Can the Estonians be stopped? - Week 3 review

Week 3 of the BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament has concluded so read further to find out how your favourite teams have performed this week.


Game 1 - Erangel

Game time: 11:30

VOD: Here


  1. Division (8 kills)

  2. Totally Spies (5 kills)

  3. ATHROPS (2 kills)

  4. Cable Knights (3 kills)

  5. jorr (11 kills)


Week 3 of BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament began with a Division victory, who managed to finish the game with 8 kills and all of their members being alive at the end of the match. Second place went to the Estonian team Totally Spies who, despite being last in the standings, managed to show a strong performance and finish the game with 5 kills. ATHROPS ended up third, leaving Cable Knights fourth with 2 and 3 kills, respectively. Another Estonian team - jorr - managed to clinch fifth place with 11 kills. P9 and Bait Academy both were one of the first teams to be eliminated and finished the game with only 1 point each.


Game 2 - Miramar

Game time: 12:30

VOD: Here


  1. Cable Knights (11 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (15 kills)

  3. Datorpasaule (5 kills)

  4. Garlic Cola (7 kills)

  5. PraiseTheLord (0 kills)


The second game of the week went the way of Cable Knights who managed to beat Bait Academy in the end in a 2v4 situation thanks to amazing play from Kofeinas and SexTon0. Cable Knights finished the game with 11 kills, whereas Bait Academy managed to gather 15 kills during the game. Datorpasaule finished the game third with 5 kills, leaving Garlic Cola behind them with 7 kills. The top 5 is concluded  by PraiseTheLord who managed to finish the game without getting any kills. Once again, P9 was one of the first teams eliminated and managed to only gain 1 point during this game, whereas Division was the first team to be knocked out of the game.


Game 3 - Erangel

Game time: 13:30

VOD: Here


  1. ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS (9 kills)

  2. P9 (9 kills)

  3. Nordic Goblins (9 kills)

  4. jorr (3 kills)

  5. PraiseTheLord (0 kills)


Game 3 of this week was won by ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS who finished the game with 9 kills after having a disappointing performance in the first two games of the week. P9 finished in the top 5 for the first time in this week with 9 kills, whereas Nordic Goblins clinched third with 9 kills as well. Fourth place went to jorr with 3 kills and PraiseTheLord managed to get fifth place with no kills yet again. Despite Bait Academy not ending the game in the top 5, they managed to finish the game with 9 kills.


Game 4 - Miramar

Game time: 14:30

VOD: Here


  1. Bait Academy (16 kills)

  2. Cable Knights (1 kill)

  3. jorr (6 kills)

  4. Garlic Cola (2 kills)

  5. Nordic Goblins (2 kills)


In the last game of the week, Bait Academy made a statement, finishing the game with 16 kills and having their revenge in the end against Cable Knights who managed to steal their victory in the second game of the week by convincingly beating them in the final duel. Cable Knights finished this game with only 1 kill. Another Estonian team jorr finished in the top 5 yet again, this time clinching third place with 6 kills. Garlic Cola ended the game fourth with 2 kills, leaving Nordic Goblins behind them.




Bait Academy has been steadily increasing their lead and currently they have a lead of over 60 points. They managed to get 41 kill during this week despite getting only 1 kill in Game 1 and they have made a strong claim of being the strongest PUBG team in the Baltics, but they have 4 more weeks to go until they can secure that title. Division and P9 are still trailing behind them in second and third place respectively. Nordic Goblins are still in fourth place, however, Cable Knights have managed to rise to the top 5. The Estonian team jorr managed to show an amazing performance this week with their substitute player Cudtastic who showed a strong performance. They managed to finish in the top 5 by points in all of the games and rise from the 12th to the 7th place in the standings after this week.

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