Season 2 is here!



We are back! The second season of Baltic eSports League is here! Season 2 comes with a few changes and, of course, the first time teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the second season by participating in qualification tournament! Let’s dive into the important dates and details!

Season 2 calendar and qualifier details

The Baltic eSports League Season 2 calendar looks as following:

  • Open qualifier - 04.08 - 05.08 (registration open from 23.07 till 03.08)

  • Regular season - 18.08 - 14.10 (9 weeks) (changed from 11.08 - 07.10)

  • LAN Finals - 20.10 - 21.10


As for the details of the qualifiers:

  • Entry-fee of the qualifier tournament will be 25 EUR per team and a total participant limit set at 32 teams;

  • To register your team for an open qualifier you have to visit webpage, register an account, create a team via 'My Team' section, invite your teammates to your team and pay the qualifier entry-fee;

  • After you have paid the qualifier entry-fee a pop-up window will open within whom you will find an invitation link to BESL Pro Qualifier Discord server that is going to be used for communication purposes during the qualifier;

  • Qualifier format will be announced in qualifier Discord server based on the amount of registered teams;

  • Qualifiers will be played on Europe Nordic & East server;
  • Qualifier starts on Sunday 05.08 at 16:00;
  • Check in starts at 15:30;
  • Top 4 teams will advance to the regular season;

  • If any of the first season auto qualified teams refuse to claim their free spot, there will be more spots to qualify.


Remember - in order to participate in our competitions a minimum of 3 (out of the 7) players on each team have to be from Baltic states, otherwise the team is not eligible to participate. And starting lineup for the game has to consist of a minimum of 3 players from Baltic states.


Teams that have maintained their spot in the League:

So far these Teams have maintained their spot in the League: Atlantis Baltics, Falcon E-Sports, Žalgiris, Imantas 5, Team Solo Mata, Team Coinflip Gaming, Vegan Unit 4. This list can still change during off-season as Teams can still refuse or claim their spot in the League.

A different regular season format and ranking system

The League will keep it’s 10 team limit, but the regular season play format will change from a 10 team Double-Header round robin to 10 team Best-of-2 round robin as the games between two teams are played back to back. This season ranking standings will be determined by ranking points. For each won Bo2 series the winning team will get 3 points and in a tied 1-1 situation, both teams will get 1 ranking point. The penalty system was also reworked and teams can actually lose ranking points for not attending matches. More detailed information will be available in the rulebook.


Amount of games during a week and whole season won’t change and every week there will be 5 Bo2 series = 10 games, resulting in a 45 series = 90 games during the regular season (9 weeks). The playdays however will change to only weekends.


Season 2 team rosters

Team consists of at least five (5) players, and no more than seven (7) players. All 7 players count as a team Active Roster. At least three (3) of those players have to be from Baltic state countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the starting lineup for the game has to consist of a minimum of 3 players from Baltic states. Other players have no Home country restrictions.


Sixth and seventh players counts as official substitute players and can be subbed in any amount of times in any role.


LAN Finals

Season 2 LAN Final is going to feature the top 4 teams of the regular season! This time around the LAN finals are going to be located in Estonia with the HyperTown EXPO now traveling to the Saku Suurhall arena (Tallinn) with the event taking place on 20th and 21st of October!


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