Open qualifier #2 is LIVE

The last pit stop before we head into the regular season of BESL Pro Season 3 is the second open qualifier that once again is going to reward the two best teams of a 16 team Single Elimination Bo3 bracket with a spot in our League!


With this being the last option for teams to hop on the BESL Pro train that is leaving the off-season station very soon, let’s take a look at the participants and the bracket that has been drawn!

Open qualifier #2 team list:

  1. Timechasers (Tch-) - Ind1ff3rent, shadowow, Jalzaz, Askew, jL-

  2. MOCKIT - laiNny, krii, prelideN, Fearoth, bishop

  3. X-LAN - rrrainis, Cranksss, TomyFreidz, bang, NOTAFRAID

  4. Resolve - mkl, vulc, VaRi, equalize, Mex

  5. coluant - Emis2, Serex, christian8, pferiz, ELVISG

  6. Crabby Alliance (CrabA) - DrugTag, mōmzel, HulkzteN, envii, sunnse

  7. Kiber Sportsmen (KiberSp) - l0oudly, eniho, nightly, Boostas, Sidivo

  8. Bleiz - musse_R, zep, Gudrutis, meta_me, Andr1k

  9. Team Titan (TitanV) - Shield, nopper, discplex, reN, endicate

  10. FELDON - qwant, klempz, TOMZONN, Quix, BOUNZ

  11. Jėzaus meilė (JezMeile) - PokErfAce-, santw, LYNXXX, Cr3W, Pope

  12. Falcon Esports (FLNe) - mairel, outrage, SHIFTk1ng, dan, peroxy

  13. Viperio (VIP_) - ZEPRii, kjyy, ShiNii, SterG, ComputerGeeK*

  14. Amphibia (PHIBIA) - Blackbird, Green, ELE, Skeezy, REEZ-

  15. WORTEX - LuCiann, alinsh, bEss0nNN, shadiy, blessju

  16. Wind and Rain (-WaR) - dom, zewts, entz-, Foreign, Atikan

Open qualifier #2 bracket:


If you want to follow bracket’s development, you can do it here. Additionally, the best qualifier games are going to be streamed on our YouTube channel where our lovely caster duo of Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars and Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds are going to bring you all the action.


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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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