Team Titan and MOCKIT qualify to Season 3; team list complete

WE HAVE FOUND OUR COMPETITORS! As previously announced, the third season of Baltic eSports League is going to feature a completely new format!

This time around the regular season is going to be played out using Swiss format for the group stage, while transitioning to the playoff bracket a bit earlier than the LAN finals. Yes, the same Swiss format that is used in the VALVE Majors! And, for those of you wondering - all the games are going to be played as Best-of-three series!


While all the other details have already been set in stone, today marks the day that we finally find out our last piece of the puzzle - the teams! All throughout the time period of last two weeks 32 teams battled it out in the open qualifiers, but only four of them acquired a spot in this season’s competition.


Without a further ado, here is the complete list of BESL Pro Season 3 CS:GO teams and their starting rosters:

  1. wolsung - hyskeee, YEKINDAR, broky, Whiskas, Flarich

  2. *XGR eSports

  3. 1337HUANIA - Carcass, Butters, pounh, lukjjE, Hype

  4. OnlineBOTS - Sickta, zteeek, DoisTa, PhilEba, KrassNer

  5. alltheRAGE - prochas, Dreamas, Haflex, feqew, maty

  6. dogmen - centronz, Regg1e, Delection, Aikas, Boo

  7. Esi Pirmais eSports - kykaho, Daze, FreakY, Sylvyrrock, sunshine

  8. ayned - tul1p, swicher, RSKkaarel, wAw, Eku

  9. FiGURE05 - aimant, Kajic, wave, sKy, ceNder

  10. LESGEDI - nyte, ZIILA, Gaborik, ViztA, paluu

  11. SkinLordz - CaptaiN, literjack, aksisxD, coldface, elansz

  12. REVERSECARD - critu, Abyssal, matup, keen, neyfde

  13. MALCO - ayriks, Warden, Feagleyy, karlisabc, EiZA

  14. MAKONGA - CagXD, Bymas, LaimB, slokker, shorkly

  15. Team Titan - nopper, discplex, Shield, reN, endicate

  16. **Timechasers - Ind1ff3rent, jL-, Jalzaz, Askew, shadowow

*roster not yet announced

**Timechasers have replaced MOCKIT as they were no longer able to fill a roster that fits league requirements


With all the other details already specified and the team list finally complete, everything is now set for the regular season to begin!


This time around the LAN Finals are going to be located in Latvia, with the HyperTown EXPO now traveling back to Kipsala exhibition center (Riga) and the event itself taking place from 31st of May to 2nd of June!



Stay tuned as on next Monday, 25th of March, we’re going to announce the first regular season matches of the Swiss group stage!


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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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