Congratulations to Lietuvos Ateitis - Week 7 Review

Lietuvos Ateitis came in the final week with a sizeable lead over every other team, however, Bait Academy has showed in previous seasons that they can come in clutch when it matters the most. At the same time, the newcomers in EarlyYikes wanted to prove their worth and claim the title in their first season. Read until the end to find out how all of the teams performed.


Game 1 - Erangel

Game time: 11:15

VOD: Here


  1. EarlyYikes (13 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (7 kills)

  3. Lollygag (3 kills)

  4. Division (5 kills)

  5. International Kings (4 kills)


The first game of Week 7 went the way of EarlyYikes who managed to win the game with 13 kills. Bait Academy ended up second with 7 kills, leaving Lollygag in third with 3 kills. Fourth place was claimed by Division with 5 kills, whilst International Kings ended up fifth with 4 kills.


Game 2 - Erangel

Game time: 12:00

VOD: Here


  1. EarlyYikes (15 kills)

  2. Team Titan (5 kills)

  3. International Kings (4 kills)

  4. Lauku Power (2 kills)

  5. KiLLAFORNIA (2 kills)


EarlyYikes continued their win streak in the second game of the week, however, this time they managed to get the victory with 15 kills. Second place went to Team Titan with 5 kills with International Kings being third with 4 kills. Lauku Power managed to get their first top 5 finish this season by placing fourth with 2 kills and KiLLAFORNIA concluded the top 5 with 2 kills.


Game 3 - Miramar

Game time: 12:45

VOD: Here


  1. Timechasers (8 kills)

  2. Cempionai (6 kills)

  3. Lietuvos Ateitis (12 kills)

  4. Bait Academy (5 kills)

  5. Division (8 kills)


The third game of the week was won by Timechasers with 8 kills to their name. Cempionai were left in second place with 6 kills, whilst Lietuvos Ateitis ended up third with 12 kills. Fourth place went to Bait Academy with 5 kills with Division rounding out the top 5 with 8 kills.


Game 4 - Miramar

Game time: 13:35

VOD: Here


  1. Timechasers (6 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (5 kills)

  3. Lietuvos Ateitis (9 kills)

  4. Division (6 kills)

  5. PraiseTheLord (5 kills)


Timechasers claimed their second victory of the week in the fourth game whilst also finishing with 6 kills. Second place was claimed by Bait Academy with 5 kills, leaving Lietuvos Ateitis in third with 9 kills. Division ended up fourth with 6 kills, leaving PraiseTheLord in fifth with 5 kills.


Game 5 - Sanhok

Game time: 14:20

VOD: Here


  1. Division (9 kills)

  2. Timechasers (4 kills)

  3. Bait Academy (12 kills)

  4. KiLLAFORNIA (2 kills)

  5. DP9 (4 kills)


Division ended up victorious in the final game of this season by finishing the game with 9 kills. Second place went to Timechasers with 4 kills, leaving Bait Academy in third place with 12 kills. KiLLAFORNIA were fourth with 2 kills, with DP9 concluding the top 5 with 4 kills.


Overall, despite a valorous effort from EarlyYikes, Lietuvos Ateitis managed to hold on to their lead and showed that they are the best PUBG team in the Baltic States. After gaining 2 victories in the final week, EarlyYikes managed to come within 6 points of the first place. Unfortunately for Bait Academy, they did not manage to show the same clutch performance as the last season and finished Season 5 in third place. Division held on to their fourth place finish, with Timechasers being right behind them in fifth. The full final standings can be seen below.


  1. Lietuvos Ateitis

  2. EarlyYikes

  3. Bait Academy

  4. Division

  5. Timechasers

  6. International Kings

  7. PraiseTheLord

  8. Cempionai

  9. kekXD

  10. Team Titan

  11. Team G

  12. Lollygag

  13. DP9


  15. ZAPTE

  16. Lauku Power


Thank you to all of the teams who participated in this season and once again congratulations to Lietuvos Ateitis for claiming the champion title. Similarly as in the previous seasons, the top 8 teams retain their spot in the League. Please stay tuned for further announcements on the upcoming season.

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