Fortnite Skill Contest Announcement!

The time has come! After high demand from Fortnite community, we are finally bringing your beloved game to BESL Pro! But not in a form of competitive season but rather a fun event for everyone with the chance to win some prizes!

What’s a skill contest?

Skill contest is a regular solo game where you try to stay alive as long as possible, combining it with as many kills as possible. With a higher placement and more kills you will gain more points. All these points will then convert to points in a weekly ladder, which then will convert to seasonal ladder points. Player with the most points in the seasonal ladder at the end of the season will receive the main prize. More about point system later in the article.

When is it happening?

Starting from 12th of December, Fortnite skill contest is going to be launched each Thursday* at approximately 19:00 Baltic time

* There won’t be skill contest on 26th of December due to Christmas holidays.

How to join?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create account

  2. Add EPIC Account ID* to your BESL account

  3. Join the custom game lobby

  4. Win

* You can find EPIC Account ID in in-game setting under Account and Privacy tab, as shown below:

What are the prizes?

The best player of the seasonal ladder will be awarded with a SAMSUNG FG73F monitor! A runner-up and third place finisher will receive BESL Pro merch.

What the point system is like?

Weekly ladder players are evaluated with gamemode points. Point system is exactly like it was in the Fortnite World Cup:

  • Victory Royale: 10 Points

  • 2nd - 5th: 7 Points

  • 6th - 15th: 5 Points

  • 16th - 25th: 3 Points

  • Each Elimination: 1 Point


At the end of each weekly ladder the 15 best players are awarded with season points that go towards the seasonal ladder (1st - 15 points; 2nd - 14 points; etc.). This sequence goes on for 4 weeks and at the end of week 4, the best seasonal player with the most amount of points is awarded with the monthly prizes.


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