Žalgiris are in - Week 8 review

Finally we had a full week of matches and we are almost there. Some teams have locked their slot in finals. Read more about the action on week 8:

Coinflip Gaming (0:2) Toshinori Yagi eSports


Gametime: 6th of October, 13:00

MVP: thirenia

VOD: here


Team Coinflip Gaming are still aiming for the top 4 finish in this season so the only option for them was to go 2:0 against Toshinori Yagi eSports. First game started according to their plan and they earned a considerable gold lead. Unfortunately for them, Coinflip members tried to force objectives too hard and gave away a lot of shutdowns in midgame. On Toshinori side, Thirenia had an unusual Veigar pick in the support role and he really showed up in the later fights with some amazing stun cages. Successful baron take helped TYE to get in the lead and finish out the first game with a win.

   In the second game TCG looked even more chaotic, maybe even tilted as they flipped the wrong side of the coin in the previous game. Bandicot picked his pocket Fiora and got quite a few solo kills in the top lane therefore applying a huge amount of pressure throughout the game. Toshinori Yagi eSports closed out the game and got themselves first 2:0 win this season.



Team P9 (1:1) Turing eSports


Gametime: 6th of October, 15:00

MVP: Shiganari (substitute)

VOD: here


A lot of roster changes were made this week in the Team P9 vs Turing eSports matchup. On the P9 side Shiganari was subbed in as an emergency substitute instead of their star jungler fricis. On the other side Turing eSport had a new adc nofas as a part of their roster and two emergency substitues in midlane and jungle positions. In the early game of the first match Turing bot lane snowballed pretty hard considering they picked an aggressive Alistar Lucian combo, but P9 tried not to force fights and let their Kaisa scale up for the later stages of the game. Unfortunately for P9, Turing team composition was very well built to shutdown Kaisa with assassins like Nocturne, Irelia and Leblanc. First win went in favor of Turing eSports.

   Second game went way better for P9 both champion selection wise and ingame action wise. P9 got an early lead in all lanes therefore getting early towers, but the gold was even for the first 15 minutes. Well executed Rakan engages by bAZZILISKS and clutch fighting by his team allowed Team P9 to get a baron nashor buff and open up Turing eSports base. P9 tied the series with 1:1 and left all the viewers satisfied with endless action.

Skill Difference (0:2) Team Coinflip Gaming


Gametime: 7th of October, 11:00

MVP: stnix

VOD: here



  Skill Difference also wanted to impress with their roster changes this week. They had two substitute players from Russia in adc and top positions and a substitute support. The lack of synergy between SD players made them fall behind early on against Team Coinflip Gaming. TCG bottom lane abused the Xayah + Rakan level 1 special and got 2 kills onto enemy adc very early into the game therefore denying him a lot of CS as well. A lot of weight on SD side was put on Urgot as he was having an easy time in lane and is overall a very good pick right now. After all Urgot couldn't apply enough pressure and mid game is where TCG excelled and got their lead to the victory.

   Onyoz had some issues with his computer in the first game so TCG decided not to risk it playing with him and used emergency substitute player Disco in top lane for the second game. This time around Skill Difference lanes did very well and managed to grind up a little gold lead closer to the 20 minute mark. Mid game was bloody as both teams had a lot of engage tools like Thresh, Sejuani and Malphite therefore most of the time the fights were won by the engaging team. TCG realised that earlier than SD and got their fights rolling until SD nexus exploded for a 2:0 win.

Iron Wolves (2:0) Datorpasaule


Gametime: 7th of October, 13:00

MVP: Yashiro

VOD: here



  Datorpasaule started the first game with Homeless Master in the jungle against Iron Wolves. In the first game botlane was deciding matchup as both of the teams have very aggressive bottom lane players that try to skirmish as much as possible starting first level. Yashiro got out of control on Varus after getting 5 kills in a row in lane. Even though there was some nice catches by Datorpasaule in the midgame, enemies got too fed at some point and IW got themselves a 1:0 lead in the series.

   Second game was as full of action as the first, but this time kills were spread between teams more equally. Fabbbyyy had a pretty rough game once again and couldn't stop himself from dying that's why mata had to fill the carry role with Kindred to try and stop enemy star players from destroying their base. It took Iron Wolves a while this time to close out the game but eventually they keep their winning streak with one more 2:0.

Polar Bears (1:1) Žalgiris


Gametime: 7th of October, 15:00

MVP: SkyMark

VOD: here



  This match wasn't an exception and we once again saw some new faces. Polar Bears used an emergency substitute in bottom lane - Xiuns, while Žalgiris had their roster a little swapped and Trufier played instead of Frexey. Teams played impressively disciplined game splitting the objectives on the map and taking only necessary fights. Early mountain drake allowed Žalgiris to force and eventually take a little more neutral objectives therefore getting into a little gold lead closer to the 30 minute mark. Polar Bears started to turn the tides after SkyMark on Kassadin finished his core items and started to hurt really hard. In addition to Kassadin they also had Urgot overall providing a scary composition for late game and Žalgiris started struggling finding answers. PBR took both baron nashor and elder dragon for an upset in the first game and getting 1:0 lead.

   For the second game Rimtuolis picked an interesting champion that we don't see much in BESL - Ziggs. Alongside Sion their plan was to provide global pressure and help out their bot lane that weren't exactly shining today. Mid game was way bloodier than last game but still very close as at 20th minute Žalgiris had less than 2k gold lead. Everything changed when Žalgiris took baron and decided to actually start focusing turrets instead of endlessly brawling with enemies. The game ended soon after through bot lane push thanks to baron buff and ziggs pushing power.

After week 8 Žalgiris have locked in their slot at lan finals in HyperTown Tallinn, while most other teams still have chances to finish in top 4. Anything can change during the last week!


Stay tuned as in the next few upcoming days we’re going to publish the game schedule for the 9th week! Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the Wolt raffles during our broadcasts, win 10 EUR in Wolt credits every day! The broadcasts will be available on BESL Pro Youtube channel.


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