Season 4 Open qualifier #2 is LIVE

BESL Pro Season 4 is coming closer and closer and, as you might’ve guessed it from the title, the second open qualifier is happening today with 12 teams battling it out in a Single Elimination Bo3 bracket for two spots in this season’s competition!

Open qualifier #2 team list:

  1. desprEST - endicate, reN, raw, sugaR, LostDF

  2. XGR - klempz, Shankz, Nover, souzz, qwant

  3. NoFaith (N-F) - Regg1e, CalmFace, 1nstah, aim-dll, BISKUIT

  4. TVAIKA IELAS GEIMINGS (tvaikiel) - SteelRat, Stormmate, MadzyyB, pyra, dins

  5. Timechasers - Askew, PokErfAce-, ceNder, Sidivo, bagyz

  6. Atpūties - rabbit, Dr1aM, Labreenc, nopper, Frip

  7. whateverxD (whynotxD) - Squizy, flipside, AwwEzz, martenxD, PointGuardxD

  8. Resolve - Flopster, Mex, Sense, mini-, rikzz-

  9. Team Baltic Wolves - AtlantasUlfur, l0udly, Wh1Pe, medi5, Sanny

  10. KAROSTA GAMING - vol9, l2stChance, klaudi, dasi, -dazo

  11. Kylanti Banga (KyBa) - node, santw, Liudas, hangover, Hibs-

  12. 420Vibe - d3k, kykaho, FreakY, des1re, mirac1e

Open qualifier #2 bracket:


If you want to follow bracket’s development, you can do it HERE.


Didn’t make it to any of the first two qualifiers? No worries, there is still a way for you to get in the league!

This season we’re hosting 3 qualifiers and with the second one ongoing as we speak, there is still 1 more last chance qualifier that you can participate in:

  • Open qualifier #1 - 18.08 14:00 Baltic time - FINISHED

  • Open qualifier #2 - 01.09 14:00 Baltic time - LIVE

  • Last chance qualifier - 08.09 14:00 Baltic time (registration open from 02.09 till 08.09 13:00)


Details of the qualifiers:

  • Qualifiers are played on FACEIT using Single Elimination Bo3 format;

  • Qualifier entry fee is 25 EUR per team;

  • Maximum number of participants for the open qualifiers is set to 16 teams, whereas the last chance qualifier is going to feature 8 teams;

  • The 2 best teams (teams that reach the grand final) from each of the open qualifiers and the winner (1 team) of the last chance qualifier is going to secure a spot in the BESL Pro Season 4.

  • Only teams that consist of a minimum of 3 players from Baltic states are eligible to participate. Read more about player eligibility in our Rulebook.


In order to register your team for a qualifier, you have to:

  • Visit webpage;

  • Register an account;

  • Create a team via ‘My team’ section;

  • Invite your teammates to your team;

  • Pay the qualifier entry-fee via ‘My team’ page;

  • Remember that everyone on your team has to link their Steam account to their profile via ‘Profile Settings’ in order to be eligible to participate.


Follow our social media pages for more information about the upcoming season:


News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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