A look at the finalist: Timechasers

BESL Pro Season 4 grand final is set to take place on the 23rd of November at the Saku Suurhall arena in Tallinn, Estonia with the grand final being hosted as part of the HyperTown Tallinn 2019. Additional information about the festival and tickets can be found by visiting hypertown.pro.


The culmination of the €2,000 Rocket League competition is going to feature the two best teams from the online stage. These teams are going to finish playing out the single-elimination playoff bracket that started online with the match being played out as an epic best-of-nine game series!


The winner of the grand final is not only going to be crowned as the best team in the Baltic states, taking home the beautiful BESL Pro champions trophy but will also receive the lion's share of the prize pool in the form of €990!


As we’re still waiting for the event itself to come along, let’s take a closer look at the teams that made it to the grand final this time around!



Our second ‘A look at the finalist’ series article goes to Timechasers who ended the regular season with a perfect 7-0 win-loss record! 


Timechasers started the season with 2 wins during the first week - a crushing dominance over Post Game Strong and fairly close series against Team Black Diamond. And all that without team’s captain whynOtparty, who was eventually substituted by somicV2.



For the next 5 weeks Timechasers battled their way through the regular season dropping only 1 game in the series against Imperial. But in the final week of the regular season Timechasers met The Backflip Boys, a team that was another contender for that LAN spot but unfortunately for them they got swept by Team Black Diamond in week 4 of the competition and dramatically lowered their chances to advance for LAN. For Timechasers this final series didn’t mean anything because regardless of the end result they would still be on the top of the standings. Even though The Backflip Boys knew they didn’t have anything to lose, they still played their hearts out and put up a great performance. After what it seemed like a clean sweep for Timechasers almost resulted in a reverse sweep for The Backflip Boys, but sadly it didn’t happen and eventually Timechasers won 3:2 in the series.



With 21 games won and 5 games lost in total during the regular season, Timechasers secured first place in the standings.


To find out a bit more about the dominating run that Timechasers has had this season, our head admin kapey sat down to have a chat with their team captain - whynOtparty.


First of all - congratulations on making it to your now second BESL Pro LAN finals! You’ve ended the regular season without dropping a single series, that’s really impressive. Tell me, was it something that you expected to happen from the very start or you thought that things would go a bit differently?


Of-course, with the team we planned to be the very best, and we showed we are the very best, we had plans of not dropping a single series, and so we did. Just gotta keep this form up in Tallinn.


You weren’t there for your team during second series in first week of the regular season, yet your team managed to win both series that were scheduled. Against Post Game Strong and Team Black Diamond, respectively. While your team steamrolled over PGS, it was a tough series against Team Black Diamond. How do you think things would go down if you played instead of your substitute somicV2?


Honestly, the series that I did play against PGS I was feeling pretty good with myself and the team, and so against Team Black Diamond I think it would have been a bit of a fight, but much less of a fight than when my team played with somicV2. I am confident we would have asserted our dominance well, but somicV2 did a great job subbing in.


For the next 5 weeks you dominated every team and lost only 1 single game against Imperial. But in Week 7 you were scheduled to play against The Backflip Boys and you barely won. What happened in that last week?


Last week we took our first two games with ease, and on the third game stopped trying as much, we got very relaxed, but The Backflip Boys were at full pace and to our surprise got their first game off of us. What happened on game 4 in that series, was very unprofessional from our side, we threw the game, thinking we could have some fun and bring the viewers some joy, but not realizing how disrespectful it was. Game 5 we were disappointed and just played as well as we could do close out a series that should have gone much differently.


I think everyone expected to see Timechasers in the grand final. The main question remained - who would be the second team to join you? Did you expect it to be Team Black Diamond or any other team?


I expected it to be The Backflip Boys at the start of the season, as I was not familiar with the Team Black Diamond yet, but as we got into the season, I saw their results and knew that it would probably be Team Black Diamond that we meet in the finals.


This will be your second BESL LAN final in a row, same is Mimfipy’s, yet Trex has never been to a LAN, let alone in the grand finals of the competition. How do you think he will do?


Think he will be fine, me and Mimfipy will help him with any nerves he has, if he even has any. I am sure he is going to perform at his best as that is what the LAN atmosphere bring out in players, at-least for me.


How is your team’s chemistry, in general? Are your comms on point, do you have any difficulties with something? Are there areas that you guys need to improve on?


Teams chemistry is great, and our comms are looking pretty good as well. Timechasers got us a great coach, Ryuu. With Ryuu we have been working on improving every single aspect of our gameplay and we have had a significant difference in quality, especially in our comms.


How do you think the finals will go for both of the teams? Who will prevail at the end?


The plan is we take the finals quick, nice 5-0 and thats that. But you never know, and got to be prepared for the worst, so im looking forward to a great series against Team Black Diamond.


Final score of the grand final Best-of-9 series?


5-0 to us :)


Thanks for your time, whynOtparty! I wish the best of luck to you and your team in Tallinn! Do you have any final words or shoutouts you want to give?


Goodluck to everyone, and I hope we can make this series worth the trip to Tallinn!


Stay tuned as even though the online portion of the season has come to an end, our news section is still going to be filled with interesting content leading up to the most important game of the season - the grand final! From interviews with the teams to the grand final preview article letting you guys know what to expect from the match happening at the HyperTown Tallinn 2019.

BESL Pro Season 4 is a seven-week competition between the eight best Rocket League  teams from Baltic states for their share of the €2,000 prize pool and the right to call themselves the best in Baltic states.


The two best teams from the online part of the competition are going to meet each other in an epic best-of-nine grand final on the 23rd of November in Saku Suurhall at HyperTown Tallinn 2019. Visit hypertown.pro for more info about the festival and tickets.


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