Stream issues; wolsung edge out Žalgiris; AUTOCLUTCH dominate eustonia

Another week of BESL Pro Season 2 is done and dusted as sadly enough yesterday a technical issue strack our studio and we were not able to broadcast the two games that were supposed to be featured on our YouTube channel.


As an apology from our side please accept this melodramatic podcast put together by our casters addressing the issue. Hopefully we’re gonna fix the issue soon enough and come back even stronger!


Nevertheless, both of these games were played off-stream and within them wolsung earned three more points against Lithuanians of Žalgiris, while Estonians of AUTOCLUTCH demolished team eustonia!

wolsung vs Žalgiris

Gametime: 13th of September, 20:00
Result: 16:14 on de_dust2

MVP: Regg1e - 30 kills, 20 deaths, 102 ADR



“Well....there goes my Match of the Week game that we sadly did not get to see! But realistically there was nothing we could have done as these things happen from time to time and hopefully our masterful IT crew will fix the issue, so we can continue to enjoy the best teams of Baltic region fighting for those four spots at the LAN finals in Tallinn!


As for the game itself - just by looking at the scoreline and the player statistics I’m even more heartbroken that we did not get to witness this duel! Regg1e going toe-to-toe against the likes of wolsung in a 30 round game? Damn you tech issues!


In all seriousness though despite us not seeing the game I can still speculate on the storyline here as it would seem to me that wolsung might have underestimated Žalgiris a bit and Regg1e turning up was something that Latvian side might have not expected to happen. In the end though as much as Žalgiris made wolsung sweat for it, it was not enough as Latvians take 3 points in this duel while Žalgiris are left with their thoughts of what could have happened if they played it a bit differently!”

Bruno “Gekons” Gailītis


AUTOCLUTCH vs eustonia

Gametime: 13th of September, 21:00
Result: 16:6 on de_cache

MVP: oof - 22 kills, 19 deaths, 107 ADR



“Well, it seems like I was right as I did think that AUTOCLUTCH is going to have the upper hand in this match. They seemingly just cruised by eustonia with relative ease and by the looks of the player statistics everyone apart from cheti had a blast on the side of AUTOCLUTCH. Considering the map was cache, it’s not a coincidence that the side that has superior individual talent (in my opinion) came out on top as the map offers lots of movement and entry opportunities. GGWP to AUTOCLUTCH and props for closing it out with a confident scoreline!”

Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds


Stay tuned as in the next few upcoming days we’re going to publish the game schedule of week 6 of our competition!

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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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