SACRAMENTO complete BESL Pro Season 4 team list

The third and final BESL Pro Season 4 qualifier has now officially concluded with Latvian team SACRAMENTO (klaudi, d3k, hek, l2stChance, zerkans) claiming the last spot in the league as they came out victorious in the 8-team Single Elimination Bo3 bracket without dropping a single map.


klaudi & co started their day with a pretty quick 2-0 (16:0, 16:2) victory against their fellow countrymen of FiberFist (ToRmZy, xrist, PhD_St0N8R, AIMBUSH, TdKappa). Later on, they proceeded through the bracket by knocking out Lithuanians of Bleiz (musse_R, Andr1k, GODASAS, Vegetaras, Swyp) with another 2-0 (16:10, 16:10) scoreline. And finally, in a game series that would decide who gets into the league and who doesn’t, SACRAMENTO took care of another Latvian squad, 0NG0D (rabbit, Frip, Dr1aM, nopper, Labreenc), with another 2-0 (16:6, 19:16) scoreline.


With SACRAMENTO joining the competition, BESL Pro Season 4 team list is now complete:

  1. 1337HUANIA - Carcass, pounh, Butters, Bymas, Aikas

  2. wolsung - hyskeee, krii, YEKINDAR, Flarich, prelideN

  3. OnlineMANS - zteeek, DoisTa, KrassNer, Matup, Wahtzz

  4. *FiGURE05


  6. alltheRAGE - prochas, Dreamas, feqew, maty, fAnet

  7. ayned - tul1p, Abyssal, Dex, critu, wawij-

  8. *Lamp

  9. Team Titan - Shield, discplex, keen, Whiskas, EiZA

  10. LESGEDI - nyte, ZIILA, ELVISG, fejtZ, truth

  11. coluant - Emis2, Green, pferiz, karlisabc, ELE

  12. Drochmondo - lukjjE, Kvik, Boo, jL-, Daddy

  13. 5Aces eSports - RSKkaarel, mAXeLL-, consss, Eku, Jesus

  14. deprEST - endicate, reN, raw, sugaR, LostDF

  15. Timechasers - Askew, PokErfAce-, ceNder, Sidivo, bagyz 

  16. SACRAMENTO - klaudi, d3k, hek, l2stChance, zerkans

*roster yet to be announced


BESL Pro Season 4 is set to start on the 23rd of September with sixteen best Baltic state teams battling it out for the prize pool of €9,000. More details can be found in the BESL Pro Season 4 announcement.


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News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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