A look at the finalist: Imantas 5 and Atlantic Baltics

BESL Pro, also known as Baltic eSports League, LAN finals will kick off in about one and a half week, so while we are waiting for this event that is going to take place on the 27th of May at the Ķipsala exhibition center in Riga, Latvia, let’s take a close look at the first season’s LAN finalists and get to know them a little better!

During the LAN event the four best teams from the online stage of the competition are going to be placed in a single elimination bracket, with all games being played as best-of-three series. The winner of the event will not only walk away with the beautiful BESL Pro Season 1 champions trophy, but also with the lion share of the prize pool. Additionally, the champions will most definitely have the rights of calling themselves the best team of Baltic states!

Atlantis Baltics (formerly known as Iron Wolves) - the Lithuanian team that ended first place with a fantastic score of 17 - 1 and only losing one game at the end of season.


BESL: When you came into the league most people thought that you will be the number 1 spot. Did you think the same way?

AB: Yes we were thinking that we will clean sweep the league and rank as number one without any real difficulties.

BESL: How are you getting ready for the semi finals against Imantas 5?

AB: We're taking it slow and occasionally practice with other teams in scrims.

BESL: In the regular season you went 17-1 only losing 1 game against Falcon e-Sports. Was the reason that you didn't have Chosenone in the game or some other reason?

AB: It was one of the reasons why we lost another being we didn't play fully focused as well.

BESL: As the first seed you were able to if you want to play against Imantas 5 (4th seed) or Falcon e-Sports (3rd seed). Why did you choose to play against Imantas 5?

AB: We believe that team Imantas 5 is a weaker team than Falcon e-Sports and that's why we wanted them as our semi final opponents.

BESL: Who would You want to win the other semi finals series? Žalgiris Esports or Falcon e-Sports

AB: Falcon e-Sports.

BESL: If You lose against Imantas 5 who do You think will win the whole tournament

AB: Falcon e-Sports.


And our second team of this pair Imantas 5 - the Latvian team that filled last LAN qualifying spot with an result of 10 - 8.


BESL: At the start of the season Your team started with great success. What happened towards end of the season? Why did the games not go so well?


I5: At the start of this season we had great expectations and we were very concentrated to achieve our goals. Unfortunately during the season we did not do much practice which led us loosing easy victories.

BESL: How do You think what are the chances of Your team winning Atlantis Baltic?

I5: If we will start practicing hard - we just might have what it takes to win them.

BESL: Which of the teams surprised You the most during regular season?

I5: Surreal Gaming because we actually did not expect any team to get zero wins.

BESL: How is Your preparation for semi final games going?

I5: We have started scrimming against high skill cap teams.

BESL: Who do You think is going to win the second semi final matchup between Žalgiris and Falcon e-Sports?

I5: To our mind these series should be close, but Falcon e-Sports should take this matchup victorious with an 2:1 score.


This wraps up our “a look at the finalists” series. Stay tuned as this week leading up to the LAN finals at HyperTown Riga EXPO we will be bringing you not only the big LAN finals preview, but also the full on viewer’s guide of the event so you know how things are going to go down in Riga!

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