Žalgiris, wolsung & Team Redeye successful in their last battles

The second game day of the last week of BESL Pro Season 2 regular play is done and dusted as six more teams close out their season!


Žalgiris added another set of 3-points to their name to end the season with a victory over Aston eSports, wolsung did the same in a surprisingly close fashion against their countrymen of SkinLordz.RED, while Team Redeye overcame MightyWolves in their last battle of the season!

Aston eSports vs Žalgiris

Gametime: 2nd of October, 20:00
Result: 6:16 on de_mirage

MVP: Sterzig - 26 kills, 13 deaths, 122 ADR

VOD: here!


The game on mirage began with a blazing start from Lithuanians of Žalgiris, who dictated the pace of the game on their Terrorist side with a quick 0:5 lead. Even nopper with his best efforts to hold the B site couldn’t take a round away from them.


Aston eSports finally made their mark in the following round (1:5), but Žalgiris wasted no time responding back with one of their own (1:6). Latvians once again won a round even with a somewhat low utility on their hands (2:6), but this time around Žalgiris went on a win-streak.


Lithuanians won six of the remaining seven rounds in the first half (3:12) including a pretty nice spray down from Sterzig on A site while cleaning up the eco frags. On the other side of the spectrum, Latvian captain Zvede was the one who secured them their third round as he clutched a 1v3 in the last round of the half.


Now playing on the Terrorist side, Aston eSports wasted no time whatsoever going for straight up duels in middle on the pistol round. The approach proved to be working as they took the first three rounds (6:12).


However, once Žalgiris got the hold of the rifles for themselves as well, they started challenging Latvians in middle and quickly enough they came across the much needed 16th round to close out the game in their favor (6:16).


“I don’t know why, but I always have this feeling about Aston eSports that maybe this week they will show their full potential! But, week after week my hopes and dreams are shattered...When they made some roster changes it got a bit better, but clearly not enough to survive the season. On the other side - Žalgiris played amazing as per usual. Sterzig with 2 k/d and Regg1e just casually playing from Žalgiris office. GG’s to Aston eSports, I hope to see those players compete here again next season. As for Žalgiris - I see a bright future for them and I really feel like they could take the top position in Lithuania sooner or later if the attitude towards CS:GO stays the same!”

Renārs “Emvy” Dzintars

SkinLordz.RED vs wolsung

Gametime: 2nd of October, 21:00
Result: 22:25 on de_inferno

MVP: Whiskas - 44 kills, 35 deaths, 100 ADR

VOD: here!



The second game of the evening was a full on circus to say the least. As both of the teams had nothing to lose, nor to gain by winning this duel, they both just went into a full fun-time mode with some of them even going as far as purchasing negev the whole game.


It all started with SkinLordz.RED being on the Terrorist side and going for a B push that was quickly shut down by wolsung (0:1). However, aksisxD was able to bring things back in the following round with a 1v1 clutch going his way (1:1)


Wolsung then responded with a force buy round victory of their own (1:2) and at that point the trajectory of teh game seemed like set in place fully. Teams kept trading rounds back and forth with the half ending 7:8 in favor of wolsung. The highlight of it - YEKINDAR going undercover on A site to get a beautiful triple kill while toying with his food.


Now playing on the Terrorist side themselves, wolsung kicked things off with a pistol round victory thanks to Whiskas getting a triple kill (7:9). But, SkinLordz.RED once again responded with a force buy win on the back of LiTERjACK going for a full 10 second defuse in a 1v1 situation (8:9).


As you might have guessed, the fiasco continued from that point onwards. While teams traded rounds coming to a 15:15 scoreline, broky was the one who shined the brightest in the second half with his ace including a 3v1 clutch!


Coming into the overtime, both of the teams kept doing gimmicky plays which resulted in them being all tied up not only after the first overtime (18:18), but after the second one as well (21:21). Only in the third overtime wolsung guys finally put a stop the show that was clearly going on for too long closing out the game 22:25.

Team Redeye vs MightyWolves

Gametime: 2nd of October, 22:00
Result: 16:12 on de_cache

MVP: Flunk - 25 kills, 18 deaths, 93 ADR

VOD: here!



The game kicked off with MarTPoiss giving his team the CT side lead as he shut down MightyWolvesattempt to take B site on the pistol round (1:0). After Team Redeye cleaned up both the anti-eco rounds (3:0), they did not stop.


Round after round went Team Redeye’s way with MightyWolves unable to counter Estonian individual plays. In the first gun round kommionu and mōmzel shut down Latvian side with their AWPs (4:0). In the 6th round Flunk made a huge flank play that won them the round (6:0).


In the next one - mōmzel held the A site like a turret with his AWP getting a quad kill (7:0), while the following saw Flunk once again going huge (8:0). The cherry on top came in the 9th round where Flunk lurked his way around the map to get a ninja defuse in a 1v4 situation on A site (9:0).


At the scoreline of 10:0, MightyWolves finally responded as Emis2 managed to clutch a 2v1 to get his team on board (10:1). Latvians went on to squeeze out two more before heading into the halftime (12:3).


Second pistol round saw Team Redeye taking the A site and winning the after plant situation flawlessly (13:3). At that point things seemed pretty grim for Latvian side, but d3k’s smart positioning earned them a force buy victory and restored faith (13:4).


Latvians started to pick up the pace taking two more rounds (13:6) including eco ace from kykaho and while Team Redeye respond with two rounds of their own (15:6), MightyWolves once again went on a run taking a set of six rounds (15:12) including an ace from their substitute player FreakY.


The happy moments were, however, short lived, as in the following round Team Redeye clenched the match win with a quick and painless smoke explode tactic towards B site that saw them secure all the kills in a matter of seconds (16:12).

Stay tuned as the last and final game day of BESL Pro Season 2 regular play is taking place tonight! In their last battles AUTOCLUTCH are going to try to defeat 1337HUANIA, while a domestic Estonian battle between eustonia and ayned is gonna happen right after!

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News report by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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