Welcome the new BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG contenders

On March 2nd, BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG qualifiers were held, where 24 teams battled it out for the chance to participate in the main tournament.


The qualifiers started out with 2 groups, playing three games each (Erangel, Miramar, Erangel) to find out which 8 teams would qualify for the second round where the remaining 10 spots of BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament were up for grabs. The qualifiers also featured several teams from the previous season, such as PraiseTheLord, Cable Knights, Pandora and the fan favourites Kartoshka. Some players from the previous season decided to try their luck with a new squad, such as the captain of Lietuvos Ateitis - vakk - who managed to finish in the top 3 previously.


In the first round, vakk leading Team Brave managed to secure 2 out of 3 victories in their group. On the other side of the bracket, kiabab team, PraiseTheLord and HunkDaddySquad showed strong performances and managed to secure the top spots in their respective group.


In the second round, kiabab team came up huge, securing two victories and the overall top spot in the qualifiers. Also, last season’s PraiseTheLord, Cable Knights and Pandora managed to qualify for the main tournament yet again. Unfortunately vakk’s Team Brave showed a disappointing performance compared to Round 1 and barely missed out on qualifying for the BESL Pro Season 3 PUBG tournament.


Without further ado, we would like to invite the following teams to join the BESL Pro Season 3 tournament:


  1. kiabab team

  2. Chess Godz

  3. PraiseTheLord


  5. HunkDaddySquad

  6. Cable Knights

  7. Pandora

  8. Team G


  10. Totally Spies


Also, we would like to remind everyone that aimeee.xe qualifier results were invalidated due to the players breaching rules. You can read more about this here.

The full summary of the qualifiers can be viewed here.

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