Lietuvos Ateitis Increase Their Lead - Week 6 Review

The second to last week of the BESL Pro Season 5 PUBG tournament has concluded and just one more week is left before the BESL Pro Season 5 PUBG champion is crowned. Read further to find out how the teams stand before going into the final games of the season.


Game 1 - Erangel

Game time: 11:15

VOD: Here


  1. Cempionai (8 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (11 kills)

  3. EarlyYikes (5 kills)

  4. Team Titan (6 kills)

  5. Timechasers (1 kill)


Cempionai came out victorious in the first game of the week whilst also finishing the game with 8 kills. Second place went to Bait Academy with 11 kills, whereas EarlyYikes were left third with 5 kills. Team Titan claimed fourth place with 6 kills, leaving Timechasers in fifth with just 1 kill.


Game 2 - Erangel

Game time: 12:00

VOD: Here


  1. Lietuvos Ateitis (7 kills)

  2. Division (11 kills)

  3. EarlyYikes (11 kills)

  4. kekXD (2 kills)

  5. Team Titan (4 kills)


The second game of the week went the way of Lietuvos Ateitis who came out on top in the final battle between the top 3 teams. They also managed to rack up 7 kills throughout the game. Division placed second with 11 kills, whilst EarlyYikes ended up third with 11 kills as well. Fourth place went to kekXD with 2 kills and the top 5 is concluded by Team Titan who managed to get 4 kills during the game.


Game 3 - Miramar

Game time: 12:45

VOD: Here


  1. Division (8 kills)

  2. Team G (1 kill)

  3. DP9 (5 kills)

  4. Cempionai (8 kills)

  5. International Kings (6 kills)


Division claimed the victory in the third game of the week by finishing the game with 8 kills. Second place went to Team G with 1 kill, with DP9 placing third with 5 kills. Cempionai were fourth with 8 kills, with International Kings rounding out the top 5 with 6 kills.


Game 4 - Miramar

Game time: 13:35

VOD: Here


  1. Timechasers (10 kills)

  2. Team G (3 kills)

  3. Lietuvos Ateitis (11 kills)

  4. Bait Academy (3 kills)

  5. KiLLAFORNIA (3 kills)


Fourth game of the week was claimed by Timechasers who finished the game with 10 kills. Team G ended up second with 3 kills with Lietuvos Ateitis trailing behind them in third with 11 kills. Fourth place was secured by Bait Academy with 3 kills with KiLLAFORNIA taking the fifth spot with 3 kills.


Game 5 - Sanhok

Game time: 14:20

VOD: Here


  1. Lietuvos Ateitis (14 kills)

  2. Lollygag (4 kills)

  3. PraiseTheLord (3 kills)

  4. EarlyYikes (12 kills)

  5. Division (3 kills)


Lietuvos Ateitis won the last game of the week whilst also managing to get 14 kills during the game. Second place was left to Lollygag with 4 kills and PraiseTheLord claimed third place with 3 kills. EarlyYikes finished fourth with 12 kills with Division being fifth with 3 kills.


Overall the week has been very successful for Lietuvos Ateitis who managed to win two games and finish with a high point count in the other games. Due to this they have increased their lead in the standings over Bait Academy to 41 points. Meanwhile, Bait Academy continues to struggle with winning games, however, if any team can overcome a 41 point deficit in the final week, it is definitely them. Furthermore, EarlyYikes have regained some of their early-season momentum and after some great games are holding the third spot with being just 3 points behind Bait Academy. Also, due to their victory in the third game of the week, Division have risen to the fourth spot in the standings. On the other hand, Timechasers have dropped to fifth place, whereas International Kings still hold the sixth spot in the standings.

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