wolsung win BESL Pro Season 2



During the HyperTown Tallinn EXPO, on the 20th of October, we finally crowned our BESL Pro Season 2 champions! In a fierce and definitely unforgettable battle between the four best teams of the regular season, the Latvian team of wolsung were the ones who managed to lift the trophy!


The BESL Pro Season 2 finals started off at 10:45 in the Saturday morning with the first semi-final between XGR eSports and WORTEX taking place in the Saku Arena, Tallinn. WORTEX opened up the series with a victory on dust2 (13:16), while XGR eSports quickly answered back on train (16:12). The last map of the all-Estonian duel was overpass - a map that the guys of XGR eSports had previously won against their opponents during the regular season encounter and this time was no different. Dodz & co closed out the series in a one-sided affair replicating their regular season score of 16:5 once again, thus booking themselves a place in the grand final.


Later on in the day, around 14:50 we had the pleasure to witness another great game between 1337HUANIA and wolsung. Unlike the first semi-final, this duel ended in two maps purely dominated by the Latvian side. The series was kicked off on wolsung’s map pick mirage, which they ended pretty quickly after converting a 9-round T half into a 16:6 victory. Series then continued on dust2, the map that 1337HUANIA guys picked, but, despite them looking confident on the map in the regular season, Latvian snowball had already gone out of control as wolsung closed out the map and the series with a one-sided 16:4 scoreline.

The grand final was set to start at 17:40 as the hometown heroes of XGR eSports had to prove that they still are the best team of the region by battling against the seemingly unstoppable force of wolsung. The series began on train, a map that was picked by the Estonian side. The game went back and forth with both of the teams playing their A-game and after 30 rounds played, the teams were all tied up at 15:15. In the overtime, however, Latvians of wolsung finally shifted into their final gear as they immediately took four rounds needed to finish off the map with a 15:19 victory. The series was then closed out by wolsung on their map pick mirage, where they once again managed to boast an incredible 9-round T side to later on finish the game off with a somewhat clean 10:16 victory, thus becoming the champions of BESL Pro Season 2!


In case you missed the great BESL Pro Season 2 finals games, be sure to check out the VOD down below:

Be sure to also check out the team intro and profile videos we produced during the event by visiting our ‘Videos’ section here.


Below you can see the BESL Pro Season 2 final standings:

1. wolsung - €2,200

2. XGR eSports - €1,400

3-4. 1337HUANIA - €900

3-4. WORTEX - €900

5. NotLikeThis - €550

6. Žalgiris - €500

7. MightyWolves - €450

8. ayned - €400

9. FiGURE05 - €350

10. XGR-X - €300

11. SkinLordz - €250

12. eustonia - €200

13. Team Redeye - €150 (team relegated)

14. SkinLordz.RED - €150 (team relegated)

15. Aston eSports - €150 (team relegated)

16. *ESCELTIC- €0 (team relegated)

*prize money forfeited due to team disbanding during the regular season


Stay tuned to not miss any further details about the BESL Pro Season 3 like the qualifier dates and format, regular season start, prize pool and more!


News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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