zteeek & co return to Season 4 under a new name*

*UPDATE: As of the 11th of September, onlineMANS have joined WORTEX and will be once again representing their name for the upcoming season.


As previously reported, the first team to unveil their roster for the upcoming season was 1337HUANIA - the champions of BESL Pro Season 3! Now, a couple of days later, another BESL Pro veteran squad follows suit.


This time around we’re talking about Estonians led by Kevin “zteeek” Rohurand. Previously known as WORTEX, the trio of zteeek, Erik “DoisTa” Uba and Marcus “KrassNer” Kangur are the core of a squad that has not missed a single BESL Pro LAN finals event thus far!


Playing under a name of onlineMANS this season, Estonians are surely looking to continue their streak of reaching the offline part of our competitions despite the LAN finals event featuring only two teams this time around.


zteeek, DoisTa, KrassNer & Matup on the BESL Pro Season 3 LAN finals stage


The aforementioned trio of consistency is once again joined by Marten “Matup” Padama - a player that helped them reach their third LAN finals event last season finishing 3rd-4th after a semi-final loss against Latvians of wolsung. For Matup, however, this was the first time he played in front of a live crowd on the BESL Pro esports stage.


The last piece of the onlineMANS puzzle is a newcomer in the form of Rene “Wahtzz” Vahu. Wahtzz is a rookie and is yet to make his debut in BESL Pro competitions.


The complete roster of onlineMANS for Season 4 looks as follows:


BESL Pro Season 4 is set to start on the 23rd of September with sixteen best Baltic state teams battling it out for the prize pool of €9,000. More details can be found in the BESL Pro Season 4 announcement.

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News by: Bruno ‘Gekons’ Gailītis

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