Team list complete, season to start next monday!

WE HAVE FOUND OUR COMPETITORS! As previously announced, the second season of Baltic eSports League is going to feature more teams, have a bigger prize pool, a slightly improved regular season format, and, most importantly, the open qualifiers within whom anyone could have had their shot at proving that they are worthy of joining this region's elite group of teams this season!


While all the other details have already been set in stone, today marks the day that we finally find out our last piece of the puzzle - the teams! All throughout the time period of last two weeks a total of 24 different competitors battled it out in the open qualifiers, but only eight of them acquired a spot in this season’s competition.


Without a further ado, here is the complete list of BESL Pro Season 2 CS:GO teams and their starting rosters:

  1. WASD Sports - Dodz, sperr, bitchiR, ViztA, shokz

  2. 1337HUANIA - Carcass, Aikas, Butters, lukkjE, LaimB

  3. SkinLordz - raw, prelideN, ELVISG, CaptaiN, Flushed

  4. AUTOCLUTCH - zteeek, DoisTa, PhilEba, Sickta, cheti

  5. NotLikeThis - Prochas, Dreamas, Haflex, fAnet, dreamy

  6. XGR eSports - nyte, ZIILA, KrassNer, maxell, zenki

  7. Žalgiris - Centronz, Regg1e, Walkman, Delection, tauroff

  8. MightyWolves - Emis2, kykaho, d3k, keen, msn

  9. SkinLordz.RED - aksisxD, elansz, LiTERjACK, udrizwOw, coldface

  10. ayned - tul1p, feeldtzz, inno, zfx, critu

  11. Aston eSports - Zvede, Labreenc, Goodman, Alinshz, Henca

  12. eustonia - Gaborik, RSKaarel, jORI, caesar, Supsti

  13. wolsung - hyskeee, brokyy, krii, Whiskas, YEKINDAR

  14. f05 - eimaNt, Kajic, wave, cho, jL-

  15. ESCELTIC - hopplo, devour, discplex, nopper, ReixL

  16. Team Redeye - Flunk, Braxx, MarTPoiss, kommionu, mõmzel


With all the other details already specified and the team list finally complete, everything is now set for the road to Tallinn to begin. Yes, you read that correctly! This season the LAN finals are going to be located in Tallinn, Estonia with the HyperTown EXPO now traveling to the Saku Suurhall arena (Tallinn) with the event taking place on 20th and 21st of October!



Stay tuned as on Monday, 13th of August we’re going to publish the first regular season matches of BESL Pro Season 2! Tune in to BESL Pro’s YouTube channel where our lovely Season 1 latvian casting duo of Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars and Renārs “Veneficus” Šēnfelds will be bringing you all the action! And as always, don’t forget that you can find an archive of all the game VOD’s on our YouTube as well!


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