Player Spotlight: roxieGOD

Player Spotlight is a new article series that gives you the opportunity to get to know the players that are playing in BESL Pro competitions a little bit better. From historic achievements to favorite players. From their Baltic state dream team to what music and food they like. Player Spotlight has it all!


This Player Spotlight goes to the captain of team EarlyYikes: roxieGOD. roxieGOD has played in BESL for multiple seasons. In Season 4, roxieGOD played in Lietuvos Ateitis together with vakk and at the end of the season they placed sixth. For Season 5, roxieGOD created his own team - EarlyYikes - together with Nbs. They qualified convincingly and started the season out dominating, and, after a mid-season slump, they managed to return to form at the end of the season and barely came up short and placed second. The second place finish can be blamed on them oversleeping the very first game of the season since that one game could allow them to get the 7 points they required to hoist the champion trophy. Furthermore, roxieGOD himself ended up with the most kills in the season and some even call him the MVP of the season.



Name, Surname: Povilas Krivelis

Age: 18

Nationality: Lithuanian

The first nickname that you had: vivanco

How did you come up with your current nickname: I actually don’t know



PUBG hours recorded: 3240

Playing PUBG since: Pre-season 2

Biggest achievements in PUBG: Top fragger in BESL and 6 times back to back Lithuanian Champion.



Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

Mousepad: Steelseries QcK LARGE HEAVY

Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X chroma

Headset: Bose QC20



TOP5 best PUBG Players in the world: Ubah, vakkLT, Pio, Gaxy and GodV


TOP5 best PUBG Players from Baltic states: Gaxy, Nbs, vakkLT, xKriss and senkapaupau


Baltic state all-star team: Nbs, Gaxy, Sponsorius and Velnes.


Favorite map: Sanhok


Least-favorite map: Karakin


Most underrated player: roxieGOD


Most overrated player: Ibiza


Best sniper player in the world: Have no idea


Best sniper player in Baltic states: Mad_Kid


The best teammate ever played with: Nbs


Worst teammate ever played with: Ninepz


Best LAN event you’ve attended:  Online4life


Worst LAN event you’ve attended: Online4life


Worst gun in PUBG:  Tommy Gun


Win a game with bad stats or lose a game with good stats:  Win a game with bad stats


One thing you would change about PUBG: Esports


Does age affect performance in PUBG: Yes


Best song to hype yourself up before an official game: Don't have a specific one.



TOP3 favorite foods: Pizza, kebab and McDonald's.


Does pineapple belong on pizza? No


TOP3 favorite snacks: Pistachio, lollipop and pringles.


Popcorn - sweet or salty? Sweet


TOP3 favorite beverages: Monster, Redbull and coffee.


Is Pepsi okay? Yes


TOP3 favorite music bands/artists: BONES, Lil Peep and $uicideBoy$


TOP3 favorite songs: Don't have favorite songs.


Music genre that you would never listen to: Hard rock


TOP3 favorite movies/TV shows: Don't watch any TV shows or movies.


Movie/TV show character that you would want to hang out with: Being alone is the way.


TOP3 favorite streamers: xQc, ItsSliker & Kandyland.


Favorite game to watch on streams: CS:GO


TOP3 things to do outside of playing PUBG: Sports, sleep & eat.


The first video game you ever played: Naujasis barmalėjus and Old School Runescape.


What games do you play outside of PUBG: EFT, CS:GO & TFT


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