nyte & ZIILA revamp roster for season 3

BESL Pro Season 3 was announced more than a month ago with the biggest topic of interest being its new regular season format that has gone from traditional round-robin in the last two seasons to swiss format group stage for the upcoming season.


While for some teams the time before the regular season means competing in the open qualifiers for a spot in the league, others spend time putting together the roster that they think will go on and become the best in the Baltics.


Teams such as wolsung, OnlineBOTS, Esi Pirmais eSports, ayned, alltheRAGE, dogmen, 1337HUANIA, SkinLordz and FiGURE05 have already announced their rosters for the third iteration of our league, and today it’s time for the Estonian duo of nyte and ZIILA to unveil their squad.


The aforementioned pair have played together for more than a year now as they spent 2018 competing in both the previous seasons of BESL Pro with team named XGR-X. With the team not qualifying for the LAN finals last season, it was seemingly destined to see some changes during the off-season.


First of all - these guys are no longer representing XGR eSports and coming into the third season they’re going to be playing under team tag LESGEDI. Secondly, their roster sees quite the overhaul as zenki, mAXeLL- and KrassNer have now been replaced with Gaborik and ViztA (two ex-WASD Sports players), while the last spot is filled by paluu.


“After our disappointing result in season 2 of BESL, we disbanded the lineup, but we kept the spot because me and ZIILA wanted to play the next season. About 6 months ago my old teammate paluu started playing CS again, so we took him in. Last 2 spots were filled by ViztA and Gaborik who were originally going to play the qualifier with some guys, but I told them that we have 2 spots left and they joined us as well.


Expectations for this season for us is to make it to LAN finals. In our previous teams(mine and ZIILAs) we have almost always lacked in-game leadership, but still managed to play relatively close games with the Baltic top dogs such as wolsung, 1337HUANIA, ex-WASD. This season we have ViztA and Gaborik who have both played the IGL role before and we also have a lot of firepower and I think all we need is some good calls and one of us to have a good day and I think we can beat anyone.”

LESGEDI captain nyte about off season changes and expectations this season


Gaborik, ViztA, nyte and ZIILA at GemOn 2016


The complete BESL Pro Season 3 roster for Estonians of LESGEDI can be seen below:


As previously mentioned, nyte and ZIILA have played last two season together under XGR-X tag. In the first season of BESL Pro they managed to finish 7th among the 10 teams with a win-loss record of 8-10 in the 18 regular season games. They also did not find much success in the second season where they placed 10th in the 16 team competition with a win-loss record of 7-8 in the 15 regular season games.


BESL Pro Season 3 is set to start on 1st of April with sixteen best Baltic state teams battling it out for the prize pool of €9,000. More details about the schedule and broadcasts can be found in the BESL Pro Season 3 announcement.

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Don’t miss out on the chance to qualify for the BESL Pro Season 3 via the open qualifiers! Registration for the second qualifier is already ongoing with the qualifier itself set to start on 17th of March 14:00 Baltic time. Details about the qualifiers can be found here.



News article by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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