WASD Sports to miss LAN finals; replaced by MALCO

We regret to announce that the Estonian team WASD Sports have decided to withdraw from the Baltic eSports League Season 1 LAN finals due to HyperTown Riga event conflicting with another tourney that they want to participate in.


WASD Sports were one of the two Estonian teams (together with WORTEX) that qualified for the LAN finals. Dodz & co finished the regular season in the 1st place with a win-loss record of 15-3 only dropping maps to the other LAN finalists namely 1337HUANIA (ex-Team Refuse), SkinLordz and, the aforementioned, WORTEX.


we won’t see these guys in action at HyperTown Riga


WASD Sports were considered to be the main favorites of the event in Riga, but have now opted towards playing the ESL One Cologne Closed Qualifier instead, leaving Lithuanians of 1337HUANIA as the main team to beat at the LAN finals. As punishment, WASD Sports have forfeited all the prize money they were entitled to after playing the first season of BESL Pro.


At the event they are going to be replaced by the regular season #5 place team MALCO, who finished their journey in the online part of the competition with a win-loss record of 10-8. With this change the competition in Riga now features two Latvian teams, which might be a good news for the Latvian crowd!


ayriks & co will play at the LAN finals after all


The change has also left 1337HUANIA guys to act as seed #1, thus they have now chosen that they will play their semi-final match at the LAN finals against newly added MALCO squad, leaving Estonians of WORTEX to face off against the other Latvian squad - SkinLordz.


Stay tuned as next week leading up to the LAN finals at HyperTown Riga EXPO we will be bringing you not only the big LAN finals preview, but also the full on viewer’s guide of the event so you know how things are going to go down in Riga!


News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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