Week 7 games on friday!

Week 7 games will be played on Friday 28.09:

20:00 - first game (Erangel);

21:00 - second game (Miramar);

22:00 - third game (Erangel);

23:00 - fourth game (Miramar).

After the 6th week of the season, MightyWolves still retains their top spot by winning two of the games this week. Still trailing them is LITEST, who has very convincing performances in the Miramar map, however, in order to topple MightyWolves, they need to drastically improve their performance in the Erangel map. Division managed to cling back their third place, dropping Agresyviai bet su protu back to fourth. FromSilver2Lan continues their climb in the rankings, however, the point difference between them and the top 6 keeps increasing.


Full list of teams and their standing you can find here. To read about fifth week games, check out Week 6 Review article.

Stay tuned for the LIVE games broadcasted from our BESL Pro studio in Riga. As always, you’ll be able to follow the action live on BESL Pro YouTube and participate in Wolt giveaways to win 10 EUR in Wolt credits every day!

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