BESL Pro (hereinafter referred to as “League”) is Lattelecom made esports league with the goal to promote and conduct esports on Baltic state level and to build a structured platform for esports, its players and teams in Baltic states. Lattelecom is the exclusive owner of worldwide exploitation rights with regards to audio-visual content as well as sponsorship and merchandising rights of the League.


Lattelecom has instructed GOEXANIMO with the organization and operation of the League. GOEXANIMO may delegate its duties to League admins to be determined by GOEXANIMO.


This is the only rulebook which is valid for the League, it’s participants (hereinafter referred to as “Team(s)”), its players (hereinafter referred to as “Players”) and all matches played in the League.




    1. League Administration


GOEXANIMO shall designate League admins which are responsible for the League administration and the process of the gaming operation. GOEXANIMO may change any League admins at any time in its own discretion. Each Team can contact League admins via League Team discord server or via email. The current League admins are:

    • Bruno Gailītis, “Gekons” - CS:GO head admin -


    1. Validity of the Rules


If any provision of the Rulebook is invalid or impracticable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of this Rulebook. In lieu of the invalid or impracticable provision an appropriate provision shall apply which is nearest to the intent of to what would have been the intention in keeping with the meaning and purpose of the Rulebook. In case of a specific topic and/or situation not being disclosed within the Rulebook, League administration reserves the right to make decisions on case-to-case basis.


    1. Confidentiality


The content of protests, discussions or any other correspondence between Teams/Players and the League admins shall be deemed strictly confidential and may only be revealed to GOEXANIMO and Lattelecom and its representative bodies. The publication of such material is prohibited without an approval from GOEXANIMO and/or Lattelecom.


    1. Code of Conduct


All Teams and Players agree to behave in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner towards other Teams, Players, spectators, the press, the broadcast team, League admins and Lattelecom officials.


    1. Communication


The main official communication method of the League is through its Team discord server. The League will use the discord server as tool of communication between League admins and Teams/Players, and therefore the discord server should always be checked regularly so that no important announcements are missed.


    1. Change of rules


League administration reserves the rights to make changes to the Rulebook at any point in time. The said changes come into effect immediately and are considered a part of the official Rulebook as soon as it is published. League admin will inform teams about major changes to the Rulebook via team discord server.


    1. Specific cases


In case of a specific topic and/or situation not being described within the Rulebook, League administration reserves the right to examine the said topic/situation and make an on-spot decision based on the specifics of the said topic/situation. These topics/situations are dealt with on case-to-case basis.



    1. Team Requirements


Team consists of exactly five (5) players, no more, no less. Three (3) of those players have to be from Baltic state countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Other players have no Home country restrictions.


    1. Home Country


A Player’s home country is based on Player’s nationality. For a Team, this is determined by the country the majority of the Players belong to. If there is no such majority, a Team may have no home country. In that case, the Team’s country is set to ‘Baltic states’.


    1. Age Restrictions


There are no age restrictions for Players that are playing in the League. However - Players below the age of 16 have to provide League admins with parental approval of them playing in the League.


    1. Transfer Regulations During the Season


During the season Teams are allowed to make three (3) roster changes. In order to make a roster change Team's captain has to contact League Admin with the following information:

  • Team name

  • Player that team wants to remove from their roster

  • Player that team wants to add to their roster


    1. Pre-Season Transfer Regulations for Qualifier Teams


During the off-season four (4) teams are going to qualify for the upcoming season of our League via the open qualifiers. For these teams, their starting roster for the upcoming season is locked with the five (5) players that played for the said team during the qualifier. However, if a qualifier team wants to make a roster change before the start of the season, the said change is going to be done using their regular season roster changes (according to paragraph 2.4).


    1. Retaining a Slot in the League During Off-season


The teams that placed 1st-12th in the BESL Pro Season 2 have guaranteed themselves a slot in the third season of BESL Pro.


In order for a team to retain its slot, the team’s starting roster for this season has to have any two (2) players from the roster that the team had while competing in the previous season.


However, if a team is not able to field the aforementioned two (2) players, but only one (1) player from the previous season’s roster is present, the team will still retain its slot, but it will get one (1) less roster change this season.


Additionally, the player(-s) who retain the slot from the previous season have to play 2 out of the first 3 games in the Swiss group stage. Failure to do so will be penalized with a half (50%) of team’s obtained prize pool deducted at the end of the season!


    1. Ownership of a Team to Retain a Slot in the League


First and foremost - the sole owner of any League slot is the team’s captain. As the next season of BESL Pro is announced, he/she has to decide whether he/she will play the next season or not. If the team’s captain decides to play, then he/she has to complete the rules of the previous paragraph (2.5) in order to retain the slot.


If the team’s captain has decided to not take part in the next season of BESL Pro, then the slot can be retained by any roster that has any two (2) players from the roster that the team had while competing in the previous season. If there is more than one (1) roster that fits this criteria, team’s original captain has the final word on who gets the slot.


If there are no rosters that fit the aforementioned two (2) player criteria, then any player who played for the team during the last season has the right to claim the said slot. If there is more than one (1) roster with one (1) player from the previous season, then team’s original captain has the final word on who gets the slot.


This paragraph goes hand in hand with the previous one (2.5) and if a team is to retain a slot with only one (1) player from the previous season, then it will get one (1) less roster change this season (as stated in the paragraph 2.5).


    1. Multi-team Ownership Policy


In order to avoid conflict of interest, no organisation is allowed to own multiple teams participating in the League. The said rule also applies for two (or more) teams playing under a team name that is similar to one another or contains the same core. As an example, starting from this season team such as SkinLordz and SkinLordz.RED won’t be able to coexist in the League.


    1. Substitute Players


If one of Team’s original members is unable to participate in a League game, substitute player can be used. In order to use a substitute player Team’s captain has to visit the match page of the said League game and use the “Add substitute player” function on the right side. The button to use this function appears on the matchpage one (1) hour before the scheduled start time and disappears fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start time when the server is launched. After it’s done, the substitute player is going to be able to join the game server.


Maximum number of added substitute players is limited to four (4) per season. Adding a player that was already used as substitute player for your team in another series counts as a new substitute player. Substitute player usage is also limited to a maximum of two (2) players per series meaning that at least three (3) players from team’s original roster must be present at all times.


If a team has used all their substitute games, they can still use substitute player function, but for every substitute player they decide to add, they’re going to receive 2 Minor penalty points.


A player is eligible to be a substitute only if he/she is not currently part of any other League team and completing the roster fits the necessary Team Requirements mentioned in section 2.1.


All substitute players must be added to the game before the launch of the game server (15 minutes before the scheduled start time). For every substitute player that a team wants to add after this timer it will be penalized with 1 Minor penalty point, while receiving an additional 1 Minor penalty point in case of the game being broadcast by us (Match of the week).


    1. Coaches


Every team participating in the League has the option to add a coach to their active roster. The said coach is then able to also join the game server and coach his/her team by writing command “!coach” in the game chat.


Note that Coach has to have his/her Steam profile linked to his/her BESL account in order to be able to join the game server.


Coaches don’t have to buy season pass, unlike players.


    1. League fee


Each participating Player has to buy a BESL Pro season pass that costs 15 EUR. This can be done on the league’s website via the Profile settings Season Pass section.


There is no deadline for season pass purchases, the only rule that all players must follow is that no one can play a League game without a season pass.


    1. Time Zone


The respective times of the matches will be displayed on the League website according to the time zone specified on Players device.


    1. Nicknames


During all the League games, the in-game nicknames of Players are synchronized with the nicknames they have registered in their player profile via the League website using steamID.


Players are only allowed to register their own official nicknames (without any additions). No sponsor tags are allowed in the nickname. Furthermore, nicknames are forbidden if they:

    • are protected by third-party rights and the user has no written permission to use it

    • resemble or if they are identical to a brand or trademark, no matter whether it has been registered or not

    • resemble or if they are identical to a real person other than themselves

    • use names of Lattelecom products


In addition to the above, any nicknames that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is forbidden.

    1. Player Accounts


Only Players with registered Game accounts (Steam) are eligible to play in the League.


Players can register their Game Accounts by linking them to their League website player profile. This can be done in profile settings under the Game profiles section.

    1. Changes to Team Accounts


Team captain (or assistant captain) has to inform League admins about any changes that they want to do to their League’s Team account no later than 3 hours before the next League game. Changes include but are not limited to:

    • Changing the Team name

    • Changing the Team logo


Failure to do so will result in the said game played out using Team’s old information (name, logo).

    1. Publisher or Third-Party Bans


The League administration reserves the right to refuse Players who have standing bans from the game publisher or third-party game services to take part in the League.


    1. Team brand commercialization


BESL Pro has the rights to use participant team names and logos for commercial purposes of their desire.



    1. Payment of Prize Money


All prize money payments shall be paid out no later than 30 days after completion of the League finals to the respective team members. The payments are to be made to one or multiple bank accounts depending on the amount of the prize pool accumulated. Failure to provide sufficient information for the payments will result in payments not being made. If a Team has not collected its prize money before the end of the said 30 day period, the prize money shall be forfeited.


    1. Prize Money and It’s Distribution


Prize money of the League is determined by Lattelecom and for Season 3 it is set at €9,000.


Regular season

Season Finals




















































    1. Withholding of Prize Money


Lattelecom reserves the right to withhold any pending payment of prize money if any infringements of the provisions set out in this Rulebook have been discovered.



    1. Game Scheduling - Regular season


During the regular season teams have to schedule the games themselves. This is done by team captains agreeing on a specific date and time when the match is going to take place. Once the date and time is set, both captains have to message the League admin with that information so the game can be scheduled on the web page. The said game can be then rescheduled if once again both teams agree on doing it.


If both teams can’t agree on a specific date and time for the match to be played, then the match is to be played on Saturday at a time set by League admin.


If the game is not played out by the end of Saturday of that week, then both teams receive one (1) Major penalty point and a coin-toss is done to determine which team receives a forfeit victory in the series.


However, each week there is going to be one (1) featured game series that is going to be played on a previously set date and time as it is to be broadcasted via official BESL Pro stream. The said series is going to take place on Saturday evening, 18:00 Baltic time (EET).


The series that is going to be featured on Saturday stream is going to be chosen on the previous Sunday by CS:GO casters, CS:GO head admin and BESL Pro social media followers.


The featured series can not be rescheduled. If there is a need for a substitute player then Teams can register one according to paragraph 2.7.


However, the unavailability of playing the featured match on the set time and date by one or both teams can be taken into account by the League admin, who then may look for this match to be replaced with another match that is to be played on that specific week. These scenarios are treated on case-to-case basis and the final decision is made by the League admin.


    1. Match Start / Punctuality


All Teams and Players should be on the server no later than the scheduled start time of the match. All matches of the League should start as stated on the League website. Failure to do so will be penalized and may result in a forfeit loss.


    1. Streaming


Players whose game series are not featured on the official BESL Pro stream are allowed to stream their Point-of-View (POV) of their League games on any platform or service of their choice. The only requirement is to put the League’s name (BESL Pro) in the title.

Additionally, we recommend that players who decide to stream their games set the stream delay to a minimum of 90 seconds in order to protect themselves and their team from being streamsnipped.


League administration is not responsible if the player decides to ignore the recommended stream delay.


    1. LAN Finals


In semi-final matches the Team that had the higher seed going in the playoffs shall be considered the “better seed”. In the grand final match “better seed” is determined via a coin toss (or a game of rock-paper-scissors). The “better seed” Team decides who starts the map-veto/pick process.



    1. Stages



    • First Stage: Swiss Group Stage

    • Second Stage: Quarter Finals

    • Third Stage: LAN Finals



  • Qualifier


    1. Swiss Group Stage Explained


The first stage of the regular season is a sixteen (16) team Swiss Group Stage.


The initial round of Swiss format consists of sixteen (16) teams being matched up against each other in eight (8) duels. After the initial matches are over, the next round draw takes place, matching teams with the same W-L record against one another.


This sequence goes on for 5 rounds of matches until there are 8 teams that proceed to playoffs and 8 teams that are eliminated. The rule for advancing or being eliminated is very simple:

    • win 3 games and you’re in the playoffs

    • lose 3 games and you’re out


During the Swiss Group Stage teams can’t play each other more than once.


    1. Swiss Group Stage Seeding and Draw


For the first round of matches the teams are seeded into four (4) pools:

    • Pool 1 is teams that placed 1st-4th in the previous season

    • Pool 2 is teams that placed 5th-8th in the previous season

    • Pool 3 is teams that placed 9th-12th in the previous season

    • Pool 4 is teams that obtained a spot in the league via a qualifier


Pool 1 teams are matched up against Pool 4, while Pool 2 teams are matched up against Pool 3. Additionally, 1st place finishers from last season (Pool 1) will have the option to choose their first opponent from the qualified teams of Pool 4.


In the second round, however, only Pool 1 teams keep their seed, while everyone else is treated equally as Pool 2.  


Starting from the third round of Swiss and onwards, the teams are seeded using Buchholz system that takes into consideration what level of opponents the team has previously faced. It determines how hard a team's route has been throughout the tournament by summing up the scores of their opponents.


If you want to learn more about the Buchholz system, we recommend you to read this article.


The draw of the Swiss Group Stage rounds is done by a League representative (admin, host, caster) on Saturday evening or early Sunday morning of the previous week.


    1. Quarter Finals


After the swiss group stage is over, a playoffs bracket draw is once again done by the League admin.


During the draw, eight (8) teams that secured themselves a spot in the playoffs are placed into three (3) pools:

    • Pool 1 is the two (2) teams that secured playoffs spot with a W-L record of 3-0

    • Pool 2 is the three (3) teams that secured playoffs spot with a W-L record of 3-1

    • Pool 3 is the three (3) teams that secured playoffs spot with a W-L record of 3-2


Additionally, each team’s Buchholz score is taken into account to determine seeds within the pools. Respectively, the Pool 1 teams receive seed 1 and 2, Pool 2 teams receive seeds 3-5, while Pool 3 teams receive seeds 6-8.


After that, the playoff bracket is drawn using these seeds with matching up teams as following:

    • Seed 1 team faces Seed 8 (upper side of the bracket)

    • Seed 2 team faces Seed 7 (lower side of the bracket)

    • Seed 3 team faces Seed 6 (lower side of the bracket)

    • Seed 4 team faces Seed 5 (upper side of the bracket)


    1. Relegation


Teams that are eliminated during the first four rounds of the swiss group stage (win-loss records of 0-3 and 1-3) are relegated from the League and have to play the off-season qualifier in order to regain their spot in the League.


    1. LAN Finals


The four (4) teams that reach the semi-finals of the playoff bracket secure a spot in the LAN finals. The LAN finals is a continuation of the said playoff bracket with the only change being that the games are no longer played online, but are played in a LAN environment at the HyperTown Riga EXPO.


The format of the games does not change and all the games in the LAN finals are played out as best-of-three (Bo3) series.


    1. Off-Season


During the Off-season one or more qualifier(-s) are held in order to determine the teams that are going to obtain a spot in the League next season. Qualifier details such as dates and format are to be announced in a separate news article during the off-season.



    1. Definition


A protest is the official communication between the Teams and the League admin regarding any irregularities, infringements or other concerns in the League. A protest may also be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues.


    1. Contents of a Match Protest


The protest must contain detailed information about why the protest was filed and when the alleged incident happened. A protest may be declined by the League admin if proper documentation is not presented. A simple „they are cheaters“ will not do.


    1. Deadline for Match Protest


Teams are allowed to issue a match protest in the following time-windows:

  • Online: 24 hours after the scheduled start time of the match

  • Offline: before the beginning of the next match for Team in question




    1. Anti-Cheat


League uses Easy™ eSports (formerly known as EAC) as its anti-cheat. Easy™ eSports client is mandatory for all players and can be found in the Steam store. Players have to use the client for the full duration of all matches. If a Player cannot use the Easy™ eSports client he/she is not allowed to participate in a match.


    1. Map Pool


The map pool reflects Valve Active Duty maps which are the following:

  • Mirage

  • Inferno

  • Overpass

  • Dust2

  • Train

  • Nuke

  • Vertigo


Any changes made to the Active Duty map pool by Valve during the Regular season take effect on the next play week meaning the current play week games are played on the map pool that was active at the start of the week.

Any changes made to the Active Duty map pool by Valve during the time period between Regular season and LAN Finals are treated on case-to-case basis with decision being made by the League Head Admin.


    1. Best-of-Three Match Veto


In case of Best-of-Three match, both Teams remove one map alternately, after that each Team will pick one map. To decide the last map both Teams once again remove one map alternately and the last map remaining will be used as third map if needed. Each Team can pick their starting side on the opponent’s map pick and on the third map a knife-round will be played to decide starting sides.


The team that starts the veto process is determined randomly by the system.


The veto itself is done in the game server.


    1. Map Veto Process - Finals


For offline matches, map veto process has to be done no later than 30 minutes before scheduled match start. Map veto process can be done earlier if the admin and both teams agree. Only two selected people from each team can participate in the map veto process. During the map veto process, first statement coming from the team representative towards the admin will count as ban or pick and it cannot be reverted. Each team has 30 seconds to make a call on their turn to pick or ban a map. When the time expires, the pick or ban will be randomised by the admin. The veto process will then proceed as before.


    1. Number of Players


All matches have to be played with five (5) Players per team (5vs5), other constellations are not allowed. Failure to field five (5) players by the scheduled start time of the match will be penalized and will result in a forfeit loss.


    1. Dropping a Player


If a Player drops and the opponent has been notified before any damage has occurred during that round, then the round will be restarted. If it’s the first round of a half, then the entire half is restarted.

If a Player drops after any damage has occurred and has not returned when the round has been decided, then the match will be paused at the start of the next round.

If a Player has not returned, or cannot be replaced within 10 minutes after the pause has started, then the match will count as forfeited for the Team with the dropped Player.


    1. Change of Players


Players can be changed at any time but the opposing Team has to be informed sufficiently in advance. If necessary the game can be paused. This change shall not take more than ten (10) minutes. If the Player has not joined, or cannot be replaced within ten (10) minutes after the pause has started, the match will count as forfeited for the Team changing the Player.


    1. Game Server


All BESL Pro CS:GO game servers are hosted by DatHost.


Game server IP appears 15 minutes before the scheduled match start time on the right side of the matchpage.


    1. Leaving the Server


All matches must be played till the end. A match is considered complete when one Team has reached 16 rounds during the regular match time or won the majority of rounds during overtime on the map. Failure to do so will be penalized and may result in a forfeit loss.


    1. Continuing an Interrupted Game


If a match is interrupted (e.g. server crash) then the match should be continued where it was left off, with the use of the backup system. All fully completed rounds before the crash count for the final score of the match.


    1. Overtime


In case of a draw after all of the 30 rounds have been played, an overtime will be played with mp_maxrounds 6 and mp_startmoney 16000. Teams will continue to play overtimes until a winner has been found. The final score of a match with overtime is the official result for that match, however for ranking purposes the final score of a match with overtime is considered as 16:15.


    1. Technical Pause


If a player has a problem that prevents him from playing on, he/she is allowed to use the pause function (“!pause”). The pause function can be used at any time but it will only come into effect during freeze time (immediately, if used during freeze time, else at the beginning of the next freeze time). The player has to announce the reason before or immediately after he/she paused the match. If no reason is given, the opponent may unpause the game and continue playing.


Fixing a technical issue may not take up longer than ten (10) minutes. After that the game is unpaused. If by the time the game is unpaused Team has less than five (5) players in the server the game is forfeited.


    1. Tactical Pause / Timeout


Each team is allowed to invoke a tactical pause of 30 seconds up to four times per map using the ingame “Call a timeout” function.


    1. Admin Pause


The admin can also pause the game from his station when it seems required. Also, if for some reason the player pausing does not work, they have to request the admin to do it.


    1. Communication During Pauses - Finals


During a Pause, headsets have to stay on. Unless the admin instructs the match participant otherwise, any form of communication among the team is only allowed during tactical pause.


    1. Match Media (POV demos)


Players are required to record their own in-game Point-of-View (POV) demos during all the Regular season games. If a player disconnects, for whatever reason, he/she must start recording again upon reconnecting to the server, with a different demo file name.


To record an in eye demo type “record demoname” in your game console when the match starts. The demo must have all rounds that you have played.


All match demos must be stored by the Players for a minimum of one (1) week after each completion of a match.


    1. Player Settings


Any use of the below mentioned settings, tools or scripts is considered a violation and will be penalized.


  • Configuration / Start Parameters

    The following commands are forbidden:

    • mat_hdr_enabled


The following start parameters are forbidden:

  • +mat_hdr_enabled 0/1

  • +mat_hdr_leven 0/1/2


All other configuration changes are allowed as long as they do not give an unfair advantage to a Team. A Player may be penalized for wrong settings in a config file.


  • Forbidden Scripts


In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle & demo scripts.

  • Stop shoot scripts [Use of AWP scripts]

  • Center view scripts

  • Turn scripts [180° or similar]

  • No recoil scripts

  • Burst fire scripts

  • Rate changers (Lag scripts)

  • FPS scripts

  • Anti flash scripts or binding (snd_* bindings)

  • Bunnyhop scripts

  • Stop sound scripts

  • Jumpthrow scripts

If a Team is not sure if a script is allowed or not, then Team shall contact the League admin before it plays an official match.


  • A3D


The use of A3D (2.0) or any program, driver or interface that simulates A3D (2.0) is strictly forbidden and will be sanctioned according to Sec. 8.4 ("Cheating").


  • Graphics drivers or similar tools


Any modification or changing of the game using external graphics solutions or other third party programs is strictly forbidden and will be penalized.


  • Color depth

Every Player must play with the highest color setting in Counter-Strike (32 bit); if the Player is playing in windowed mode, then the desktop must also be on 32 bit setting.


  • Custom Data

Only steam skins are allowed to be changed, any other changes to sprites, skins, scoreboards, crosshairs are strictly forbidden, also only the official models are allowed. If a Player plays with custom files, then this will be penalized with a default loss.


  • Use of Bugs and Glitches


The intentional use of any bugs, glitches, or errors in the game will be penalized. Furthermore, it is up to the League admin's discretion whether or not the use of said bugs has an effect on the match, and whether or not he will award rounds, or the complete match to the opposing Team, or to call for a rematch. In extreme cases, the penalty for abusing bugs may be even higher.

The usage of the following bugs is strictly forbidden and may be sanctioned according to the aforementioned paragraph. If any bug is used which is not listed below it is up to the League admin's discretion whether or not a punishment is necessary.


Warm-up – map check:

Bugs on load have to be checked before the match starts (missing boxes, ladders etc.). Failure to do so and starting the match will lead to both Teams having accepted the state the map is in, and the match will be continued under these settings. Protests and complaints regarding such issues will not be adhered to.


During the match:

  • Moving through any walls, or ceilings is strictly forbidden, also moving through the floor, or anywhere else which was not intended to be a passage is strictly forbidden.


  • „silent planting“ is strictly forbidden (planting the bomb in such a way that no one can hear the beeping).


  • To plant the bomb where it is impossible to reach is forbidden.


  • Standing on top of teammates is generally allowed, it is only forbidden, when such actions allow the Player to peek over a wall, or ceiling that should not be allowed according to map design.


  • Using flash bugs is strictly forbidden.


  • Throwing grenades under walls is forbidden, although throwing grenades and flashes over walls is allowed.


  • „Pixel walking“ is forbidden (sitting or standing on invisible edges on the map).



Generally, the use of any bugs in the game is strictly forbidden (for example: spawn bugs).

An exception are the following bugs which are explicitly allowed:

  • Defusing the bomb through walls and items etc.

  • So called “surfing”


The League admin reserves the right to add more bugs to the list of explicitly allowed bugs.


  • New Positions


If any Player or Team wants to use a new position which is unknown to anyone else or just known to a small part of the League, it is strongly recommended to contact the League admin to check if that position is allowed before using it in an official match. Players and Teams have to consider that it takes time to check new positions and therefore they have to contact the League admin in a reasonable timeframe before an official match.




    1. General


  • Violation of any infringements of the provisions and rules outlined in the Rulebook will be penalized.


  • Penalties may be either minor or major penalty points, default losses, player/team disqualification or banishment from the League in whole, all dependent on the incident in question. Every case is investigated and decided upon separately.


  • Sanctions shall be determined by the League administration at their sole discretion to the best of their knowledge and judgement in an appropriate, proportionate and adequate manner.


  • The League administration shall impose the sanction according to the nature of infringement, the individual culpability, profits generated through the violation, the severity level of the violation, number of previous violations and Team's and/or Player's subsequent behavior.


  • The league administration may increase the sanction as deemed appropriate if an infringement has been repeated.


    1. Penalty Points


  • Minor penalty points are given for minor incidents. Every minor penalty point deducts one percent (1%) of the overall prize money received by the team in the competition it is given.


  • Major penalty points are given for major incidents such as deliberately deceiving admins, failing to show up for matches, repeated rule breaking, and so on. Every major penalty point deducts five percent (5%) of the overall prize money for that competition.


  • League bans and penalty points gathered in any other GOEXANIMO tournaments do not apply towards the League except when the punishment has been awarded for cheating.


    1. Breach of Etiquette


For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all Teams and Players have a sporting and fair attitude. Breaches of this rule will be sanctioned. The most important and most common offences are listed below.


  • Insults

    All insults occurring in connection with the League will be penalized. This primarily applies to insults during a match or via discord. Particularly severe abuse cases with radical statements or the threat of physical violence can result in significantly heavier penalties. Depending on the nature and severity of the insult the penalty will be either assigned to the Team or to the Player.


  • Spamming

    The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages in League discord server is regarded as spamming and will be penalized..


  • Spamming In-game

    If the chat function in-game is abused towards the goal of annoying the opponent, or generally stir the flow of the play the Player and/or Team in question is going to be penalized. All chat functions are there to communicate efficiently with the opponent and the League admins.

    1. Misconduct


The attempt to mislead League admins or other Players, using false information, or in any other way deceive other Players or Teams will be sanctioned as follows.


  • Faking Match media

    Faking match media (POV demo files) will result in three (3) minor penalty points.


  • Cheating - CS:GO

    When cheating is discovered the Player will be banned from the League for two (2) years and the Team will be disqualified from the current season of the League.

    The use of the following programs will result in a cheat ban: Multihacks, Wallhack, Aimbot, Colored Models, No-Recoil, No-Flash and Sound changes.

    These are only examples, other programs or methods that give unfair advantage may be considered cheats as well.


  • Delaying the Match Start - on stream games

    Match starts are absolute unless changes have been confirmed by the League admins. For every five (5) minutes the match start is being delayed further by a Team, the said Team will receive two (2) minor penalty points. After 15 minutes the Team is considered as no show receiving one (1) major penalty point.


  • Delaying the Match Start - off stream games

    If a Team is not ready to play 15 minutes after the official match starting time, the Team will be considered as no show and will receive a default loss. For each default loss Team receives one (1) major penalty point.


    1. Penalties and Consequences for Being Disqualified or Leaving the League


  • Disqualification

    If a Team gets disqualified from a Season of the League the Team forfeits all prize money accumulated for the whole Season and all its Players get banned until the end of the season.


  • Leaving during a Season

    If a Team leaves the League during an ongoing Season, the Team forfeits all prize money accumulated for the whole Season and all its Players get banned until the end of the season.


  • Deletion of Match Results

    If a Team gets disqualified from the League, their upcoming games will be counted as forfeit losses.



    1. Punctuality


Every player should be at the tournament area as stated in the tournament directions info package sent to the Teams via Discord in order to set up, prepare and solve any technical problems that might occur.


If you notice at any point you will be late, please inform a tournament official as soon as possible! Any delays caused by showing up late may lead to penalty points.


    1. Equipment


During the LAN Finals BESL Pro provides monitors and computers. Participants have to bring their own equipment (in particular: Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, In-Ear headphones with long enough cables, PS2->USB adapters if needed). Our machines do not support PS2-keyboards!


    1. Configs


All CS:GO players have to send in their configs until a specific deadline set by the League admins before the event. If any player or team doesn’t send in their configs they have to set up their config on site.


    1. Drivers


All participants have to send in their drivers until a specific deadline set by the League admins before the event. If any player or team doesn’t sent in their drivers they have to play with default drivers.


    1. Clothing


The players and teams need to ensure that they are all in equal colored clan attire. Failure for a player or a team to bring such attire will result in penalty points. Any kind of headwear during the matches is forbidden.


    1. Gaming Areas


If nothing else has been announced, it is forbidden to bring or eat any food in the gaming areas. Smoking is also strictly prohibited. Players are allowed to have beverages, but only in cups or bottles that have been provided or approved by BESL Pro. Usage of offensive language on stage is forbidden. Any violations can be punished with penalty points.


    1. Administrators


The instructions of administrators should always be obeyed and followed. Failure to do so may result in penalty points being awarded.


    1. Team coaches


The coaches of the attending teams are only allowed on stage while the game is not live. Once the game goes live, everyone who’s not a player (except production and administrators) must leave the stage immediately.


    1. Player Brief


The player brief is a document that will be sent to the participants by Discord before the tournament. It is meant as an extension to the rulebook for a specific offline event and is equally binding.


    1. Media Obligations


Every Team must appoint at least one (1) player that is going to take part in short pre/post match interviews on stage. The said player(-s) cannot deny these obligations and must attend.


In addition to that the event will also have a mandatory media day, where participants may be photographed, filmed and interviewed by the BESL Pro crew for the event presentation purposes. The participants will receive a media schedule beforehand to be informed about nature, duration and schedule of any activities of this kind that take more than 5 minutes. These media obligations are obligatory and can not be missed.


    1. Stage Matches


Each participant is required to play his/her stage matches. Exceptions may only be granted if substantial evidence (e.g. a medical certificate) proving a disability to play on stage is provided.


    1. Removable Media


It is strictly forbidden to connect or use any removable media on the tournament computers without prior examination and approval from the tournament administrators.


    1. Internet Access


Internet access on tournament computers is enabled for all participants.


    1. Warm-Up Period


A warm-up period of 30 minutes is normally provided before an BESL Pro Live match, although this period may not be guaranteed.


    1. Photo and Other Media Rights


By participating, all players and other team members grant BESL Pro the right to use any photographic, audio or video material on their website or for any other promotional purpose.


    1. Winners Ceremony


Participants who are not part of the Grand Final are not obligated to stay in the tournament area for the winners ceremony after the Grand Final and are free to leave the event premises.


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