Congratulations to mightywolves - week 8 review

Last week has concluded. Read more about the action:

Game 1 - Erangel


Gametime: 5th of October, 20:00

VOD: here


1. FromSilver2Lan (8 kills)

2. MightyWolves (8 kills)

3. Pew Pew (12 kills)

4. Figure05 (3 kills)

5. Agresyviai bet su protu (2 kills)


The last week of BESL Pro PUGB Season 2 tournament began with a FromSilver2Lan victory. Second place went to MightyWolves with 8 kills which allowed them to increase their lead over LITEST in the overall standings. Pew Pew, which at the start of the week was ranked last, managed to finish the first game third while also getting 12 kills. Figure05 and Agresyviai bet su protu finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Game 2 - Miramar


Gametime: 5th of October, 21:00

VOD: here


1. Division (4 kills)

2. PraiseTheLord (5 kills)

3. FromSilver2Lan (12 kills)

4. MightyWolves (13 kills)

5. Garlic Cola (5 kills)

Division managed to clutch the win in the second game of the week, gaining valuable points to secure their third place in the tournament. PraiseTheLord finished third with 5 kills, whereas FromSilver2Lan ended the game third with 12 kills. Fourth place went to MightyWolves with 13 kills and the top 5 was concluded by Garlic Cola with 5 kills.

Game 3 - Erangel


Gametime: 5th of October, 22:00

VOD: here


1. Pew Pew (12 kills)

2. Lietuvos Ateitis (5 kills)

3. Pandora (5 kills)

4. KUNN (4 kills)

5. MightyWolves (6 kills)


The third game of the week went to Pew Pew with 12 kills, showing that the overall rankings don’t matter and any team can show up. Second place went to Lietuvos Ateitis with 5 kills, which helped them secure their place in the standings. Pandora with 5 kills was third, however, KUNN ended up fourth. The tournament leaders - MightyWolves - finished above LITEST once again and secured their first place of the tournament with yet another top 5 finish.

Game 4 - Miramar


Gametime: 5th of October, 23:00

VOD: here


1. Garlic Cola (14 kills)

2. Figure05 (3 kills)

3. Division (5 kills)

4. Lietuvos Ateitis (2 kills)

5. Pew Pew (0 kills)


In the last game of this season, Garlic Cola managed to crush the hopes of FromSilver2Lan of finishing in the top 6 by winning the game with 14 kills. Figure05 finished second with 3 kills. Division managed to eliminate Lietuvos Ateitis and leave them in fourth place with 2 kills, however, they did not manage to rank any higher which would give them the points they needed to fight for the third place of the tournament. In the fifth place with a third top 5 finish this week is Pew Pew, this time with no kills to their name. During this game generall also managed to secure a crossbow kill which earned him archery lessons.

The last week of the tournament and thus the entire tournament has concluded. Despite LITEST closing in on MightyWolves in the previous week, MightyWolves proved superior and managed to secure their first place in the standings. Congratulations to to MightyWolves!


Division and Lietuvos Ateitis fought for the third place up until the last moments of the last game, however, Division came up short a few points and did not manage to catch Lietuvos Ateitis, which finished the tournament in third place, leaving Division in fourth. The top 5 of the tournament is concluded by Agresyviai bet su protu, whilst Garlic Cola is only 55 points behind them in sixth place. Unfortunately, FromSilver2Lan did not manage to reach the top 6 teams of the tournament and thus ended in 7th place.


All of this season broadcasts are available on BESL Pro Youtube channel. Next week already HyperTown Tallinn will be taking place in Saku Suurhall with BESL CS:GO and LOL finals so if you want to enjoy some more Baltic eSports, see you there!


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