Division Jr shows which is the best Division - Showmatch recap

The BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG showmatch was concluded on Sunday, June 2nd at the Hypertown festival and with that season 3 has officially ended. For the showmatch the top 4 teams from the regular season were invited to compete in a LAN setting together with other teams that arrived to the Hypertown LAN party to test their skills against the best PUBG teams in the Baltics and battle it out for the EUR 500 prize pool. The following teams were invited to participate in the showmatch:


  1. P9

  2. Division


  4. PraiseTheLord


The regular season winners - Bait Academy - was unable to participate in the showmatch and chose PraiseTheLord to take their place in the showmatch. Also the fourth place winners - Nordic Goblins - declined the invitation and therefore the next ranking team - ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS - was invited. These teams were joined by 3 more teams from the LAN party and one team playing online which means that in total there were 8 teams competing for bragging rights, Hypertown PUBG showmatch cup and the EUR 500 prize pool.


Game 1 - Erangel


The first game of the showmatch began slowly as there were no kills and even no knocks for a very long portion of the game due to the small number of teams participating. Once the action started, unfortunately, some of the LAN party teams were the first ones to drop out of the game as the first 2 teams eliminated were all from the LAN party. Later in the game, ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS met Division in the battlefield where ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS came out victorious and eliminated Division, leaving them in 6th place with 5 kills. Later on the last standing member of ITALLO GARBEI - Anabolinis - successfully sneaked up on the remaining 3 players of ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS and killed 2 of them, barely missing on killing the last member - Estophy - who managed to finish Anabolinis off. Following that, general managed to eliminate ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS by sniping Estophy from across the map, leaving ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS in 4th place with 3 kills. Meanwhile, Favorits was the last standing member of PraiseTheLord, however, he chose to suicide in the zone rather than give up points to other teams as he was pinned down behind a hill and was unable to safely move in the zone, leaving Division Jr in a 3v3 against P9. At the end of the game, Division Jr was able to convincingly beat P9 in the 3v3 as SIKVAN managed to knock 2 of the P9 members down, making it an easy 3v1 for the win.


Game 2 - Miramar


Similarly to the first game, the second game also started, with no action happening for the first 13 minutes of the game, allowing to casters to even interview the players during the beginning of the game. Also, the first teams that were eliminated were buha9 and Andris321, which were also the first 2 teams eliminated in the first game, however, this time buha9 managed to get 2 kills and not finish the game without any kills. Afterwards, PraiseTheLord were the next team to get eliminated as Favorits, the last standing member of the team, died outside of the zone. Despite their victory in the first game, Division Jr was unable to repeat their success in the second game and was eliminated when they ended up under fire from ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS and ITALLO GARBEI. Despite the rest of his team being eliminated earlier in the match, Alchemists managed to survive for a while longer and earn placement points by finishing fourth. With that there were 3 teams remaining - P9, ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS and ITALLO GARBEI - all with 4 members alive. Following a fight between P9 and ITALLO GARBEI, ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS managed to jump in the action and clean up some kills for themselves while the other teams were distracted, leaving Armands the last standing member of P9. Unfortunately, Armands was unable to do much as he was under constant fire from both of the other teams, in the end dying outside the zone and not giving up extra points to them, however, while that was going on, MadKid from ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS managed to take advantage of the situation and eliminate another member of ITALLO GARBEI, making it a 4v2 in favour of ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS, which they managed to easily win. Before the last game of the showmatch, ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS managed to rise to the first spot, followed by Division Jr who had an amazing first game. Due to their great second game, ITALLO GARBEI were 3rd at this point, leaving P9 in fourth.


Game 3 - Erangel


Just like the previous 2 games of the showmatch, the last game also began slowly as the first knocks and kills only came at around the 15th minute mark, when Division was fighting with ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS and unfortunately for ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS managed to kill all of their players and making ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS the first team eliminated and destroying their chance to win the showmatch. Following that the LAN party teams - buha9 and Andris321 were the next teams eliminated just like in the first 2 games. Afterwards, a lot of the teams exchanged fire, however, due to poor positioning, Division was surrounded from all sides and was knocked out next, finishing the game 5th with 5 kills to their name. During the chaos, Favorits from PraiseTheLord was constantly knocking P9 players, however, his teammate Ruby was knocked down outside the zone, leaving Favorits once again as the last member of his team, however, shortly after that he also got knocked down and killed, leaving PraiseTheLord in fourth place with just 1 kill. While that was going on, Armands ended up being the last surviving member of P9 yet again, however, he was unable to do much as lorenchh from Division Jr was able to finish him off, leaving P9 in third place. At that point, Division Jr and ITALLO GARBEI were the last 2 teams remaining, both of them with 3 members each, however, Division Jr was able to quickly come out on top and finish off all mebmers of ITALLO GARBEI without losing any of their own.


In the end, a team from the LAN party was able to come out on top as Division Jr convincingly were 1st, winning 2 of the 3 games of the showmatch. They managed to show that they have what it takes to battle it out and win against some of the best Baltics PUBG teams. Second place went to another team that was assembled from various players from the regular season just to fight in the showmatch - ITALLO GARBEI. Due to their disappointing performance in the last game of the showmatch, ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS ended up only third, however, despite that, P9 and Division weren’t able to pass them in the standings, as they ended fourth and fifth, respectively. The full standings can be seen here.


  1. Division Jr (46 points) - €250

  2. ITALLO GARBEI (32 points) - €100

  3. ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS (25 points) - €75

  4. P9 (23 points) - €75

  5. Division (21 points)

Stay tuned for the next season of BESL Pro PUBG tournament and if you wish to start forming your team in advance or are looking for a team, be sure to use the Draft tool available on our website here.

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