Congratulations to Bait Academy - Week 7 Review

With the end of Week 7, the BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament has concluded. Continue reading to find out how all of the teams finished their season and who managed to qualify for the LAN event.


Game 1 - Erangel

Game time: 11:30

VOD: Here


  1. P9 (8 kills)

  2. Nordic Goblins (9 kills)

  3. Division (7 kills)

  4. jorr (1 kill)

  5. ATHROPS (4 kills)


The last week of the season began with a victory from the last season's champions P9 who finished the game with 8 kills. Nordic Goblins were left in second place with 9 kills, whereas Division with 7 kills ranked third. jorr managed to grab fourth place with just 1 kill and ATHROPS rounded out the top 5, finishing the game with 4 kills. Bait Academy managed to end the game in the top 8 with 7 kills to their name.


Game 2 - Miramar

Game time: 12:30

VOD: Here


  1. Nordic Goblins (14 kills)

  2. Team G (7 kills)

  3. Division (5 kills)

  4. Bait Academy (8 kills)

  5. Garlic Cola (1 kill)


Second game of the week ended with a dominating victory from Nordic Goblins. They managed to finish the game with 3 people still alive and 13 kills to their name, 7 of which went to BLUES7AR. Team G managed to secure second place with 7 kills, leaving Division behind them in third place with 5 kills. The current leaders - Bait Academy - finished fourth with 8 kills, whereas Garlic Cola finished the game in fifth with just 1 kill. P9 managed to end the game in the top 8 with only 3 kills.


Game 3 - Erangel

Game time: 13:30

VOD: Here


  1. Team G (13 kills)

  2. Division (9 kills)

  3. Bait Academy (8 kills)

  4. Nordic Goblins (2 kills)

  5. PraiseTheLord (4 kills)


Team G managed to end up victorious in the third game of the week, finishing the game with 13 kills, 5 of which went to needhead. Division claimed second place this game with 9 kills, reclaiming the second place in the standings in the process, whereas Bait Academy finished third with 8 kills even though they started the game with just 3 players. After their explosive previous game, Nordic Goblins managed to secure fourth place with just 2 kills this game, however fifth place was claimed by PraiseTheLord with 4 kills. P9 had an unsuccessful game and ended up getting no points.


Game 4 - Miramar

Game time: 14:30

VOD: Here


  1. P9 (5 kills)

  2. Team G (5 kills)

  3. Datorpasaule (0 kills)

  4. Nordic Goblins (10 kills)

  5. PraiseTheLord (2 kills)


Going in the last game of the season there was still a fierce battle for the spots in the top 4. P9 managed to come out on top this game by finishing first with 5 kills. Team G had another great game and they finished second with 5 kills, leaving Datorpasaule in third with no kills to their name. Nordic Goblins had another explosive game and finished fourth with 10 kills, leaving PraiseTheLord in fifth with 2 kills. Bait Academy started the game with just 2 players and managed to finish in the top 8 with just 1 kill.


With the end of this week, the Season 3 BESL Pro PUBG tournament has concluded. Here are the top 8 teams:


  1. Bait Academy

  2. P9

  3. Division

  4. Nordic Goblins


  6. jorr

  7. Team G

  8. PraiseTheLord


This season's champions are Bait Academy who have been dominating all throughout the season by finishing almost 90 points above second place and showing that they are the best PUBG team in the Baltics. Despite their slow start, P9 managed to reach second place at the very end by placing above Division by just 3 points, who ended up placing third. After an amazing last week, Nordic Goblins managed to climb up to fourth place, whereas ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS dropped down to fifth place. The full standings can be seen here. Also, the top four team's qualified for our LAN event, however, Nordic Goblins declined the invitation, therefore, the teams which will be at the LAN event are:

  1. Bait Academy

  2. P9

  3. Division



We look forward to meeting these teams at our LAN event on June 2nd, where every person attending will have their chance to prove their skill against the best PUBG teams in the Baltics. Other teams who participated in the BESL Pro PUBG tournament will also have a chance to take part in the event and the full line up will be announced in a later article.


Furthermore, due to Agresyviai bet su protu and Figure05 not attending the last 2 week's games at all or just with 1 player with no prior warning, according to the League's rules, their prize money will be reduced based on the amount of games missed.

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