The End Is Near - Week 6 Review

With this being the second to last week in the BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament, time is running out for the teams to collect their points and secure their spot in the standings. Read further to find out how the teams performed.


Game 1 - Erangel

Game time: 11:30

VOD: Here


  1. Team G (7 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (11 kills)

  3. ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS (9 kills)

  4. PraiseTheLord (5 kills)

  5. P9 (2 kills)


This week began with a victory from Team G who managed to come out on top of Bait Academy. Team G finished the game with 7 kills, whereas Bait Academy managed to finish the game with 11 kills with CloudTail and Rayzi having 5 kills each. Third place went to ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS with 9 kills, 7 of which went to MadKid. PraiseTheLord finished fourth with 5 kills, leaving P9 with 2 kills in fifth. Unfortunately for Division, they ended the game with no points.


Game 2 - Miramar

Game time: 12:30

VOD: Here


  1. P9 (9 kills)

  2. Bait Academy (8 kills)

  3. Nordic Goblins (4 kills)

  4. Datorpasaule (5 kills)

  5. Garlic Cola (2 kills)


Second game of the week went to P9 who managed to win the game with 9 kills, leaving their rivals - Bait Academy - behind them with 8 kills. Nordic Goblins managed to claim third place with 4 kills, however, Datorpasaule ended up fourth with 5 kills. The top 5 was concluded by Garlic Cola with 2 kills. Division once again had a disappointing game, ending up outside of the top 8 with just 4 kills.


Game 3 - Erangel

Game time: 13:30

VOD: Here


  1. Bait Academy (14 kills)

  2. Nordic Goblins (5 kills)

  3. PraiseTheLord (4 kills)

  4. P9 (3 kills)

  5. Datorpasaule (3 kills)


Bait Academy ended up winning the third game of the week while also getting 14 kills, 7 of which went to Rayzi and 6 of which went to xKriss. Second polace went to Nordic Goblins, who finished the game with 5 kills, leaving PraiseTheLord with 4 kills in third place. P9 claimed fourth place with just 3 kills and Datorpasaule concluded the top 5 with 3 kills. This time Division managed to finish in the top 8 with 7 kills.


Game 4 - Miramar

Game time: 14:30

VOD: Here


  1. ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS (16 kills)

  2. Totally Spies (9 kills)

  3. P9 (3 kills)

  4. Division (3 kills)

  5. Nordic Goblins (5 kills)


Last game of the week ended with a dominating victory from ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS who finished the game with 16 kills. Totally Spies finished in the top 5 for the first time this week and claimed second place with 9 kills, leaving the reigning champions P9 behind them in third place with just 3 kills. Division finally finished in the top 5 by placing fourth with 3 kills, whereas Nordic Goblins rounded out the top 5 with 5 kills. Bait Academy finished the game outside of the top 8, however, they did manage to secure 5 kills along the way.


Before the last week of the Season 3 BESL Pro PUBG tournament Bait Academy have increased their lead to over 90 points, meaning that it is highly unlikely anyone will be able to pass them in the standings. After a disappointing week where Division managed to finish in the top 5 only once, they have given up their second place to P9. The rapid climb of jorr seems to have stopped as they didn’t manage to finish in the top 5 in any of the games this week, which allowed ESI PIRMAIS ESPORTS to surpass them in the rankings and claim the fourth position.

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