Nothing is yet certain - week 7 review

Season end is coming and that’s where top 4 teams will be decided. On seventh week we had 2 games on stream:

Polar Bears (2:0) Skill Difference


Gametime: 30th of September, 11:00

MVP: Alunir

VOD: here


In the first game Polar Bears got ahead early on in the game against Skill Difference with the help of Alunir on Olaf and his botlane ganks. They kept getting neutral objectives like dragons and herald though giving away some shutdowns to enemies. Bears timed the herald very smartly and got 2 mid lane towers out of it right away. At this point Skill Difference lost a lot of pressure around the middle of the map and started getting caught in their jungle. After successful Baron take, Polar Bears closed out the game at 23 minutes.

Second game went way slower and neither of teams had gold advantage 20 minutes into the game, but after unsuccessful dragon fight, Skill Difference got aced and Polar Bears also took Baron off of it. Polar Bears looked very confident while ahead and got themselves a 2:0 win.



Iron Wolves (2:0) Žalgiris


Gametime: 30th of September, 15:00

MVP: Yashiro

VOD: here


In the first game versus Iron Wolves, Žalgiris tried the same strategy they used to take down Team P9 with Heimerdinger and Pyke bottom combo. Seemed like Iron Wolves are used to playing against Heimer bot lanes as they took very aggressive Lucian + Rakan lane and got quite a few kills in 2 v 2 skirmishes. Mid game was very bloody, but IW got ahead in terms of objectives and ZAL had to find those enemy champion pickoffs to slow them down. At some point Iron Wolves just got too fed, especially Yashiro and they took the first game.

   Very interesting mid lane champions were picked in the second game - Twisted Fate for Rimtuolis and Ahri for Saulius so we expected this game to be dictated by mid laner roams. Žalgiris bottom duo stepped up this game finally were ahead in the lane and there was a lot of pressure on Frexey's Kaisa to carry the game. Mid game was close and went down to countless Baron dances and finally Iron Wolves managed to secure baron buff. One great catch onto frexey and IW ended the game with baron empowered minions proving they are still fighting for the top 4 spot.

Overall the top 4 standings didn’t change this week, but three more teams - TCG, IW and PBR are tied up at 6 points and still have chances to turn the standings around.


Stay tuned as in the next few upcoming days we’re going to publish the game schedule for the eighth week! Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the Wolt raffles during our broadcasts, win 10 EUR in Wolt credits every day! The broadcasts will be available on BESL Pro Youtube channel.


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