regular season has finished - week 9 review

The very last regular season play week has finished and after week 9 games, we have got 4 finalist teams that will battle for the “best in the Baltics” title. Unfortunately Saturday games had to be played off stream, but the fact that Datorpasaule took a game off of Žalgiris, allowed them to keep that top 4 spot. So the only contender for the 4th place left was Team Coinflip Gaming, if they could beat Iron Wolves in this weeks first streamed match. Read more about matches:

Team Coinflip Gaming (0:2) Iron Wolves


Gametime: 14th of October, 11:00

MVP: Eckas

VOD: here


In order for Team Coinflip Gaming to qualify for BESL finals, they had a tough opponent to beat - Iron Wolves. Only a 2:0 win would satisfy them. Agentas from Iron Wolves also couldn't make it for the first match so IW used an option to have an emergency substitute player Eckas, who left Turing 2 weeks ago. In the first game Eckas put a lot of pressure on bottom lane resulting in TCG adc player Kaiser falling way back. TCG couldn't find their engages right and were in a 8k gold deficit 15 minutes into the game. Not even Baron buff was needed to finish the game and TCG are out of competition for lan finals.

   Second game was way too similar to the first one as Eckas once again punished lack of vision on TCG botlane. It is important to mention that Spozhais got ahead in mid lane against Saulius, who is considered to be pretty much the best midlaner in Baltics. The resistance from TCG allowed them not to fall behind as much as in the first game as IW were only 2k gold ahead at 15 minutes. With a sweet penta kill for Eckas IW finished the game therefore stepping up in the standings to the first place.



Polar Bears (1:1) Iron Wolves


Gametime: 14th of October, 13:00

MVP: SkyMark

VOD: here


Acknowledging the fact that Iron Wolves will finish as first no matter what, they got themselves some experimental picks for the first game, especially top lane ad Kennen for Augutis. Polar Bears pretty classic team composition with a very strong bottom Lucian Braum lane, utility mid - Malzahar and Taliyah + Urgot as jungle and top respectively. It was anticipated that this game would be closer than expected considering the picks, but Polar Bears also surprised with great strategical plays taking away neutral objectives off of IW. First game went in favour of Polar Bears.

   To spice things up for our viewers, Iron Wolves did a role swap for the second game and Yashiro took the mid lane role as Aatrox while Saulius went bot with Jhin. IW also picked 2 more assasins - Akali and Camille and a support Zilean to boost their reach and survivability. As legends tell, Iron Wolves aren't losing 2 games in a row unless they are tilted. And they are far from tilted as they are coming to HyperTown Tallinn next week as first seed so they kept actively doing what their champions are supposed to do - assassinating Polar Bears left and right. Even though Polar Bears caught up with the kill count later into the game, they couldn't stabilize and clutch Eckas and Yashiro backdoor ended the game for a 1:1 score this series.

Team P9 (2:0) Toshinori Yagi eSports


Gametime: 14th of October, 15:00

MVP: fricis

VOD: here



  Toshinori Yagi eSports are still fighting to avoid the last place in the league and in order execute their plans they had to battle against Team P9 in the very last series of BESL regular second season. We finally saw fricis in the jungle on the side of P9 and it is clear that when fricis is in the game, it will be bloody. Thirenia support Veigar provided  a lot of pressure on bot and TYE botlane got ahead in laning phase while in top lane more favourable was Ruuzh on Sion. Considering how good of a composition P9 had for late game with Sivir and Kassadin all they needed was discipline not to feed Kaisa too much. Seems like they are not familiar with the word "discipline" or P9 intended to claim the prize for most fiesta game of the season because they weren't really trying to finish the game with full builds on every member. This game ended close to 50 minute mark which might be the longest game this season in a favour of P9.

   Our casters predicted that second game would be way shorter based on champion picks on both teams. Assassins all over the place and a lot of kills on P9 side. The only resistance from TYE was in the midlane as Mantasa was going for solo highlight montage on Riven. At 15 minutes TYE were behind 10k gold and soon after Team P9 made the final push.


After week 9 we have finally four League representatives - Iron Wolves, Žalgiris, Turing eSports and Datorpasaule, that will come to HyperTown Tallinn on 21st of October and battle in finals!


Stay tuned as in the next few upcoming days we’re going to publish an article on finalist teams. For more information on HyperTown Tallinn visit and get your tickets to cheer for the best in Baltics


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