Player Spotlight: Carcass

Player Spotlight is a new article series that gives you the opportunity to get to know the players that are playing in BESL Pro competitions a little bit better. From historic achievements to favorite players. From their Baltic state dream team to what music and food they like. Player Spotlight has it all!


This week’s Player Spotlight goes to the captain of team 1337HUANIA:




Name, Surname: Robertas Mikuckis 

Age: 24

Date of Birth: 20th of June, 1995

Nationality: Lithuanian

The first nickname that you had: Metras

How did you come up with your current nickname: At that time I was trying to play WoW and went up with undead race so I searched for some English words that had a meaning related to something gross and here I am.


CS:GO hours recorded: ~9000 hours

Playing CS franchise games for: 4 years

Playing in BESL Pro: 4 seasons

BESL Pro LAN finals reached: 3 times

BESL Pro winner: 2 times

Biggest achievements in CS:GO: BESL Pro winner, BEL winner, ESEA MDL player, Gamerz season 2 finalist

Peripherals & In-game Settings

Mouse: Logitech G Pro wireless

Mousepad: SteelSeries QCK heavy

Keyboard: ASUS ROG-Strix-Flare

Headset: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 OHM


Resolution: 1920x1080

Crosshair: using ropz settings (color 1; dot 0; gap -3; size 2; style 4; thickness 0; drawoutline 0)

Sensitivity: 2

DPI: 400


TOP5 best CS:GO Players in the world:

  1. device

  2. s1mple

  3. ZywOo

  4. Twistzz

  5. Brehze


TOP5 best CS:GO Players from Baltic states:

  1. EspiranTo

  2. broky

  3. ropz

  4. Bymas



Baltic state all-star team: EspiranTo, broky, ropz, Bymas, YEKINDAR (not sure who would IGL though)


Favorite map: Don’t have one


Least-favorite map: Train


Most underrated player: Brehze


Most overrated player: Aleksib


Best AWP player in the world: device


Best AWP player in Baltic states: broky


Best teammate ever played with: Aikas


Worst teammate ever played with: No one


Best LAN event you’ve attended: BESL Pro Finals events and GameOn


Worst LAN event you’ve attended: Some Lithuanian BYOC events with huge delays


AK or SG: SG


M4 or AUG: AUG


Favorite position to hold: Inferno A long


Hardest bombsite to retake: Dust2 B site


Worst gun in CS:GO: mp5


Win a game with bad stats or lose a game with good stats: Win a game with bad stats


One thing you would change about CS:GO: This game is perfect :D


Does age affect performance in CS:GO: No


Should VAC-banned players get a second chance: Depends on the case


Best song to listen to while playing DM/Botz: I just usually listen to random playlists or just random songs while playing DM, do not have anything special really.


Best song to hype yourself up before an official game: Same with an official game - I prefer just to talk before the game and have some fun instead of hyping myself up with some music.


TOP3 favorite foods:

  1. Pizza

  2. Pasta

  3. Chili soup


Does pineapple belong on pizza? No


TOP3 favorite snacks:

  1. Potato chips

  2. Nachos

  3. Quesadilla with cheddar cheese


Popcorn - sweet or salty? Sweet


TOP3 favorite beverages:

  1. Coca-Cola

  2. Beer

  3. Wine


Is Pepsi okay? Yes


TOP3 favorite music bands/artists:

  1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  2. Queen

  3. Arctic Monkeys


Band/artist that you would want to see perform LIVE: Red Hot Chilli Peppers


TOP3 favorite songs: Don’t have any, to be honest, my playlist is always changing based on mood.


Music genre that you would never listen to: Hard metal


TOP3 favorite movies/TV shows:

  1. Game of Thrones

  2. Peaky Blinders

  3. Interstellar


Movie/TV show character that you would want to hang out with: Tom Shelby from Peaky Blinders


TOP3 favorite streamers: Don’t have like a set-top as I’m just basically watching few Lithuanian streamers and CS:GO events or Dota2 The International. 


Favorite game to watch on streams: CS:GO, Dota2


TOP3 things to do outside of playing CS:GO:

  1. Hanging out with friends

  2. Playing Dota2

  3. Streaming


The first video game you ever played: Can't really remember, maybe the first DOOM.


What games do you play outside of CS:GO: Dota2 and that's basically it.

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