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During the BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG qualifiers there were suspicions that a player who is banned for cheating was participating with AIMEEE.XE despite the rules stating that banned players cannot participate in BESL Pro tournaments. There were also suspicions that another player is hiding his true identity. After contacting AIMEEE.XE before the qualifiers started, they produced evidence (including IDs) to prove that they indeed are different players, therefore they were permitted to participate in the qualifiers. AIMEEE.XE finished the qualifiers in Top 10, qualifying for the main tournament. Afterwards, several players contacted League Officials giving additional evidence, therefore, League Officials investigated the team further. After contacting AIMEEE.XE and presenting them with the additional evidence, AIMEEE.XE’s captain M1KKET admitted on knowingly allowing a banned player to join his team and fabricating evidence (such as IDs). The players in question were 21657b (STICKA) and mindsquik (HASTEN).


Relevant rules


1.4. Code of Conduct

All Teams and Players agree to behave in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner towards other Teams and Players, spectators, the press, the broadcast team, League admins and Lattelecom officials.

2.11. Publisher Bans

The League administration reserves the right to refuse Players who have standing bans from the game publisher or third-party game services to take part in the League.

8.4. Misconduct

The attempt to mislead the League admins or other Players, using false information, or in any other way deceiving other Players or Teams will be sanctioned as follows.



HASTEN is permanently banned from participating in BESL Pro tournaments due to having a standing ban from the game publisher and knowingly misleading League Officials about his status.


M1KKET and STICKA are banned from participating in BESL Pro tournaments for 3 seasons due to misleading League Officials about a team members ban status and identity by forging evidence.


sausais and zeN1KO are banned from participating in BESL Pro tournaments for this season due to not disclosing a team members ban status.


AIMEEE.XE’s qualifier results have been completely voided due to the aforementioned rule breaches and they will forfeit their main tournament spot.


The list of all qualified teams will be published in a later article.

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