Open qualifier #1 is LIVE


We are coming closer and closer to the start of BESL Pro Season 3, but before we hop into the actual competition, first, we have to determined the teams that are going to play in the league this season by qualifying through the open qualifiers!


The qualifier consists of 16 teams battling it out in a Single Elimination Bo3 bracket. Two best teams (teams that reach the grand final) are going to be granted entrance into this season’s competition of our league.


As you might have guessed it already - the first open qualifier is happening today, so let’s take a closer look at all the participants and the bracket that has been drawn.

Open qualifier #1 team list:

  1. KAROSTA - l2stChance, nineglock, vol9, h1ssen, olovo

  2. Suurte Tegude Mees Kristjan - blaz1N, Surgeee, Eclipssee_, Valoodja, MyrkK

  3. Everything or Nothing (EoN) - Burbul, domucio, Tense, ELVISG, zewts

  4. Timechasers (Tch-) - Ind1ff3rent, shadowow, Jalzaz, Askew, jL-

  5. MAKONGA - CagXD, LaimB, Bymas, leakeN, slokk

  6. MOCKIT - laiNny, krii, raw, Fearoth, PetitSkel

  7. X-LAN - rrrainis, Edza, Cranksss, TomyFreidz, bang

  8. DIVISON (DIVLV) - rabbit, Plaukainais, Hape, I$AIAH, Nervix

  9. WORTEX - LuCiann, alinsh, bEss0nNN, shadiy-, SibA^

  10. Team Titan - nopper, discplex, Shield, endicate, reN

  11. Jėzaus meilė (jezMeile) - PokErfAce, santw, Cr3W, fexen, LYNXXX

  12. MALCO - ayriks, Feagleyy, Warden, EiZA, karlisabc

  13. coluant - Emis2, arthles, Serex, christian8, pferiz

  14. PlanetStrike eSports (-PStrike) - DNOT, bagyz, finit0r, Favoras, roleye

  15. Falcon Esports - mairel, outrage, SHIFT, dan, TALANTS

  16. Team Prefix - lovethat, teemturis, CheekYxd, HewDeN, darkXX

Open qualifier #1 bracket:


If you want to follow bracket’s development, you can do it here. Additionally, the best qualifier games are going to be streamed on our YouTube channel where our lovely caster duo of Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars and Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds are going to bring you all the action.


Didn’t make it into the first qualifier? No worries! Already tomorrow (04.03) we’re opening registration for the second open qualifier happening on Sunday two weeks from now (17.03).


Here are all the details about the second open qualifier:

  • The second open qualifier is going to be identical to the first one with having an entry-fee of 25 EUR per team and a total participant limit set at 16 teams;

  • To register your team for an open qualifier you have to visit webpage, register an account, create a team via ‘My team’ section, invite your teammates to your team and pay the qualifier entry-fee. Remember that everyone has to link their Steam accounts to their profiles via ‘Profile Settings’ in order to eligible to participate;

  • After you have paid the qualifier entry-fee you will be given an invitation link to BESL Pro Qualifier Discord server that is going to be used communication purposes during the qualifier;

  • The qualifier is going to be played out on FACEIT platform using a Single Elimination Bo3 format;

  • The 2 best teams (teams that reach grand final) from the qualifier are going to acquire a spot in the third season of the Baltic eSports League.


News article by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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