Season 3 is almost here!

Let’s start 2019 with some great news!

Season 3 of our beloved Baltic eSports League is almost here!

What do you need to remember and keep in mind, dear fan of PUBG? Let’s see!




Season 3 launch


Registration for qualification round



Qualification tournament



Regular season



Show-Down at HyperTown RIX


Detailed information about changes in format, prize pool and other details will arrive together with launch of Season 3.


But that’s not it! We’ve added a completely new feature - DRAFT!

Want to play in BESL, but don’t have a team?

Your team is ready to play, but you’re missing a teammate?

Worry no more, because in our new DRAFT mode you’ll be able to find the best team or teammate, fully participate in BESL.PRO Season 3 and fight for a piece of 15 000 EUR prize pool on the big stage during HyperTown RIX event!

Stay tuned for the LIVE games broadcasted from our brand new BESL.PRO studio in Riga. As always, you’ll be able to follow the action live on BESL Pro YouTube and BESL Pro Twitch  and enjoy new action we’ll prepare for you!


Also, save the date for awesome LAN finals of BESL Season 3 at HyperTown RIX - 1st&2nd of June!

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