Season 2 champions!



During the HyperTown Tallinn EXPO, on the 21st of October, we finally crowned our BESL Pro Season 2 champions! In a dominant fashion the Lithuanian team Turing eSports were the ones who managed to lift the trophy!


The BESL Pro Season 2 finals started off at 10:45 in the Sunday morning with the first semi-final between Turing eSports and Datorpasaule taking place in the Saku Arena, Tallinn. In the first game Datorpasaule went for a team fighting team composition while on Turing eSports side team captain ChosenOne went for a split push game. Even though some fights were won by Datorpasaule in the mid game, they couldn’t transition any kills into objectives. Datorpasaule’s nexus exploded with 0 towers or drakes taken on their side resulting in almost 20k gold lead for Turing. In the second game Turing eSports once again showed their individual skill especially by their carries as they went for a double adc bottom and mid. This game was more back and forth and Datorpasaule’s hopes for the 3rd game were still alive as 40 minutes into the game one fight can change everything. Fortunately for  Turing eSports that fight was on their side and they qualified for the grand final!


Later on in the day, around 13:30 we had the pleasure to witness another great match between Žalgiris and Team Coinflip Gaming. Clear underdogs in the playoffs Coinflip Gaming put up a great fight in the first game doing very well on both solo lanes and slightly falling behind on the bottom side. Both objectives and gold lead was in their favour during mid game, but probably the lack of experience was the reason they couldn’t finish out the game and Žalgiris capitalized on this and eventually got into the lead. For the second game Žalgiris members were better mentally prepared and didn’t allow Coinflip solo lanes to snowball this time so they crushed them in a fast 23 minute game and proceeded to the grand final.


The grand final was set to start at around 16:00 as the Turing eSports with one of the best rosters in Baltics had to face legacy Žalgiris roster. For the first game Žalgiris went for their one of the most polished global ultimate strategies with Twisted Fate and Shen in solo lanes and strong early pressure from jungle and bot, while Turing had a mix of skirmishers and Jax for the splitpush. Žalgiris played early game almost perfectly and were way ahead of Turing with 6k gold lead at 15 minute mark, but the skill difference between teams allowed Turing to deny Žalgiris from objectives and therefore get back into the game. Even though the kill score was in favour of Žalgiris, Turing ended the game thanks to Baron powerplay. As our commentator “KNOK1” predicted after such an emotional rollercoaster in the first game, Žalgiris will be tilted and won’t have as clean of an early game as last time around and that was the case. In fact it took Turing eSports only 25 minutes to finish the game to triumph in the second BESL season!



Below you can see the BESL Pro Season 2 final standings:

1. Turing eSports - €1,000

2. Žalgiris - €600

3-4. Datorpasaule - €375

3-4. Team Coinflip Gaming - €375

5. Team P9 - €250

6. Polar Bears - €225

7. Skill Difference - €200

8. Toshinori Yagi eSports - €175

9. *Iron Wolves - €0 (team disqualified)


*prize money forfeited due to team refusing to attend finals therefore getting disqualification


Stay tuned to not miss any further news. In case you missed the great BESL Pro Season 2 finals games, be sure to check out the VOD.

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