MightyWolves rebrand to P9 for Season 3

Before the BESL Pro Season 3 begins with the qualifiers in a about a week, we will be doing a series of articles covering the top teams from the previous season, starting off with the reigning champions - MightyWolves, who have now rebranded as P9.


For MightyWolves the previous season began by battling it out for the top spots from the very start and even managing to gain their first victory in Week 1. However, for the first 3 weeks they weren’t the leaders in the standings since they trailed behind LITEST and Division. Their dominance started from Week 4 onwards, where they reached rank 1 and didn’t give it up to anyone. They consistently increased their lead in the standings and only one other team could keep pace with them - LITEST. Not only did MightyWolves show great teamwork, their players also made flashy plays all throughout the season. In individual standings, MightyWolves’ player kntent was the leader for most of the season.


For this season MightyWolves underwent some changes. Firstly, they rebranded as P9. Also, their player kntent departed from the team and was replaced by KOPM. Will they be able to defend their title this season without their best performing player? To gain more insight, we contacted P9’s captain - generall - and asked him some questions.


  • How do you see your team performing this season? Do you think any team will be able to challenge you or do you think you will be able to easily defend your title?


“In my opinion P9 will be a stable top 3 team in the new season. It is difficult to talk about a victory because time goes on and the game and the players change. I believe that everything will be clear after the first few weeks.”


  • kntent was statistically your best performing player last season. Will his absence greatly affect your team dynamic or will KOPM be able to fill his shoes?


“We have already won several BESL PUBG games without kntent. In a sense it is a loss to our team since we had assigned roles in our team, however, I believe that KOPM will be able to fill his shoes.”


  • There have also been some roster changes for your closest competitors - LITEST. Their new roster includes MrKnights and Rayzi in the place of NBS and Gaxy. Do you think they will be able to challenge you again with their new roster?


“It is hard to comment about other team’s performance before the games have been played, however, I hope that we will have no competitors. Gaxy and NBS were very strong players within LITEST and I think that it is not possible for them to upgrade their roster or even remain at the same level with the new players.”


BESL Pro Season 3 is set to start on 1st of April with sixteen best Baltic state teams battling it out for the prize pool of €4,000. More details can be found in the BESL Pro Season 3 announcement.


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