeThis brought the momentum with them as XGR eSports were seemingly so drained out that they just couldn’t win a 1v2 after-plant situation where they just needed to kill prochas together! This round clearly broke Estonians as afterwards they seemed like already given up. NotLikeThis took the advantage of the situation and closed out the game in the following rounds (16:5).


“Finally we once again saw what Lithuanians of NotLikeThis are really capable of as ever since their victory against WASD Sports they were just lurking in the shadows! This time around they knew that in order to climb up the standings they need to take point here and take points they did! As for XGR eSports - as much as they tried, they just couldn’t get into this game fully and that second pistol round 1v2 where they couldn’t kill prochas was the last nail in the coffin. At that point they just realised that they are done in this game!”

Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars


MightyWolves vs eustonia

Gametime: 10th of September, 21:00
Result: 16:12 on de_cache

MVP: keen - 25 kills, 15 deaths, 94 ADR

VOD: here!


The second game of the evening started off in quick fashion as eustonia rushed B site three rounds in a row being successful in all three of their attempts (0:3). However, the momentum was short-lived as once MightyWolves got the guns they required to defend they not only tied up the game (3:3), but also took the lead!


Glorious spray kills from keen combined with MightyWolves newest addition for BESL Pro Flarich holding A site like a turret cemented their edge in the duel even more (6:4). In the 11th round eustonia answered back with once again going back to their quick-paced B rushes and this time around kykaho and d3k were not ready (6:5)!


The last four rounds of the first half were taken by Latvians as they stood their ground all over the map not letting their opponents to even get an inch as they finished off the half 10:5 in their favor! The second half however began with eustonia guys looking sharp as Gaborik’s 3k secured them the first round (10:6).


While eustonia were careful enough not to lose any of the anti-eco rounds (10:8), MightyWolves once again started to answer back once the guns came out. As teams traded rounds (11:9), Latvian economy was reset, but despite them not fully buying into the round, they still managed to win the fights all over the map and take the round (12:9). This round seemingly gave MightyWolves huge momentum as in the next one keen was just fearless turning 2v5 situation in their favor to win another round (13:9).


Game continued with teams once again going back to trading rounds as they came to the scoreline of 15:11. In the following round keen was once again the guy that took the initiative as he found 4 kills all over the map seemingly ending the game, but in the end he came up a little bit short as he lost the last 1v1 duel (15:12). However in the following round it all ended as a calm and collected B split turned in Latvian’s favor finishing the game off 16:12.


“The game on cache turned out a bit tougher than it should have been for MightyWolves. Still though, a somewhat convincing win coming out from them as they realised that they are playing a bit too sloppy thus leaving too much up for chance. All in all - a well deserved and definitely much needed victory for the Latvian side, but the question still remains - where do eustonia really stand in this BESL Pro landscape as they still keep showing mixed results against different level of opponents!”

Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds

Additionally to the games mentioned above, there were few games that were not featured on our YouTube channel on Monday, and they were played off-stream. Here are their results:

  • Team Redeye [8:16] FiGURE05 (de_mirage)

  • SkinLordz.RED [3:16] ayned (de_cache)

  • ESCELTIC [19:22] NotLikeThis (de_inferno)  


Stay tuned as tonight’s broadcast is bringing you three very interesting domestic duels including one Match of the Week game picked by our caster Veneficus! At 19:00 FiGURE05 and 1337HUANIA will fight one another to find out who’s the better Lithuanian team, while that game is going to be followed up by Estonian duel between AUTOCLUTCH and WASD Sports. Evening then is going to be finished off with a cherry on the top in form of wolsung playing against SkinLordz!

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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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