NotLikeThis roll over FiGURE05; XGR eSports edge out SkinLordz

The last week of BESL Pro Season 2 is already underway as yesterday four teams closed out the season with their last games! In the battle between two Lithuanian teams, the guys of NotLikeThis proved to be the stronger force as they took down FiGURE05, while in the second game of the Monday evening XGR eSports edged out SkinLordz to add three more points to their name.

FiGURE05 vs NotLikeThis

Gametime: 1st of October, 20:00
Result: 6:16 on de_train

MVP: Dreamas - 25 kills, 14 deaths, 109 ADR

VOD: here!



The game on train began with FiGURE05 coming out as better of the two sides in the early game, cruising to a 3:0 lead after pulling back a disadvantageous situation in the pistol round that saw both eimaNt and wave finding double kills.


As soon as NotLikeThis had the money to work with, however, the trajectory of the game changed immediately. Everyone on the NotLikeThis side started contributing as they rolled over FiGURE05 for five straight rounds (3:5).


A much needed hero play from captain eimaNt on B site scored FiGURE05 their first gun round (4:5), but a crucial mistake of leaving the bomb behind in the following round prevented them from stringing rounds together (4:6).


NotLikeThis went on to finish off the half by taking the remaining five rounds (4:11). Now playing on Terrorist side, NotLikeThis rushed out towards A from pop dog. Kills went both ways, but in the end Kvik managed to secure his team the round by outplaying mobbdeep (4:12).


The pistol round victory quickly snowballed into 4:14 lead. FiGURE05 finally found some success as they won the two following rounds on the back of mobbdeep’s clutch, and wave’s sick triple kill (6:14).


But, all this effort turned out to not be enough for FiGURE05. The following round saw Kvik securing his team the matchpoint with a triple kill of his own, while prochas gave the final blow with a quad kill in the last round to secure his team the victory (6:16).

SkinLordz vs XGR eSports

Gametime: 1st of October, 21:00
Result: 12:16 on de_cache

MVP: raw - 34 kills, 23 deaths, 123 ADR

VOD: here!



XGR eSports kicked off their CT side with a strong hold on B site that quickly gave them the initial 0:3 lead. In the first gun round, however, it was raw who’s initiative secured Latvian side their first one (1:3).


Estonians were forced on a low utility buy, but even that proved to be enough to take the round that seemingly was going SkinLordz’s way as discplex had set his mind to clutching a 1v3 situation only to lose the last duel to ZIILA in the end (1:4).


Although XGR eSports clearly had taken the initial lead, the half ended up being a close one. Teams traded rounds back and forth eventually coming to a 7:8 scoreline at the half time. CaptaiN and discplex opened up the action in the second half with a triple and double kill respectively making the game all tied up (8:8).


SkinLordz went on to win the following two round on the back of individual plays (10:8), but as soon as XGR eSports had enough money to buy AK’s they responded with five of their own (10:13) including ZIILA holding strong on A site with his AWP in a post-plant situation.


The following round saw Estonians keeping up the relentless aggression with the confidence gained from the past few rounds, but this time around CaptaiN was ready for it (11:13).


Latvians were once again reset afterwards (11:14), and while they themselves did the same in the following round (12:14), XGR eSports were done playing around as they closed out the game 12:16 in their favor.

Stay tuned as tonight’s broadcast is bringing you three games including one Match of the Week game picked by our caster Emvy! At 20:00 Aston eSports are taking on Žalgiris, followed up by a domestic Latvian duel between SkinLordz.RED and wolsung. Evening then is going to be finished off with a game between Team Redeye and MightyWolves!

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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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