Player Spotlight: hyskeee

Player Spotlight is a new article series that gives you the opportunity to get to know the players that are playing in BESL Pro competitions a little bit better. From historic achievements to favorite players. From their Baltic state dream team to what music and food they like. Player Spotlight has it all!


This week’s Player Spotlight goes to the captain of team wolsung:


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Name, Surname: Reinis Grīnbergs

Age: 22 years old

Date of Birth: 2nd of May, 1997

Nationality: Latvian

First nickname: Bender (taken from Futurama)

How did you come up with your current nickname: Was just randomly smashing the keyboard until something looked cool and 3x “e” in the end for extra style points


CS:GO hours recorded: ~8000 hours

Playing CS franchise games for: ~6 years

Playing in BESL Pro: 4 seasons

BESL Pro LAN finals reached: 3 times

BESL Pro winner: 1 time (Season 2)

Biggest achievements in CS:GO: Winning BESL Pro and GameOn with wolsung, and winning GG.BET Summer with forZe

Peripherals & In-game Settings

Mouse: Logitech G Pro

Mousepad: Logitech G640

Keyboard: SteelSeries 6Gv2

Headset: HyperX Cloud II


Resolution: 1290x960 stretched or 1680x1050 black bars

Crosshair: style “4”, size “2.5”, gap “-3”, thickness “1”, color “1”

Sensitivity: 2

DPI: 400


TOP5 best CS:GO Players in the world:

  1. ZywOo

  2. s1mple

  3. Twistzz

  4. EliGE

  5. Stewie2k


TOP5 best CS:GO Players from Baltic states:

  1. broky

  2. Flarich


  4. lainNy

  5. krii


Baltic state all-star team: broky AWP, prelideN entry, YEKINDAR 2nd entry, krii lurker/support, me calling I guess


Favorite map: inferno


Least-favorite map: train


Most underrated player: I think broky is not getting enough credit. I really think that he can easily play for a tier2 team and after a few months he would be ready for tier1.


Most overrated player: I can't imagine anyone being really overrated at the moment.


The best AWP player in the world: ZywOo


The best AWP player in Baltic states: broky


The best teammate ever played with: krii/YEKINDAR


Worst teammate ever played with: keen (no comments)


The best LAN event you’ve attended: BESL Pro Season 2 finals where we won or GameOn event where we lost to WASD in the semi-finals. Hard to choose between those two.


Worst LAN event you’ve attended: I personally have never been to any of those 20-hour-delay Baltic BYOC LANs, so in general, I would say that we have pretty good events here in Baltics


AK or SG: AK


M4 or AUG: M4


Favorite position to hold: Inferno Pit


Hardest bombsite to retake: Inferno A site


Worst gun in CS:GO: PP Bizon


Win a game with bad stats or lose a game with good stats: Win a game with bad stats


One thing you would change about CS:GO: Remove the 1400 loss bonus completely


Does age affect performance in CS:GO: Yes


Should VAC-banned players get a second chance: Depends on the case


Best song to listen to while playing DM/Botz: Band of Horses - The Funeral


Best song to hype yourself up before an official game: Have to steal this one from the WORTEX guys and say Halogen - U Got That


TOP3 favorite foods:

  1. McNuggets

  2. Sushi

  3. Everything “SINGAPŪRAS GAUMĒ” from Gan Bei


Does pineapple belong on pizza? No


TOP3 favorite snacks:

  1. Pringles

  2. Twix

  3. Cheetos with ketchup flavor


Popcorn - sweet or salty? Sweet


TOP3 favorite beverages:

  1. Coca-Cola Zero

  2. Beer

  3. Water


Is Pepsi okay? Yes


TOP3 favorite music bands/artists:

  1. Coldplay

  2. Prāta Vētra (Brainstorm)

  3. Bastille


Band/artist that you would want to see perform LIVE: Coldplay


TOP3 favorite songs:

  1. Band of Horses - The Funeral

  2. Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars

  3. Bastille - Of The Night


Music genre that you would never listen to: Rock/Metal


TOP3 favorite movies/TV shows:

  1. The Office

  2. The Simpsons

  3. Two and a Half men


Movie/TV show character that you would want to hang out with: Mr.Bean


TOP3 favorite streamers:

  1. sodapoppin

  2. shroud

  3. Greekgodx


Favorite game to watch on streams: Anything that sodapoppin is playing, to be honest


TOP3 things to do outside of playing CS:GO:

  1. Watch CS:GO (big events)

  2. Watch TV shows

  3. Do sports (hockey & boxing)


The first video game you ever played: Дальнобойщики 2


What games do you play outside of CS:GO: Don’t really play anything outside of CS:GO currently

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