BESL Pro (hereinafter referred to as “League”) is Lattelecom made esports league with the goal to promote and conduct esports on Baltic state level and to build a structured platform for esports, its players and teams in Baltic states. Lattelecom is the exclusive owner of worldwide exploitation rights with regards to audio-visual content as well as sponsorship and merchandising rights of the League.

Lattelecom has instructed GOEXANIMO with the organization and operation of the League. GOEXANIMO may delegate its duties to League admins to be determined by GOEXANIMO.

This is the only rulebook which is valid for the League, it’s participants (hereinafter referred to as “Team(s)”), its players (hereinafter referred to as “Players”) and all matches played in the League in League Of Legends discipline.





1.1. League Administration


GOEXANIMO shall designate League admins which are responsible for the League administration and the process of the gaming operation. GOEXANIMO may change any League admins at any time in its own discretion. Each Team can contact League admins via League Team discord server or via email.



1.2. Validity of the Rules


If any provision of the Rulebook is invalid or impracticable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of this Rulebook. In lieu of the invalid or impracticable provision an appropriate provision shall apply which is nearest to the intent of to what would have been the intention in keeping with the meaning and purpose of the Rulebook.



1.3. Confidentiality


The content of protests, discussions or any other correspondence between Teams/Players and the League admins shall be deemed strictly confidential and may only be revealed to GOEXANIMO and Lattelecom and its representative bodies. The publication of such material is prohibited without an approval from GOEXANIMO and/or Lattelecom.



1.4. Code of Conduct


All Teams and Players agree to behave in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner towards other Teams and Players, spectators, the press, the broadcast team, League admins and Lattelecom officials.



1.5. Communication


The main official communication method of the League is through its Team discord server. The League will use the discord server as tool of communication between League admins and Teams/Players, and therefore the discord server should always be checked regularly so that no important announcements are missed. League player ingame communication should be held in official discord server in designated team voice rooms.





    2.1. Team Requirements


Team consists of at least five (5) players, and no more than seven (7) players. All 7 players count as a team Active Roster. At least three (3) of those players have to be from Baltic state countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the starting lineup for the game has to consist of a minimum of 3 players from Baltic states. Other players have no Home country restrictions.

Sixth and seventh players counts as official substitute players and can be subbed in any amount of times in any role.

Each team is required to have team captain. Having team manager is recommended but optional. Team manager represents the team and has the rights to manage team roster. If there is no team manager, team captain takes these responsibilities.



    2.2. Home Country


A Player’s home country is based on Player’s nationality. For a Team, this is determined by the country the majority of the Players belong to. If there is no such majority, a Team may have no home country. In that case, the Team’s country is set to ‘Baltic states’.



    2.3. Age Restrictions


There are no age restrictions for Players that are playing in the League. However - Players below the age of 16 have to provide League admins with parental approval of them playing in the League.



      2.4.  Transfer Regulations


During the season Teams are allowed to make five (5) roster changes. Actions below count as a roster change:

  • Trading Players with other Teams;

  • Signing Free Agents;

  • Releasing Players from the Roster.


In order to make a roster change Team's captain has to contact League Admin no later than 24 hours before the scheduled start of their next game with the following information:

  • Team name;

  • Player that team wants to remove from their roster;

  • Player that team wants to add to their roster;

  • Links to Player League profiles are to be provided.


During the off-season there are no limits on the number of players any Team may transfer. However, in order to maintain their League spot a Team has to keep at least two (2) players from the roster that they ended the previous season with. Failure to do so will result in loss of the League spot.


Off-season starts one day after the League finals conclude and ends a week before the new season is set to start.



2.5. Substitute Players


A Team may change starting lineup for a game by substituting a Player from an active roster with another player from an active roster. In case of lineup changes, Admin has to be informed about the starting lineup of the game at least 10 minutes prior to the game. During regular season Teams can change starting lineup unlimited amount of times if the players are a part of official active roster. A starting lineup for a game has to fit the necessary Team Requirements mentioned in section 2.1.


If one of Team’s original members is unable to participate in a League game, emergency substitute player can be used. In order to use a substitute player Team’s captain has to inform League Admin about the changes no later than 24 hours before the scheduled game start. Usage of emergency substitute players are limited to 5 games per season. A player is eligible to be a substitute only if he/she is not currently part of any other League team active roster and completing the roster fits the necessary Team Requirements mentioned in section 2.1.



2.6.  League fee


Each participating Player has to buy a BESL Pro season pass that costs 15 EUR.



2.7.  Time Zone


The respective times of the matches will be displayed on the League website according to the time zone specified on Players device.



2.8. Nicknames


Players are only allowed to use their own official nicknames (without any additions) that they have registered on the League webpage. No sponsor tags are allowed in the nickname. Furthermore, nicknames are forbidden if they:

  • are protected by third-party rights and the user has no written permission to use it

  • resemble or if they are identical to a brand or trademark, no matter whether it has been registered or not

  • resemble or if they are identical to a real person other than themselves

  • use names of Lattelecom products


In addition to the above, any nicknames that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is forbidden.



2.9.  Player Accounts


Only Players with registered game accounts are eligible to play in the League. Game Accounts include Riot Games profile for League of Legends Players. Players can register their Game Accounts by linking them to their League website player profile. This can be done in profile settings.


Additionally teams have to provide League admin with all team member “main” account nicknames for statistical purposes. This information won’t be shared with any other team or League staff except League administrator and casters.



2.10. Changes to Team Accounts


Team captain (or assistant captain) has to inform League admins about any changes to the team account no later than 24 hours before the next League game. Failure to do so will be penalized. Changes include but are not limited to:

·         Changing the team name;

·         Changing the team logo;

·         Changing team roles.



2.11. Publisher Bans


The League administration reserves the right to refuse Players who have standing bans from the game publisher or third-party game services to take part in the League.





3.1.  Payment of Prize Money


Prize money will be determined by Lattelecom. All prize money shall be paid out 30 days after completion of the League finals.



3.2.  Prize Money Distribution



Regular Season

Season Finals


































€150 (Team relegated)




€150 (Team relegated)





3.3. Withholding of Prize Money


Lattelecom reserves the right to withhold any pending payment of prize money if any infringements of the provisions set out in this Rulebook have been discovered.



3.4. Transfer of Prize Money


The prize money will be advanced as a bank transfer. Failure to provide sufficient information for the payments will result in payments not being made. If a Team has not collected its prize money before the start of the next season, the prize money shall be forfeited.





4.1. Game Scheduling - Regular season


League of Legends matches are scheduled weekly by League admin based on Team availability on the respective week. Teams have to submit their available game dates no later than Monday. If Team fails to submit their available game dates and times, League admin reserve the rights to schedule the game to best fit the overall weekly schedule.

Game days are Saturday, Sunday starting from 11:00 till 18:00 Baltic time.



4.2. Rescheduling Games - Regular season


Regular season games can not be rescheduled. Failure to field five (5) players by the scheduled start time of the match will be penalized and will result in a forfeit loss. Forfeit lost games have to be replayed either on or off the stream.

It is possible to swap game dates or times between two pairs of teams, only if all four teams agree on the change and League admin is notified 24 hours prior to the first game.



4.3. Match Start / Punctuality


All Teams and Players should be in the game lobby ready for pick and ban phase no later than the scheduled start time of the match. All matches of the League should start as stated on the League website. Failure to do so will be penalized and may result in a forfeit loss.

We recommend that teams be online 10 minutes prior to the official start time in order to provide enough time to enter the custom game lobby, deal with any issues that might arise and get ready.



4.4. Streaming


It is forbidden for any League Players to stream their Point-of-View (POV) of their League games on any platform or service. Violation of this rule will be penalized and may result in a forfeit loss.

Players do however have the rights to stream recordings of the official broadcast after it has ended.



4.5. Determining the “Better Seed” for the Finals


In offline semi-final matches the Team that had the higher season ranking shall be considered the “better seed”.

In the grand final match “better seed” is determined via coin toss.

“Better seed” decides the starting side of the first game. The losing team of the previous game acts as “better seed” for the next game.



4.6.  Ranking


League ranking is based on the point system, where a winning Team gets 3 points and losing Team gets 0 points. If Teams are tied 1:1 after the match each team gets 1 point. Points can be deducted as a tool to sanction Teams.

The below ranking priority will come into effect if two or more Teams are on equal points at the end of a season:

  1. Ranking points earned between the tied teams;

  2. Result of the bo2 match between the tied teams;

  3. Time bank score between the tied teams;

  4. Time bank score between all League teams.

The time difference is considered better for the Team that won their games faster and lost their games slower than other teams (no-shows count as 0 minute lose).





5.1. Stages



  • First Stage: Regular Season (9 weeks)

  • Second Stage: Finals



  • Qualifier



5.2.  Regular Season


The regular season consists of one (1) division. This division has a total of ten (10) Teams. Teams are playing best-of-two (Bo2) matches in a round robin format. Every team plays one Bo2  match every week for 9 weeks. Every team plays 9 matches = 18 games during regular season.



5.3.  Relegation


Teams that placed 9th and 10th in the League are relegated from the League and have to play the off-season qualifier in order to regain their spot in the League.



5.4.  Finals


The finals are played in single elimination, best-of-three (Bo3) mode.



5.5.  Off-Season


During the Off-season a qualifier is held in order to determine two (2) or more teams that are going to obtain a spot in the League next season. More than two teams will be able to qualify if previous season qualified team refuses to participate or fail to match the requirements mentioned in section 2.4 (keep at least 2 players from previous season roster).

5.6. Qualifier Tournament


Qualifier tournament is played in Single Elimination best-of-three Bo3 format. If the amount of free spots in league is other than 2, 3, 4 or 8 mini tournament might be held afterwards, to determine last teams that qualify for the League spot. Team seeding for the qualifier tournament will be based on the average rank of team members. Qualifier date is to be announced in separate news article during the off-season.



6.1. Definition


A protest is the official communication between the Teams and the League admin regarding any irregularities, infringements or other concerns in the League. A protest may also be filed during a match for things like incorrect server settings and other related issues.



6.2. Contents of a Match Protest


The protest must contain detailed information about why the protest was filed and when the alleged incident happened. A protest may be declined by the League admin if proper documentation is not presented. A simple „they are cheaters“ will not do.



6.3.  Deadline for Match Protest


Teams are allowed to issue a match protest in the following time-windows:

  • Online: 24 hours after the scheduled starting time of the match;

  • Offline: before the beginning of the next match for Team in question.





7.1. Player requirements


All players must own a minimum of 20 champions to compete in a match



7.2.  Server


Players may choose to play between Europe Nordic and East or Europe West public servers using tournament code provided by League Officials. The server will be chosen by conducting a survey.



7.3. Game Lobby


To join game lobby, players must use tournament code, which is provided by League Officials. Only five Players per Team are allowed in the game-lobby. No additional teammates are permitted for any reason.

All Players will be expected to be ready to start the pick and ban phase at the time specified by the League Officials. Readiness includes, but is not limited to, all five Players on the Starting Line-up having completed client patching, configuration of in-game settings, and completed Rune and Mastery Pages.



7.4. Pick and Ban Phase


The Pick and Ban Phase will be executed through the Client's Tournament Draft feature. At the discretion of League Officials the Pick and Ban Phase may be recorded and the Game’s start aborted if a placeholder was used. If team is using placeholder both League Admin/Caster and representative of enemy team have to be informed before the champion is locked in.

Restrictions may be added at any time before or during a Match, if there are known bugs with any Gameplay Elements or for any other reason as determined at the discretion of the League.

If a Player selects a Champion by mistake in the Pick and Ban Phase, the Champion stays locked. This is not a reason to restart game lobby.

Teams must complete all champion trades before the game starts. Failing to do so will not allow them to restart the game.



7.5. Game Settings:


The following game settings are used in all League games:

  • Map: Summoner’s Rift

  • Team Size: 5

  • Allow Spectators: Lobby

  • Game Type: Tournament Draft

  • Tournament draft proceeds in a snake draft as follows:

  • Blue Team = A; Red Team = B

  • Bans: ABABAB

  • Picks: ABBAAB

  • Bans: BABA

  • Picks: BAAB



7.6. Game Start


A Game will start immediately after the Pick and Ban Phase is complete, unless otherwise stated by a League Official

If there is an error in Game Start or a League Official decides to separate the Pick and Ban Phase and the Game Start, the Blind Pick feature may be used at the discretion of the League. All Players will select Champions in accordance with the valid completed Champion selections

If a Bugsplat, disconnect or any other failure occurs which interrupts the loading process and prevents a Player from joining a Game, the Game must be immediately paused until all Players are connected


Once a Game has reached Game of Record status it is considered official and restarts may only be permitted under limited conditions as defined by the League. Examples of conditions which establish Game of Record include:

  • Game timer reaches two minutes (02:00);

  • Line-of-sight is established between Players on opposing Teams;

  • Setting foot, establishing vision or targeting skill-shot ability in opponent’s jungle by either Team, which includes either leaving the river or entering brush connected to enemy jungle;

  • Any attack or ability is landed on minions, jungle creeps, structures, or enemy Champions.



7.7. Game Pause


League Officials may order or execute a pause of a Game at any given time

Teams may pause the Game for a maximum of 10 minutes over the course of a single Game, or 20 minutes over the course of a Match. Pausing beyond allowance-time will be considered unfair play and penalties will be applied at the discretion of League Officials

Players may only pause a Game immediately following any of the events described below, but must notify a League Official immediately and identify the reason:

  • Unintentional Disconnect;

  • Hardware or software malfunction.


Minor Player illness, injury, or disability is not an acceptable reason for a Player pause. In the case of an underlying and/or pre-declared medical condition the Player may however inform a League Official prior to the Match, who may then grant a pause during the Match in order to evaluate the issue and to determine whether the Player is ready, willing, and able to continue playing within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the League Official, but not to exceed a few minutes. If the League Official determines that the Player is not able to continue playing within such reasonable period of time, then the Player's Team shall forfeit the Game unless a League Official determines that the Game is subject to an Awarded Game Victory at the League's discretion

Players are not permitted to resume the Game after a pause. After clearance from a League Official is issued and all Players are notified and ready, which will be contingent on confirming through in-game chat, the in-client spectators will unpause the Game

If a Player un-pauses a Game without permission from a League Official and enemy Team, it will be considered unfair play and penalties will be applied at the discretion of the League.



7.8. Game Restart


All decisions in regard to a Game restart are at the sole discretion of the League Officials. Examples below are listed for illustrative purposes only.

Restarts before Game of Record:

  • If a Player notices that the Player’s Runes, Masteries, or GUI settings have not applied correctly due to a bug between the game-lobby and Game, the Player can pause the Game to adjust these settings;

  • If the settings cannot be correctly adjusted, then the Game may be restarted.


Restarts after Game of Record:

  • If a Game experiences a critical bug at any point during which significantly alters game stats or gameplay mechanics.

Certain circumstances must be met before a restart may occur:

  • League Officials must determine that the bug is critical and verifiable. For the bug to be considered critical, the bug must significantly damage a Player’s ability to compete in the Game. The determination of whether the bug has damaged a Player’s ability to compete is at the sole discretion of the League Officials. In order for a bug to be considered verifiable, the bug must be conclusively present and not possibly attributable to Player error. The spectator must then be able to replay the instance in question and verify the bug.

  • If a Player believes they have experienced a critical bug, the Player must pause the Game and alert a League Official immediately. If a Player is attempting to delay reporting of a bug to wait for a possible restart at a more advantageous time, then a restart will no longer be granted.


If League Officials determine that the bug is critical and verifiable and that the Player(s) followed the pause protocol, then all critically disadvantaged Teams will be presented with the option of initiating the restart protocol. If at least one Team accepts, the restart protocol will be initiated and will be restarted with same picks and bans.

In the event of a restart, the League may instead award a Game victory to a Team, if a Game has been played for more than 20 minutes on the game clock and League Officials, at their sole discretion, determine that a Team cannot avoid defeat to a degree of reasonable certainty. The following criteria may be used in the determination of reasonable certainty:

  • Gold Differential - The difference in Gold between Teams is more than 33%;

  • Turret Differential - The difference in remaining Turrets between Teams is greater than seven;

  • Inhibitor Differential - The difference in standing Inhibitors between Teams is three.





8.1. General


Violation of any infringements of the provisions and rules outlined in the Rulebook will be penalized.

Penalties may be either deduction of ranking points, minor or major penalty points, default losses, player/team disqualification or banishment from the League in whole, all dependent on the incident in question. Every case is investigated and decided upon separately.

Sanctions shall be determined by the League administration at their sole discretion to the best of their knowledge and judgement in an appropriate, proportionate and adequate manner.

The League administration shall impose the sanction according to the nature of infringement, the individual culpability, profits generated through the violation, the severity level of the violation, number of previous violations and Team's and/or Player's subsequent behavior.

The league administration may increase the sanction as deemed appropriate if an infringement has been repeated.



8.2.  Penalty Points


Minor penalty points are given for minor incidents. Every minor penalty point deducts one percent (1%) of the overall prize money received by the team in the competition it is given.

Major penalty points are given for major incidents such as deliberately deceiving admins, failing to show up for matches, repeated rule breaking, and so on. Every major penalty point deducts five percent (5%) of the overall prize money for that competition.

League bans and penalty points gathered in any other GOEXANIMO tournaments do not apply towards the League except when the punishment has been awarded for cheating.



8.3.  Breach of Etiquette


For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all Teams and Players have a sporting and fair attitude. Breaches of this rule will be sanctioned. The most important and most common offences are listed below.


  • Insults

All insults occurring in connection with the League will be penalized. This primarily applies to insults during a match or via discord. Particularly severe abuse cases with radical statements or the threat of physical violence can result in significantly heavier penalties. Depending on the nature and severity of the insult the penalty will be either assigned to the Team or to the Player.


  • Spamming

The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages in League discord server is regarded as spamming and will be penalized..


  • Spamming In-game

If the chat function in-game is abused towards the goal of annoying the opponent, or generally stir the flow of the play the Player and/or Team in question is going to be penalized. All chat functions are there to communicate efficiently with the opponent and the League admins.



8.4. Misconduct


The attempt to mislead League admins or other Players, using false information, or in any other way deceive other Players or Teams will be sanctioned as follows.

  • Cheating

Any sort of hacking, exploiting or using any kind of 3rd party software will result in a ban from League for two (2) years and the Team will be disqualified from the current season of the League.


  • Delaying the Match

Match starts are absolute unless changes have been confirmed by the League admins. Not starting a match as scheduled will result in receiving one (1) minor penalty point. For every five (5) minutes the match start is being delayed further, the sanctioned Team will receive one (1) additional minor penalty point. After 15 minutes the Team is considered as no show receiving one (1) major penalty point and getting their ranking points deduced by 1 point which may result in Team falling lower in the bracket!


  • No show

If a Team is not ready to play 15 minutes after the official match starting time, the Team will be considered as no show and will receive penalties. The match will have to be replayed either on or off the stream with the default rules. For each no show Team receives one (1) major penalty point and 1 ranking point deduction. Once a Team doesn’t show up on more than 3 matches during a season, the Team might be disqualified from the League.



  • No show on LAN finals

If a team doesn't show up to the LAN finals with or without prior notice, the team might get disqualified and will forfeit all prize money accumulated for the whole season.




8.5. Penalties and Consequences for Being Disqualified or Leaving the League


  • Disqualification

If a Team gets disqualified from a Season of the League the Team forfeits all prize money accumulated for the whole Season and all its Players get banned until the end of the season.


  • Leaving during a Season

If a Team leaves the League during an ongoing Season, the Team forfeits all prize money accumulated for the whole Season.


  • Deletion of Match Results

All match results involving Teams that have been disqualified or have left a season of the League before it ended will be deleted and counted as forfeit losses.





9.1. Punctuality


Every player should be at the tournament area as stated in the LAN finalist briefing done via the discord server by an admin.

If you notice at any point you will be late, please inform a tournament official as soon as possible! Any delays caused by showing up late may lead to penalty points.



9.2. Equipment


During the LAN Finals BESL Pro provides monitors and computers. Participants have to bring their own equipment (in particular: Keyboard, Mouse, Mousepad, In-Ear headphones with long enough cables, PS2->USB adapters if needed). Our machines do not support PS2-keyboards!



9.3. Clothing


The players and teams need to ensure that they are all in equal colored clan attire. Failure for a player or a team to bring such attire, will result in penalty points. Any kind of headwear during the matches is forbidden.



9.4. Gaming Areas


If nothing else has been announced, it is forbidden to bring or eat any food in the gaming areas. Smoking is also strictly prohibited. Players are allowed to have beverages, but only in cups or bottles that have been provided or approved by BESL Pro. Usage of offensive language on stage is forbidden. Any violations can be punished with penalty points.



9.5. Administrators


The instructions of administrators should always be obeyed and followed. Failure to do so may result in penalty points being awarded.



9.6. Player Brief


All the players of the LAN final attendings teams will be briefed on any information that they need to know about the event and its attendance via the discord server. These briefings are meant as an extension to the rulebook for a specific offline event and is equally binding.



9.7. Media Obligations


Every Team must appoint at least one (1) player that is going to take part in short pre/post match interviews on stage. The said player(-s) cannot deny these obligations and must attend.

In addition to that the event will also have a mandatory media day, where participants may be photographed, filmed and interviewed by the BESL Pro crew for the event presentation purposes. The participants will receive a media schedule beforehand to be informed about nature, duration and schedule of any activities of this kind that take more than 5 minutes. These media obligations are obligatory and can not be missed.



9.8. Stage Matches


Each participant is required to play his/her stage matches. Exceptions may only be granted if substantial evidence (e.g. a medical certificate) proving a disability to play on stage is provided.



9.9. Removable Media


It is strictly forbidden to connect or use any removable media on the tournament computers without prior examination and approval from the tournament administrators.



9.10. Internet Access


Internet access on tournament computers is disabled for all participants.



9.11. Warm-Up Period


A warm-up period of 30 minutes is normally provided before an BESL Pro Live match, although this period may not be guaranteed.



9.12. Photo and Other Media Rights


By participating, all players and other team members grant BESL Pro the right to use any photographic, audio or video material on their website or for any other promotional purpose.



9.13. Winners Ceremony


Participants who are not part of the Grand Final are not obligated to stay in the tournament area for the winners ceremony after the Grand Final and are free to leave the event premises.


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