Revealing last but not least two teams: Team Falcon E-Sports and Team Solo Mata

As of today we announce our BESL Pro Season 1 League of Legends last but certainly not least two teams: Team Falcon E-Sports and Team Solo Mata representing Latvia. This concludes our news series about teams.

Team Falcon E-Sports [FLN]


Markus "Acidy" Käpp (TOP)
Reinis "Mangalis" Urniks (ingame: haxxywaxxy, JGL)
Artūrs "Arlite" Bogdanovičs (MID)
Owen "Deity" Magri (ADC)
Matas "Infrex" Pipiras (SUP)

Team Story

The team was first known as Red White Red (RWR). That was the team name at the time when team was participating in the national LAN tournaments organized by Goexanimo.
In 2016 the team disbanded as Goexanimo relocated to a different region of Riga and had taken a break from organizing tournaments as they were renovating the club. As the club started working again, team rebranded as Falcon E-Sports to have a fresh start.
At the time latvian league of legends scene was dominated by team Goexanimo, so team goal was to assemble a roster that could overtake the throne of the best latvian team, in which so far they have been unsuccessful. Throughout 2017 Falcon E-Sports has been battling Goexanimo in the finals of the Latvian LAN tournaments.
Team started to participate in Baltic League of Legends tournaments and placed 2nd in the King of the Baltics tournament where they lost to Gameplay DNA in the finals. Then the team moved on to participate in the NEE: B (Nation Elite Esports: Baltics) where they got 4th place. Since then Falcon has set sights on a new goal - showing their skills in the upcoming Baltic e-Sports League.


3rd place 2016 Unicon League of Legends                            
4th place NEE: B (Nation Elite Esports: Baltics)
2nd place 2017 King of the Baltics League of Legends
2nd place in multiple Goexanimo LAN tournaments


Markus "Acidy" Käpp (TOP)

Acidy is an Estonian player whose peak is Master tier 300lp. He is the Falcon E-Sports top laner who has achieved 2nd place in the TTÜ (Tallinn University of Technology) lan tournament as well as 4th place in the NEEB lan tournament (Nations Elite Esports: Baltics).
Acidy is a versatile player, because he can play both carry and tank top lane champions putting a lot of pressure on the lane no matter the champion.
Teams he’s played in (Estonian Viper)

Reinis "Mangalis" Urniks (JGL)

Mangalis is a Latvian player who has played since season 2 and recently competed in many tournaments ending up on the pedestal multiple times on Latvian lan tournaments as well as achieving 3rd place in Unicon’s lan tournament. He is the Falcon E-Sports jungler. His West server peak rank is diamond I.
Even though Mangalis sometimes lacks in mechanical skills he is known for strategical as well as tactical thinking accompanied by his game knowledge which makes well timed, smart ganks and counter-ganks.
Teams he’s played in (RWR and Goexanimo)

Artūrs "Arlite" Bogdanovičs (MID)

He is known as an experienced Vladimir player in the Latvian scene, has been playing the game since the start of season 3 with a lot of breaks in-between. Reaching the border to challenger in EUNE, Arlite decided to transfer to EUW in middle of season 7.
Peaking promos to masters, consistently placing 2nd in Latvian lan tournaments with his team - Falcon E-Sports, Arlite and the team went on to place 2nd in Kings of the Baltics, and 4th in NEE Baltics lan tournaments in Lithuania.
Recently, Arlite has noticed his skills worsening drastically, so he's hoping that BESL will be the tournament to re-ignite his drive to focus on improvement once again.
Teams he’s played in (RWR, Final Performance and Relax E-Sports)

Owen "Deity" Magri (ADC)

Deity started playing League at Season 3. His favourite champions are Lucian, Kalista and Ezreal as he finds them very mechanically intensive and fun to play. His knowledge about the game and flexible champion pool are an advantage to the team. Deity is motivated to improve and prove himself on the rift.

Matas "Infrex" Pipiras (SUP)

InFrex has always kept his high diamond rank on West. He has played against and beaten a lot of strong bot lane opponents in tournaments with the team LeQuipe Gaming. Now he wants to show his skill and dominate the Baltic E-Sports league. His peak elo has been master tier 200lp. As a fresh new talent he has a lot to prove, but he is ready to do so.
Teams he’s played in (LeQuipe Gaming)

Team Solo Mata [TSM]


Pauls Rūdolfs "Ruuzh" Kvelde (TOP)
Edgars "Mata" Cepurnieks (ingame: Remember This, JGL)

Alvis "All Wise" Grunvalds (MID)

Ģirts "Ropresix" Likmanis (ingame: Xiserpor, ADC)

Ēriks "Capsey" Ignatjevs (ingame: NoReasonToLive, SUP)

Team Story

One of the core members of team EXANIMO decided to make his own team for this league. Main reasoning behind this is that many players thought he was carried by his team. He is here to prove them otherwise. The former EXANIMO jungler aka Remember This thinks, that he has gathered the right people to compete for the top spot.


2nd place InfoShow (as EXANIMO team member)

3rd place Nee Sports Baltic (as EXANIMO team member)


Pauls "Ruuzh" Rūdolfs Kvelde (TOP)

Ruuzh started playing League of Legends at  the end of season 2. Started playing ranked in season 3. His first season of LoL ended in gold division. For the next seasons he just kept climbing up, and at the end of season 6 for the first time he reached master on Europe West server. After that he transferred to Europe and Nordic East because of finding out that team "LUDUS" was recruiting new team members. Last season he finally achieved challenger for the first time. Looking forwards to playing at Baltic eSports League.

Edgars "Mata" Cepurnieks (JGL)

After BESL announcement he was very excited for this opportunity. He never thought that anything like this is possible in Latvia (Baltics). He has participated in every single major League of Legends tournament in Latvia since 2016 and has played in many international tournaments in Lithuania and Estonia. For the first time he took the responsibility to make a team to participate in BESL. One of ex core Exanimo players that went undefeated in Latvia for 2 years and earned many titles across the Baltics.

Ēriks "Capsey" Ignatjevs (SUP)

Capsey started playing league of legends in December 2010. Since Season 3 he has been one of the highest ranked Latvian league of legends players. Considered by many to be the best latvian support. He has reached high master in EUW and challenger in EUNE. Played in various League of Legends tournaments across Baltics with team EXANIMO. Mostly plays lane dominant style and snowballs the game. Favorite champions are Janna Lulu, Bard, Thresh.

Ģirts "Ropresix" Likmanis (ADC)

Known across Latvia for being one of the best Jinx and Jhin players but overshadowed by other latvian ADC players. He’s here to make a competitive name for himself.

Alvis "All Wise" Grunvalds (MID)

All Wise started playing League of Legends at the start of season 3. He found out about the game through his best friend. They both played it for fun and with no care about the competitive aspect of the game. After 2 years of enjoyment he started taking the game more seriously. All Wise started to climb the ladder and improve with every season that passed. In season 6 he reached Master Tier while playing mid. His favourite champions are Kalista and Azir.

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